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We have been boating ever since we were kids. We would go out on my father’s boat nearly every weekend. We would fish, go tubing, link up with other boats and just hang out. You name it, we did it. And we loved every moment of it.

We want to share our passion and knowledge with you. The sum of our experiences is this website, Solar Sailor.


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Find The Best Products for You

We’ve done hundreds of hours of research to find the best marine products for you. Below you’ll find our buying guides for various maritime activities.



The right boating products can enhance the time you spend on the water. Here’s our boating product buyer’s guides.

Life Jackets:

The right life jacket will keep you safe when you’re having fun on the water. Here’s our life jacket buyer’s guides.

Tow Sports:

Tow sports are some of the funnest activities you can do on the water. Here’s our tow sports buyer’s guides.


Swimming is the most well known of water activities. Here are our swimming buyer’s guides.


You’ll need the right gear if you want to surf properly. Here are our surfing buyer’s guides.


Sailing is one of the world’s oldest water sports. Here are our sailing buyer’s guides to get you started.


Scuba diving is the most popular way to explore the ocean’s depths. Our scuba buyer’s guides can help you get started.


Fishing is one of the world’s largest industries – both for sport and for food production. Our fishing buyer’s guides can help you get started.