10 Best Places to Fish in Alabama

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You will find some very interesting and serene fishing spots in Alabama in the southeast of the United States. If you want to spend a peaceful day by the lake fishing for some premium quality perch, catfish, and bass, then you will have a memorable experience in Alabama.

Everything that a seasoned or even a beginner angler needs are there at Alabama. There are many tournaments and competitions held here, too; trained and professional anglers come from all across the state to prove their fishing ability. Some of the most well-known fishing stations in Alabama are:

1. Lake Eufaula

You can locate this Lake near Chattahoochee River and soak in the river’s beautiful sight and mesmerizing fishing experience. This is regarded as the prime location for bass fishing, but other fish species, mainly catfish, are densely populated. You may even find a blue catfish weighing more than 40 pounds here.

You can expect to catch Black crappie, Channel catfish, Blue catfish, White catfish, and Flathead catfish.

2. Lay Lake

In 1914, this Lake was created on the Coosa River and was widely known as the USA’s oldest impoundment. The shoreline extends for around 289 miles, and the area covered by this water body is nearly 12,000 acres.

This Lake invites a lot of recreational activities and has many different varieties of fish stocked in it. The most popular ones are Largemouth bass, Spotted bass, Bluegill, Crappie, Catfish, Striped bass, White bass, and Hybrid striped bass.

3. Joe Wheeler State Park

This resort is located on Wheeler Lake banks and offers a stunning view of a 2550 acre park. There is a breathtaking waterfront lodge and all the necessary facilities here. The spot is known for being a home to flathead or blue catfish that weigh more than 100 pounds. You can easily find bass fish here too.

You can enjoy a peaceful and luxurious deep-water fishing experience here.

4. Pickwick Lake

This Lake is essentially part of land known as “the Shoals.” This Lake covers around 43000 acres and offers a beautiful view of lush green thick trees. It is sourced by the Tennessee River and is insanely famous because of its largemouth and smallmouth bass. But apart from that, this Lake is also home to White or Black Crappie, Striped bass, and Giant flatheads.

5. Lewis Smith Lake

Take a train from the north of Birmingham, and you will reach here in an hour. This Lake is surrounded by beautiful rocky limestone outcrops, woodland, and dense, green trees. The pure and filtered water of this Lake poses a challenge for anglers habitual of stained water fishing.

You can easily find Largemouth bass, Spotted bass, Striped bass, and Speckled trout.

6. Escambia County Lake

You might know of this Lake as it is more popularly known as the Leon Brooks Hines Lake. This 184-acre water body is managed by the Alabama State and is one of the largest lakes located. This Lake is home to huge largemouth bass, weighing more than 14 pounds easily.

The most popular fish species located here are Largemouth bass, Redear sunfish, and Bluegill.

7. Guntersville Lake

This name caught on because this Lake is found near the town of Guntersville. This Lake offers the ideal habitat for giant bass as it has a fertile environment, stable water conditions, and it sits on the Tennessee River. It occupies more than 69,100-acres of land.

You can find bass, sunfish, catfish, and trout easily here.

8. Fort Morgan Peninsula

You might have heard of this spot as it is more popularly known for being an ideal surf fishing location. It sits on the exotic Dauphin Island and is home to a variety of fish species. The most commonly known are Spanish mackerel, Redfish, Speckled trout, King mackerel, Shark, White trout, Cobia, Dolphin, Pompano, Flounder, and Sheepshead.

9. Weiss Lake

This Lake covers around 30,200-acre land of northeastern Alabama. It is sourced by the Chattooga River, Coosa River, and Little River. This is why it is home to a wide range of fish. It has an extensive 447 miles of shoreline. It is also known as the “Crappie Fishing Capital of the World” as it is stocked with sizeable fish.

Popular fish species include striped bass, largemouth bass, and catfish.

10. Fairhope Municipal Pier

If you are in a mood for some saltwater fishing, then you must drive up to here. This pier stretches over a land of 1,500 feet and directly into the Mobile Bay. You can enjoy catching a wide variety of saltwater fish. This spot is flooded with fish species like sheepshead, flounder, and white trout.


No matter wherever you decide to go, just know that all of these places are simply remarkable. What completes a fishing experience is a serene view, and you will be able to enjoy this in Alabama, regardless of wherever you decide to go.


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