10 Best Places to Fish in Alaska

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If you interview anglers from all over the US and ask them about their most memorable fishing trip, we can bet you good odds that they must have mentioned someplace in Alaska. You may believe that this place is a haven for seasoned anglers.

The scenic beauty and amazing fishing spots that Alaska has to offer will leave you truly speechless. Even if you don’t live nearby, you might just book a flight and a hotel to fish around here. You can catch some of the best fish species here that are healthy, heavy, and not commonly found.

1. Denali Highway

This spot extends over the Alaska Range’s southern area and is a beautiful place to set up camp. The water system and flow here are too habitable for fish, and the environment is fertile. The scenic scenery leverages the experience. Do not be shocked if you come across many arctic graylings here.

It would be best if you packed the right lures, which, according to our understanding, must be nymphs and black gnats.

2. Kobuk River

If you are a seasoned angler who prefers challenge and a little fight, you must fish here. You will find that this river is flooded with Pike, which is why Alaska is widely known for its delicious pike fish. You can easily catch heavy sheefish here too. For anglers who often fish here, catching a sheefish weighing more than 30-pounds is also common.

3. Innoko River

Many anglers prefer catching northern pike, and if you enjoy that kind of fishing. Then you may not find a better spot than this. The lower Yukon River is known widely for its pike, but it is also home to many different kinds of fish.

You may not enjoy how you reach this place. On average, fish weigh around 30 pounds here, which is worth all the effort and trouble.

4. Bristol Bay

This bay is 180 m wide and 250 m long. It is popularly known for attracting the largest salmon run. Many different rivers collide at Bristol Bay, so it naturally becomes a densely populated fishing station. You will observe that during fishing season, this Bay will be a popular spot for fishing.

The sockeye salmon are the most widely caught fish here.

5. Campbell Point Lake

This Lake is located in Kincaid Park, and it is one of the most delightful spots for fishing. You can enjoy fishing in peace while soaking in a serene view. This place is also a nice destination to fish for salmon and trout. You can also catch arctic char fish that you may not easily find in other locations. Many different exotic species of fish are located here.

6. Lowe River

This river is located just outside the Keystone Canyon. And it is safe to list it as one of the best locations for fishing salmon. This spot is located where Lowe and Robe intersect. Many fish breed and grow, so this spot is populated with great varieties of fish.

7. Homer

Homer is also another popular spot in Alaska. And it is safe to say that this fishing destination is one of the best among the others. One of the most interesting things about fishing in Homer is that you can easily hire or rent a fishing boat for the entire day and set out for fishing.

It is quite likely that if you dedicate a whole day to fishing at Homer, you might just bring a trophy salmon back at home with you.

8. Kvichak River

You may not find a better spot for trout fishing than this river. This river is located in southwestern Alaska and is found right in Katmai National Park and Preserve and Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. This lush river is home to some of the hungriest and easy to catch delicious trout.

9. Southeast AK

The panhandle of this spot is the ideal location in all f Alaska to catch steelhead. Many anglers come from thousands of miles away to catch this fish as they believe there is no other fish even remotely close to it in terms of taste, quality, and weight. Rainbow trout are also stocked here.

10. Kodiak Island

If you prefer remote fishing over everything else, then the safe bet is to go for Kodiak Island. This island stretches over 177 miles long area as the centerpiece and offers many fishing experiences and opportunities. If you opt for a floatplane or a charter boat, you can easily access bays and streams.

By remote fishing, you can access salmons and halibut runs.


Alaska is known for its hospitality and its unmatched natural beauty. So, while you step onto the docks to catch your target fish, you can soak in the remarkable views of Alaska. Have fun while you fish in Alaska because you will have one hell of an experience no matter where you decide to go.


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