Abu Garcia Max STX Spinning Reel Review

Abu Garcia is a very efficient manufacturer of fishing products. The company is recognized for its high quality and durable products, which have extremely affordable prices. Like all of its products, the Abu Garcia Max STX Spinning Reel is also famous for the same reasons. Moreover, it has a beautiful design and superior features, which means it has great value and affordable price. This spinning reel has been built with the latest technology.

Abu Garcia Max STX Spinning Reel Features

The Abu Garcia Max STX Spinning Reel has some incredible features, making it one of the top spinning reels in the market. Some of these features are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Excellent Performance and Smoother Operation

The Abu Garcia Max STX Spinning Reel is one of the highest performing spinning reels with smoother operation. The Abu Garcia has used five ball bearings and one roller bearing in these spinning reels. The high-quality bearings in this spinning reel provide anglers with better and smoother operation. Moreover, these ball bearings help anglers get higher output due to their smooth operation, making their fishing experience great.

Longer Lifetime

The Abu Garcia Max STX Spinning Reel is a highly durable production of Abu Garcia. This spinning reel has a highly efficient Everlast bail system. This system enhances the life of Marx STX and makes them extremely long-lasting. This means that the anglers can enjoy the spinning reel for a longer duration before the reels start showing wear and tear signs. The long-lasting life saves anglers from frequent purchasing of spinning reels, which ultimately means lower expense.

Lightweight and Easy to Carry

This spinning reel weighs only around 0.66 pounds, which is lower than most of the other brands’ spinning reels. Its lightweight is due to the graphite material used in manufacturing the body of Max STX. The lower weight of this spinning reel has a great advantage for the anglers. For example, due to the lower weight, these reels are extremely easy to carry. Additionally, the lower weight also reduces the anglers’ burden and provides an exhaustion free fishing trip because this spinning reel does not feel heavy during fishing.

Abu Garcia Max Stx Spinning Reel Review

Abu Garcia Max STX Spinning Reel Pros

The Abu Garcia Max STX Spinning Reel costs below $100 despite its amazing features. It means that the affordability of this spinning reel is its greatest advantage. However, along with having a lower price, this Abu Garcia reel also has greater quality, which means that this spinning reel is a great value for your money.

Moreover, this spinning reel contains a spool made of aluminum. The aluminum spool increases the reel’s strength and enhances its performance without increasing the reel’s weight. While the slow oscillation system of the Abu Garcia Max STX makes it a great performer on all lines without having a special preference on the type of line to be used on the reel. The slow oscillation also helps in providing even line lay throughout the reel.

This spinning reel has rocket line management and rocket spool lip design. These rocket systems improve the casting distance of the reel and boost the line accuracy of the reel. Due to its casting ability, anglers can target larger fishes and get a better fishing experience.

With so many amazing features and a huge list of advantages, this spinning reel’s beautiful design works just as a bonus. So, what else do you need?

Abu Garcia Max STX Spinning Reel Cons

Some of the Abu Garcia Max STX Spinning Reel users have complained that this spinning reel does not have a very efficient drag system. The drag moves freely during the cast. Moreover, the switch added in this reel for moving from free spin to drag is also quite troubling; it does not operate well. Additionally, the handle is also not as comfortable as the anglers expect from a spinning reel like this one. In fact, it gets worse during fishing.

Abu Garcia Max STX Spinning Reel Review Conclusion

Despite being flawed with the handle, drag system, and switch, this spinning reel is still considered one of the top-performing spinning reels. It offers superior features like more efficient ball bearings, Everlast bail system, lightweight, rocket line management system, rocket spool lip design, aluminum spool, and higher durability, etc., and that so at a highly affordable price. What else do you expect at this price when the Abu Garcia Max STX Spinning Reel is already offering higher than its competitors?

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