Abu Garcia Virtual Spinning Fishing Rod Review

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If you often go on fishing, then you must not opt for an inferior quality fishing tool. Your priority must be highly durable and superior equipment like the Abu Garcia Virtual Spinning Fishing Rod. This production of Abu Garcia is extremely lightweight, has greater sensitivity, comfortable design, more lifetime, and provides better reel fit, etc. That’s why this fishing reel has been one of the top choices of anglers and will be yours too.

Abu Garcia Virtual Spinning Fishing Rod Features

Like all of the rods offered by Abu Garcia, its Virtual Spinning Fishing Rod also has all the features which some top spinning fishing rods possess. Some of these remarkable features are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Advanced Digital Technology

The Abu Garcia Virtual Spinning Fishing Rod is a creation of this generation. The company has built this fishing rod to fulfil the need of modern anglers. That’s why these spinning rods contain advanced digital technology, which has been built into its butt. With this technology, anglers can keep a record of their exploits. Moreover, advanced digital technology also enables anglers to connect the rod with their phones, which means they can transfer or share the information as soon as recorded.

Through this technology, anglers can record all the information like their catches, waypoints, fish weight, different measurements, water and weather conditions, tackle details and various techniques, and even pictures, etc.

Guides and Inserts

The Abu Garcia Virtual Spinning Fishing Rod is equipped with high-quality guides and inserts. The guides are made of stainless steel, while for manufacturing inserts, superior zirconium has been used. Both the guides and inserts contribute to increasing the performance, reducing these spinning rods’ overall weight, and providing maximum balance to the anglers. Due to the lower weight, anglers can easily carry these rods without any difficulty.

Extreme Exposed Reel Seats

Abu Garcia has used extreme exposed reel seats in its Virtual Spinning Fishing Rod. The reel seats also contain a micro-click hood. Due to these reel seats, anglers can have maximum blank contact and enhanced sensitivity, which is a great advantage while catching fishes. Higher sensitivity makes it easier for anglers to feel even the fishes’ tiniest touch, which is great for increasing the overall catch ratio of anglers.

Abu Garcia Virtual Spinning Fishing Rod Review

Abu Garcia Virtual Spinning Fishing Rod Pros

The biggest advantage of the Abu Garcia Virtual Spinning Fishing Rod is the technology used in it, which is extremely rare and can hardly be found in any other fishing rod. The system in this rod can be connected via Bluetooth through a free app named ANGLR. This app is available in both Android PlayStore and iPhone App Store. You just have to press the button placed at the bottom of the rod, giving you access to your private logbook. Then you can enter the number of catches you have made. Through this app, you can also compile or analyze your data. Due to the automated entry, anglers can have a very fast and easy process.

Moreover, the Abu Garcia Virtual Spinning Fishing Rod also contains a 30-ton IntraCarbon blank made of graphite and a two-year battery, which does not require cell service. While with the micro click reel hood, anglers can have highly improved reel fit.

Additionally, the Abu Garcia Virtual Spinning Fishing Rod is a huge example of durability. Due to the advanced features used in this spinning rod, anglers can have a longer lifetime. You don’t have to frequently purchase new reels because it has been built to last longer.

Abu Garcia Virtual Spinning Fishing Rod Cons

The Abu Garcia Virtual Spinning Fishing Rod does not have any disadvantages as no customer has listed complaints about it. This is a positive point because it proves that these fishing rods are the best available market as it has no disadvantages.

Abu Garcia Virtual Spinning Fishing Rod Review Conclusion

As stated above, the Abu Garcia Virtual Spinning Fishing Rod does not have any disadvantage. So, you should be sure about the quality of this product. You will hardly find a rod with so many advantages and no disadvantages at all. This spinning rod will prove to be your ultimate fishing partner for life, especially when it is offering so many features and advantages like its technological built, which allows you to store data and connect the rod directly to your phone, its stainless steel guides, and zirconium inserts, too exposed reel seats, and micro-click hood, etc.

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