Are Puddle Jumpers Coast Guard Approved for Boating?

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These days, water trips are a part of leisure activities. During summer, whenever we find time, we hop in boats to roam around in the water or go to beaches to spend time in the sea. But, do you know that the number of drowning cases is increasing in the USA with every passing year? So, if you are thinking of traveling in boats this summer with your children, you need to pay some extra attention to their safety.

To prevent your toddlers and infants from drowning, you can put on Puddle jumpers on them. The US Coast Guard has approved this floatation device for boating. But, there are some states of America that prohibit the use of puddle jumpers in a moving boat. Your children can wear a puddle jumper instead of a life jacket when the boat is anchored.

What is a puddle jumper?

People like to think of a puddle jumper as a swimming aid. But, the children generally call this personal floatation device “arm floaties.” The puddle jumpers are air-filled devices. To keep the toddlers and infants safe from drowning, the puddle jumper covers the entire chest area. These puddle jumpers are generally buckled on the back of the children.

But, the puddle jumpers are designed for children less than five years of age, weighing a maximum of 50 pounds. If your child knows a little about swimming, he or she can swim effortlessly wearing a puddle jumper. This swimming kit is devised in such a way that it helps the children come to the swimming position easily and facilitates the body to remain afloat.

Which one is better among the puddle jumper and life jacket?

These days, boat safety experts suggest having both a life jacket and a puddle jumper on the boat if you have children on board. Let’s see a quick comparison between these two Personal floatation devices.

Shallow water

If your toddler is in shallow water, such as a swimming pool, lake, etc., a puddle jumper would be a great option. But, you need to keep an eye on your child all the time. With a puddle jumper, you can never feel too comfortable like life jackets.

Moving boat

When your boat is in motion, your child is at actual risk of falling overboard. So, you can’t take any risk to the safety of your child. So, put a life jacket on your child as it will keep his or her head high and help him constantly breathe even if your child falls in the water.


Life jackets are available on the market in various sizes. As a result, the life jackets ensure a more comfortable fit for your toddler, infant, and older children.

What types of puddle jumpers should you buy for your toddlers?

If you visit online stores, you will find many Stearns puddle jumpers. You can find these Puddle jumper models in basic and deluxe types. The standard puddle jumpers are nylon-made. But, the deluxe ones feature polyester as the core material, and so, these are abrasion-free. The deluxe puddle jumpers are made with extra padding, which makes the floating experience comfortable for your toddler and infant.

So, if you want to keep your children safe in the water, you should invest in a good-quality puddle jumper and life jacket. Also, choose colorful PFDs for your child so that you can spot your child easily in water, even at night.