Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler Review

If you are a professional angler, you would know the implication of catching a fish that does not meet the legal length. This is a punishable crime that can cost you a lot. And irrespective of that, you need to keep track of what kind and which length of fish you catch. These dimensions are essential to record when you participate in a fishing tournament. But how can you measure the length of a fish?

It’s simple; you get a fish ruler. But which one should you choose? Considering how consistently Berkley has delivered excellence, selecting the Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler seems like a wise choice. So, let us review why this equipment must be a part of your fishing gear.

Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler Features

The Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler has so many distinct and unique features that make it the favorite of customers and users. This fish ruler is the top choice of anglers mainly because it offers a wide range of super cool features. Some of the eminent features are:

Measures up to 22″

This fish ruler can easily measure up to 22”, which means that you can measure the length of longer fish accurately.

Durable and lightweight

This fish ruler is highly durable and light in weight. This means that its use is increased and it is very easy to carry. You can pack it up with the rest of your fishing gear without feeling burdened. Its sturdiness is also unmatched, which means that it will last for longer.

Aluminum construction

Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler is made from aluminum, so it has a durable construction and is resistant to water.

Excellent for everyday anglers

As this fish ruler is easy to carry, it is perfect for anglers who require it every day. You just have to keep it in your pocket and take it out whenever needed. You wouldn’t even lose it to water as it can float.

Helps make fishing more enjoyable

Isn’t fishing more fun when you challenge yourself to catch a fish that is difficult to tackle and fight. Well, that is what is enjoyable about fishing. But with the help of a fish ruler, you will be able to measure the length and dimensions of the fish you catch.

Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler Review

Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler Pros

This fish rule is on top of the list of anglers because of its countless benefits.

Whenever we talk about fishing, we know that it is closely associated with equipment getting wet and anglers getting drenched. So, most of the gear that anglers choose is resistant to abrasion and water. The Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler is also resistant to rust and water, which is why it has an extended useful life. It would be long before you lose this fish ruler to rust and water abrasion.

This fish ruler is very sturdy. It will not break easily, and you can use this ruler for a more extended period of time. It will not break or collapse easily. It can resist tough use and can easily survive the common rough handling.

The Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler comes with pre-drilled holes, which come in handy while mounting. One can adjust a rope or a thick twine and easily mount the fish caught because of these holes.

Since a fish doesn’t have standard dimensions or straight curves that are easy to measure, this fish ruler has an L-shaped bent to make measuring easier. This way, you can easily place the fish and then measure its length conveniently.

Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler Cons

The known issue with this fish ruler is that since its base color is striking gold, users often find it difficult to read the markings on the scale and then match it with the correct reading. Though this issue is most commonly reported, anglers do not find it that difficult in the sunlight.

So, this con doesn’t really negatively affect the Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler’s use and performance.

Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler Review Conclusion

By now, you must have made up your mind about whether you are going to get this fish ruler or not. So, before you proceed forward, make sure you have noted all the basic features and have evaluated your use by now. If you are a professional angler looking for a well-suited fish ruler for tournaments, then Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler is definitely in our recommendation.

Next time you go on fishing, keep your Berkley Aluminum Fish Ruler with you so you can boast about the large fish you catch.

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