Berkley Gulp! Earthworm Bait Review

Are you searching for a perfect food to attract various fish species to catch? If yes, then you must try the Berkley Gulp Earthworm Bait. This earthworm bait works perfectly for various fishes. With its irresistible scent, fishes will easily get attracted to it, ultimately helping you catch more fishes. This little bait has bigger potential in it, which will make these earthworm baits your fishing food partner for life.

Berkley Gulp! Earthworm Bait Features

Like all other products, the Berkley Gulp Earthworm Bait also has some specific features. Each of these features contributes to making these earthworm baits great. Some of them are discussed in the paragraphs below.

Smells, Feels, and Tastes Like Real Earthworm

The Berkley Gulp Earthworm Bait has been manufactured with the highest quality material. These are known for smelling, feeling, and tasting like a real earthworm. This increases its capacity to attract more fishes because it makes it irresistible for all fish species who cannot help but eat them. In this way, it ultimately fulfills its purpose of attracting more fishes, which positively impacts the number of fish landing and the catch ratio of anglers.

Attractive Scent

Along with having the qualities of an actual earthworm, the Berkley Gulp Earthworm Bait also has one of the most attractive scents among all fish food products. This earthworm bait is equipped with a Gulp extreme dispersion scent, which disperses the scent around 400 times more than the bait made of plastic. The smell is so powerful that even the distant fishes can easily smell it and get attracted to it, especially walleye, trout, and bass. The extreme scent attracts more fishes, which increases the catch ratio of anglers. So, with the Berkley Gulp Earthworm Bait, you can always expect a higher number of fish landing.

Bio-Degradable Material

Unlike other earthworm baits made of plastic, which are hard to degrade, the Berkley Gulp Earthworm Bait has been manufactured with a material that makes them completely bio-degradable. So, this earthworm bait will not increase waste. That’s why the Berkley Gulp Earthworm Bait is considered best for environmentally conscious anglers. Moreover, the bio-degradable quality is also beneficial for making it look like an actual bait and reducing its artificial feel and look.

Berkley Gulp! Earthworm Bait Review

Berkley Gulp! Earthworm Bait Pros

The best thing about Berkley Gulp Earthworm Bait is its versatility. Unlike other baits that work for only some specific fishes, these earthworm baits work great on various fishes. No matter if you want to target trout or walleye, this Berkley product will offer excellent performance for both.

Moreover, the Berkley Gulp Earthworm Bait is thinner than those offered by other brands. These worms have a length of around four to five inches and are significantly thinner than the jarred Nightcrawlers. More worms can fit inside the jar due to the thinness, which will work fine for many trips.

The Berkley Gulp Earthworm Bait comes in various jar sizes. So, if you are one of those anglers who frequently go on fishing, you can purchase the larger jar; otherwise, smaller jars will work great for those who seldom go on fishing.

Additionally, this Berkley Gulp does not weigh much. No matter if you purchase the smaller jar or the bigger one, you will always get a lower weight. This makes the Berkley Gulp Earthworm Bait easier to carry and transport, which is a great advantage during long fishing trips.

Berkley Gulp! Earthworm Bait Cons

Despite having so many excellent features and advantages, some anglers have complained that the Berkley Gulp Earthworm Bait does not stay well on the hook. This is due to the thin size, which makes it hard to stay.

Moreover, some anglers have also complained that this product may cause reproductive and cancer-related issues clearly stated on the jar. But this should be kept in mind that this can result if you eat the worm yourself because the Berkley Gulp Earthworm Baits are made to be used on fishes, not humans.

Berkley Gulp! Earthworm Bait Review Conclusion

This is true that the Berkley Gulp Earthworm Bait has some flaws like its thin worm size and health hazard material. Still, these are not big problems because using it only on fish (not eating it yourself) will cause no harm to your health, while if you use a proper hook, the thinness of the worm will not be a problem anymore. So, this should not stop you from purchasing the incredible Berkley Gulp Earthworm Bait.

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