Berkley Jar Bait Folder Review

Anglers who often go on fishing must also contain all fishing equipment to make their work easier. And unlike those who seldom go on fishing, hobbyist and professional anglers should always be packed and have all the necessary items to save their time and make the most out of their experience. Like all other equipment, bait folders are also necessary for fishing. And when it comes to bait folder, no other product can beat the incredible Berkley Jar Bait Folder.

Berkley Jar Bait Folder Features

Like all other bait folders, the Berkley Jar Bait Folder also has some exciting features, making it one of the best bait folders on the market. Some of them are discussed in the following paragraphs.

Elastic Holder

The Berkley Jar Bait Folder is equipped with an elastic holder. This has been specifically added to save the bait jars from mixing up or even breaking during rough trips. Due to this holder, the jars stay at a single place; they do not move, mix, or hit each other while anglers carry or transport them. This feature is considered one of the best features of the Berkley Jar Bait Folder. So, with this bait folder, you don’t need to worry because your jars are saved.

Extremely Easy to Transport

With the Berkley Jar Bait Folder, anglers will have extremely easy transportation because this amazing folder comes with a shoulder strap, which can also be removed as per anglers’ choice. The strap makes it easier for the anglers to carry it anywhere they want without any difficulty. This is a great help at the fishing sites where anglers have to walk longer before reaching their destination. With this bait folder and greater quality, you will also get the ease of carrying and transporting the folder.

Larger Capacity

The Berkley Jar Bait Folder offers a larger capacity than most of the other bait folders. It is capable of storing up to 16 jar baits of standard size. Moreover, along with providing adequate space for storing jars, this folder also offers sufficient space for storing your other small fishing accessories like scissors, foldable knives, pliers, maps, and much more. This feature is considered great for hobbyist and professional anglers who have many fishing accessories to carry.

Berkley Jar Bait Folder Review

Berkley Jar Bait Folder Pros

The Berkley Jar Bait Folder has various advantages as the best thing about the Berkley Jar Bait Folder is its compact design. This folder has a dimension of 14″ x 9″. Its compact design makes it easy to fit it in the large tackle bags. So, you don’t have to hand carry it because it easily fits into your bag without any trouble.

Moreover, this folder also contains separate pouches for storing other items like fishing tools and tackle. That’s why this Berkley folder is considered an all-rounder because, along with providing storage for jar baits, it also helps you store your other fishing items.

The Berkley Jar Bait Folder has been manufactured with high quality reinforced nylon. The nylon material increases these folders’ durability, enabling anglers to use them for an extended period without reducing their quality and performance. This also saves you from the hectic task of frequently purchasing folders. This list of advantages will make the Berkley Jar Bait Folder your fishing partner for life because these advantages make the folder great and very comfortable to use for all types of anglers.

Berkley Jar Bait Folder Cons

Some anglers have complained that the Berkley Jar Bait Folder’s elastic holder is very loose, which does not help in holding the jars in a single place. This feature has been added to ensure that jars stay in one place and do not mix or hit each other, but this purpose is not fulfilled due to losing the holder. This is a bit disappointing for the anglers.

Berkley Jar Bait Folder Review Conclusion

The Berkley Jar Bait Folder might have a comparatively loose elastic holder, but some anglers might have faced this issue because the jars were comparatively smaller than the standard size. The elastic holder has been designed to fit the jars of standard size. Therefore, this issue should not discourage you from buying the amazing Berkley Jar Bait Folder because it has so many features and advantages that make it great in all aspects, for example, its large capacity, additional pouches for storing tools and tackles, adjustable strap, compact size and design, high-quality material, and more.

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