5 Best 10 HP Outboard Motors (Reviews Updated 2022)

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A 10 HP outboard motor is a great option for providing medium power and speed to a smaller boat. This type of outboard motor will power a small boat and is perfect for trawling or fishing. A 10 HP outboard motor allows for medium or slow speeds and provides complete control over the boats direction.

Best 10 HP Outboard Motors

Here are our 10 HP outboard motor reviews.

1. HANGKAI 2-4 Stroke Outboard Motor

Hangkai 3.5 18hp 2 4stroke Outboard Boat Motors

The HANGKAI 2-4 Stroke Outboard Motor is a reliable 10HP outboard motor which is lightweight and easy to operate. It has a quiet sound design. This 10 HP outboard motor is capable of 20 hours of continuous use when the fuel tank is filled.

  • Under 1 year warranty
  • 2 Stroke motor
  • Energy efficient
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2. HANGKAI 2 Stroke Heavy Duty Outboard Motor

Hangkai 6hp 2 Stroke Heavy Duty Outboard Motor Boat Engine With Water Cooling System

The Newport HANGKAI 2 Stroke Heavy Duty Outboard motor is a reliable 10 HP outboard motor which includes a 360 degree complete steering control. This product also comes with a 1 year warranty and is protected from water damage.

  • Safe twist throttle control
  • Clutch protection
  • Complete control over steering and reversing
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3. SEA DOG WATER SPORTS Outboard Motor 2 Stroke Boat Engine

Sea Dog Water Sports Outboard Motor 2 Stroke Engine

The SEA DOG WATER SPORTS Outboard motor is a durable 10HP outboard motor with a compact structure.  It is under 1 year warranty and is suitable for both freshwater and saltwater. This product is a perfect match for a variety of boats.

  • Reverse without changing gear
  • Maneuverable safe twist throttle grip control
  • 3 blade propeller design
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4. Cozyel Boat Motor Outboard Engine

Cozyel 4hp Boat Motor Heavy Duty 4 Stroke Outboard Motor

The Cozyel Boat Motor Outboard Engine is a 10 HP outboard motor of the highest quality. Its efficient adjustable handle makes for easy use. This motor features reinforced nylon brackets for high durability and runs off standard gasoline.

  • Built to be kind to the environment
  • CDI Ignition system
  • 3-blade propeller
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5. LEADALLWAY Four-Stroke Outboard Motor

Leadallway 4 Hp Air Cooled Four Stroke Outboard Motor

The LEADALLWAY Four-Stroke Outboard Motor is perfect for smaller to medium sized boats.  This 10 HP Outboard motor has a smart, black design and runs from standard gasoline. It’s durable hardware provides saltwater protection.

  • Safe grip on throttle for ultimate control
  • Year warranty included
  • 2-stroke motor
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10 HP Outboard Motor Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a 10 HP outboard motor is an important investment for a boat owner.  The great thing about 10HP motors is that they are powerful enough for smaller to medium boats, and enable you to travel at a decent speed. Prices can vary from $500-800 depending on the quality of the motor and its capabilities. These motors are ideal for fishing or just being out enjoying the water in your boat.

Our buying guide reviews the best 10 HP outboard motors on the market so to help you make a decision on the best one to suit your boats needs. The following features are commonly found on 10 HP outboard motors and will help you to choose which features you require.


The housing of a 10 HP Outboard motor is usually made from durable, water resistant plastics. It is important that the materials used in the composition of thee motors combine strength and mobility, so they need to be light in weight otherwise they may weigh the boat down. Metals are used for the propeller blades and other parts of the motor.

Safety Functions

10 HP outboard motors include particular features which improve the safety of your boat. As most boat owners know, reversing can be challenging when out on the water. 360 degree steering control is a great way to tackle that challenge. Safe grip twist throttle allow you to have complete control over the speed of your boat and therefore avoiding any mishaps.

Size Requirements

10 HP Motors should fit onto your boat efficiently and safely. It is a good idea to measure the relevant area and check that your boat has enough space for an outboard motor to slot into. The motor should be secured and positioned so that it doesn’t get in your or your passengers way.


Telescoping adjustable handles, 360 steering rotation and maneuverable safe twist grip throttle control are three commonly found features which improve your control when using a 10HP Outboard motor. These features improve your confidence when on the water and make it a safer place for you and all other boaters.