5 Best 2.5 HP Outboard Motors (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Powering a small boat a 2.5 HP outboard motor is an efficient way to travel on the water. A 2.5 HP outboard motor is ideal for powering a smaller to medium sized boat. These motors are generally capable of speeds of around 5 mph.

Best 2.5 HP Outboard Motors

Here are our 2.5 HP Outboard Motor reviews.

1. Coleman Powersports Outboard Motor with Short Shaft

Coleman Power 2.6

The Coleman Powersports Outboard Motor with Short Shaft is a top-of-the line 2.5 HP outboard motor which looks the part. This outboard motor is reliable, compact and durable. It features an easy start TCI ignition.

  • 360 Degree steering rotation for complete control
  • 1 cylinder OHV engine
  • Quiet 4-stroke motor
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2. Sky 2.5HP Superior Engine Outboard Motor

Sky 2 Stroke 2.5hp Superior Engine Outboard Motor Inflatable Fishing Boat

The Sky 2.5HP  Superior Engine Outboard Motor Two-Stroke is a premium two stroke outboard motor ideal for inflatable boats, fishing boats, sailboats and small yachts. This motor is a single cylinder, 2.5 HP outboard motor.

  • Anti-corrosive
  • Air cooled technology
  • Lightweight, durable design
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3. SEA DOG WATER SPORTS Outboard Motor 2.5 HP Boat Engine

Sea Dog Water Sports Outboard Motor 2 Stroke Engine

The SEA DOG WATER SPORTS Outboard Motor 2.5 HP Engine is a professional motor made from high quality components. This 2.5 HP outboard motor combines robust, durable design with quiet driving making it ideal for fresh and saltwater.

  • Engine air cooling system
  • Anti-corrosive construction
  • Economical and compact structure
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4. NICECHOOSE Outboard Motor 2 Stroke 2.5HP

Nicechoose Outboard Motor, 2 Stroke 2.5hp 18hp Heavy Duty Outboard Motor Inflatable Fishing Boat E

The NICECHOOSE Outboard Motor 2 Stroke 2.5HP is a durable, well constructed 2.5 HP outboard motor. It features a built in water cooling system to ensure longevity. This motor is built to be energy efficient and friendly to the environment.

  • Large tank capacity
  • 2 stroke mechanism
  • Perfect for all kinds of smaller boats
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5. HYYKJ Outboard Motor Boat Engine

Hyykj Outboard Motor Boat Engine

The HYYKJ Outboard Motor Boat Engine is a smartly designed, mobile outboard motor. It features 360 degree steering rotation for reverse without gear shifting. This motor is equally well suited to freshwater and saltwater.

  • Two stroke with start in gear mechanism
  • Safe twist throttle control
  • Compact Design
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2.5 HP Outboard Motor Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the ideal 2.5 HP outboard motor is an important purchase for a boat owner. These motors are known for being efficient and lightweight. Prices can reach up to $300, which may seem a little high but is worth it for a good quality motor. A two-stroke outboard motor is a valuable addition to you boat when fishing or simply enjoying being out on the water.

Our buying guide reviews the best 2.5 HP outboard motors on the market so you can decide which best suit your boating needs. The following features regularly feature on most 2.5 HP outboard motors and guide you toward the right motor for your boat.

Fuel Intake

2.5 HP outboard motors run off of fuel, so choosing one which has a large tank capacity will mean you have to fill it less often. The type of fuel which these motors run off is usually regular unleaded gasoline. A 2.5 HP outboard motor shouldn’t burn through fuel too quickly as it isn’t a large powerful engine and it is used for more lightweight boats.

Safety Measures

Obviously the safety of you and anyone who accompanies you on your boat is of paramount importance. There are certain measures and mechanisms which improve the safety of an outboard motor. Water cooling technology prevents the motor from overheating while also improving the longevity of the motor.


2.5 HP motors are not the fastest of outboard motors, but they are adequately powerful enough for smaller boats. Around 12km per hour is an average speed of these motors. This is perfect for fishing or coasting through the water on a sunny day.

Additional Features

CDI Ignitions start in gear protection and 360 steering are three features which improve the functionality of a 2.5 HP outboard motor. These features disable prop rotation while the boat is idling to minimize the risk of accidents happening.