5 Best Active Swimsuits (Reviews Updated 2022)

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For every water activity, there is a need for an active swimsuit to make sure that you enjoy every moment on the lake, pool, or beach. These swimsuits keep you covered while exposing some body parts that need exposure. Although swimsuits are found in several local stores around the world, you may have a need for a better and more active swimsuit to give you full control of your movements.

Notwithstanding, the market for active swimsuits is broad and making a purchase decision has become herculean. Our review can help point you towards the best active swimsuits in the market and the active swimsuit buying guide would make decision-making smooth.

Best Active Swimsuits

Here’s our review for the best active swimsuits

1. Speedo Women’s Solid Flyback Endurance+ Active Swimsuit

Speedo Women's Training Flyback Endurance+ Long Lasting One Piece Swimsuit

Speedo has placed a big mark on this active swimsuit with its anti-pilling Endurance+ Fabric that is designed with four-way stretch technology to keep the shape intact and holds water pressure throughout the season. This Solid Flyback Active Swimsuit is perfectly fitting to all body types and allows you to seamlessly maneuver through the water. Made of 50% polyester and 50% PBT, this swimsuit has low moisture absorption promoting fast dry and non-dripping comfort right out of water.

  • Ultra-chlorine resistant
  • Four-way stretch technology
  • Lightweight and quick-drying
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2. O’NEILL Women’s Solid Active Bikini Swimsuit

O'neill Women's Solid Active Bikini Swimsuit Top

Swimsuits are not designed for only freshwater and swimming pools. With this Women’s Solid Active Bikini Swimsuit, O’Neill created a saltwater substitute from fabrics that can withstand salt corrosion from saltwater lakes and ocean beaches. It is designed for comfort and durability; allowing swimmers to choose however they feel comfortable with the removable bra pad.

  • Lace-up back design with self-tie
  • Salt Water Solids collection
  • Removable bra pads
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3. Speedo Women’s PowerFlex Eco Revolve Splice Energy Back Active Swimsuit

Speedo Women's Power Flex Eco Revolve Splice Energy Back One Piece Swimsuit

Speedo probably sees swimming as an appreciation of nature and our environment and had designed the Women’s PowerFlex Eco Revolve Splice Energy Back Active Swimsuit with 60% cotton and 40% rayon fabrics that allow handwashing and is super safe for the environment and swimmers alike. Its Compression technology allows it to clasp the body and allows proper circulation in compressed muscles while you go about your swimming endeavors.

  • PowerFLEX Eco fabric
  • Offers 4x more compression
  • Resists sagging and bagging
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4. Seafolly Women’s Active Ruched Side Deep V Swimsuit

Seafolly Women's Active Ruched Side Deep V Swimsuit

Made of 87% nylon and 13% elastane fabric, the Seafolly Women’s Active Ruched Side Deep V Swimsuit has a design that allows you to show off your beautiful curves while enjoying your summer vacations. The shelf bra with soft cups allows your breast to get a full-blown shape and enjoy the support it needs. The ring trims and side ties with a drawstring at the hip make this active swimsuit an easily adjustable masterpiece.

  • Pull-On closure
  • Hand wash only
  • Removable Soft Cups
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5. Krinkle Chlorine Resistant Active Swimsuit

Krinkle Chlorine Resistant Active Back Tank

Made with 100% polyester fabrics, the Krinkle Active Swimsuit is chlorine resistant and body fitted. If you are not a professional swimmer and would love to have memorable times at the pool, lake or beach, you may consider this active swimsuit since it has a tummy control feature and a moderate leg cut to fit bigger thighs.

  • Soft cup bra for comfort
  • 100% Polyester
  • Tummy Control
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Active Swimsuits Buying Guide

When buying your next swimsuit, ensure to look out for the following:

The Material

Depending on what you intend to do with the swimsuit more frequently, you should pay attention to the fabric material of your active swimsuits. Some are made with spandex material which doesn’t allow quick drying and keeps you soaked pretty long after you’re out of the water. This type of active swimsuits is best recommended for people that usually take brief deeps in water to stay cool on a hot summer day.

Other active swimsuits are made of materials like polyester and nylon, as well as rayon. These are quick-dry materials that we recommend for swimmers looking to stay dipped in the water for a significantly long time. Once you are out of the water, you are almost ready to get going since you are half-dried at an instant.


Nobody wants to repeatedly buy an active swimsuit every time they want to visit the pool or beach. Buying an active swimsuit that is durable is very important. There are several factors that cause quick damage to fabrics and regular swimsuits, including the chlorine in pools, the sun, bacteria, and salt in the oceans.

If you spend most of your time at the beach dipping yourself in saltwater, we recommend that you find active swimsuits that can withstand the corrosion of salt water. On the other hand, pools are chlorine-containing and can cause fabrics to break down. Many active swimsuits are chlorine resistant and they are most ideal for the pool.


This is equally important because nobody wants to look like a 90-year-old obese granny in a swimsuit. Ensuring that your next active swimsuit contours your body, whenever you put them on without causing obvious discomforts, can make your time out at the pool or beach a fascinating experience.