5 Best Algaecides for Swimming Pools (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Everyone loves the sparkle of a clean pool, but algae have a strong affinity for bodies of water. To ensure your swimming pool stays clean, algaecides are added to the pool water to kill existing algae and also prevent algae spores from growing. The ideal algaecide for the swimming pool should dissolve easily in water, be safe and non-toxic in solution to the human body, and should keep algae away for as long as possible.

Best Algaecides for Swimming Pools

To help you save some shopping time, we have compiled a list of our top five algaecides for swimming pools so you can find the right pool additive quickly.

1. Pool RX 101001

Pool Rx 101001

The Pool RX 101001 algaecide boasts of convenient, hands-free use, and up to six months of cleaning action that will last you through the summer. Its special formula is effective against all types of algae and helps improve the effectiveness of the chlorine in the water for sparkly performance. It is easy to use and works well even in saltwater pools.

  • Convenient and easy to use.
  • Up to 6 months of cleaning action against all types of algae.
  • Chlorine effect booster and saltwater compatible.
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2. Clorox Pool&Spa Green Algae Eliminator2

Clorox Pool&spa Green Algae Eliminator2

The Chlorox algae eliminator comes in a 2 lb. bottle and features a non-foaming formula effective especially against green algae. It is ideal to kill and prevent algae growth, provides week-long protection, and is very fast-acting. It is compatible with saltwater pools and is a great buy for both spas and pools.

  • Effective against green algae.
  • Fast-acting and easy application.
  • Compatible with saltwater pools and provides week-long protection.
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3. SeaKlear Algae Prevention & Remover

Seaklear Algae Prevention & Remover

The SeaKlear algaecide comes in a 1-quart bottle and boasts of superb effectiveness and reliability. It will last you through three months of algae-free swimming, is effective against different algae types, and does not foam or stain surfaces. It will kill and prevent future algae growth and is non-toxic when in solution.

  • Three-month algae protection.
  • Super effective, non-staining, non-foaming formula.
  • Non-toxic.
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4. hth Pool Algaecide Super Algae Guard 60

Hth Pool Algaecide Super Algae Guard 60

HTH is well known for great pool maintenance products and the Algae Gurad 60 stands true. It comes with a 4-in- formula effective against a host of algae types and is non-foaming. When used with other products from HTH it ensures your pool stays clean and plant-free all summer.

  • 4-in-1 non-foaming formula.
  • Effective against most algae types.
  • Active and preventive function.
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5. EasyCare 30064 PoolTec Algaecide

Easycare 30064 Pooltec Algaecide

The EasyCare 30064 PoolTec is a great algaecide and helps reduce your chlorine concentration needed by making it more effective. It comes in a large 64 oz. bottle that will easily sanitize a 20,000-gallon pool for 8 weeks, improves the water quality and feel. It offers week-long protection per dosage and improves overall pool maintenance for both clean and saltwater pools.

  • Chlorine-effect boosting formula.
  • Large 64 oz. bottle for summer-long sanitization.
  • Compatible with both clean and salt pools.
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Algaecide for Swimming Pool Buying Guide

Algaecides are integral to your swimming pool maintenance kit and ensure your pool stays clean and hygienic. Algae spores are everywhere and if left untreated, will quickly fill your pool and turn it to a slimy green you will definitely not want to get in.

As with any product in pool maintenance, choosing an algaecide for your pool should be gotten right the first time and every time. Our buying guide reviews the best algaecides for swimming pools on the market based on their specified features and customer feedback to give you the best options to choose from. We then take it a step further and outline the important deciding factors you want to consider so you make the right choice.

Algae Type

Like a good assassin will say, you want to study your victim before you make a move. In the same way, you want to know the type of algae you are dealing with. In pools, the most common algae types are green algae, black algae, and yellow (mustard) algae. Green algae are the most common type of algae in pools and are relatively easy to deal with if spotted early. Black algae are on the other end of the spectrum and is the most stubborn type of algae found in pools. It is also resistant to chlorine and persists on surfaces in dark stains. Mustard algae sit somewhere between green algae and black algae and are also decently resistant to chlorine and other disinfectants.


Any algaecide for swimming pools you are going for must be completely non-toxic in solution. This is an especially important point to note and is what separates algaecides for ponds and other water bodies from those used in swimming pools. Always check the manufacturer’s specifications and follow prescribed dosages when disinfecting your pool.

Pool Size and Type

The size of your pool is also another important consideration to make. The larger your pool, the larger the algaecide bottle you want to buy so it lasts you throughout the summer. For smaller pools, you can go with smaller packs. Note that the larger containers are, however, more cost-effective.

Stain-free Formula

The formula of your algaecide must also be stain-free. This ensures that your pool retains its aesthetic appeal and looks sparkly clean all the time. Some algaecides, over time, react with the solid surfaces of the edge of the pool and cause discoloration. These should be avoided.