5 Best Bait Pumps (Reviews Updated 2022)

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When storing live bait, the water in tank has to be continuously aerated as the oxygen is used up. To ensure this, a bait pump is used to pump fresh air through the water. The ideal bait pump should be compact, highly efficient, come with an impressive pumping rate, and should be adaptable to different tanks and water types.

Best Bait Pumps

To save you the hassle, we have compiled a list of our top five bait pumps that come with great features and don’t cost a fortune.

1. Marine Metal Aeratr Bubble Box

Marine Metal Aeratr Bubble Box

The Marine Metal Bubble Box comes in a compact design and can aerate tanks with up to 7-1/2 gallons of capacity. It pumps air under standard conditions at 1.4 liters per minute, runs on 1.5V, and is powered by two D batteries. It also comes with an attached tubing and air stone, an attachment clip, is housed in a water-resistant casing, and can work for up to 40 hours continuously.

  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Impressive pumping rate, low voltage operation.
  • Long battery life, water-tight.
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2. Attwood 4650-7 T800 Aerator Pump

Attwood 4650 7 T800 Aerator Pump

The Attwood 4650-7 T800 is a high power aerator pump designed for very large bait tanks. It boasts of an impressive 50 L/minute flow rate at 13.6V and 47 L/minute at 12V, excellent materials for impressive durability, and a leak-free performance with its patented seal. It is also very easy to open for maintenance and comes with threaded connectors for a tight fit.

  • Superior pumping power.
  • Very durable, lightweight.
  • Easy to maintain, ensures water-tight fit.
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3. Marine Metal B15 Power Bubbles

Marine Metal B15 Power Bubbles

The Marine Metal Power Bubbles comes in a low-profile design and can aerate tanks as large as 35 gallons. It pumps air at 5.6 L/minute under standard conditions, comes with dual air stones, and runs on 12V. It draws very low current, includes its air tubes, mounting screws, and a jumper cable for easy powering.

  • Great for large tanks.
  • Ensures even aeration.
  • Easy to mount, low power demand.
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4. Frabill Aqua-Life Portable Aerator

Frabill Aqua Life Portable Aerator

The Frabill Aqua Life aerator is a great buy for medium-sized tanks and can aerate tanks as large as 6 gallons. It runs on 2 D batteries, includes an air tube, and an air stone. It also boasts of quiet operation, is very easy to mount, and comes in a sleek, water-resistant casing for durable performance.

  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Low power demand, quiet operation.
  • Easy to mount, water-tight performance.
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5. Promar AC-710 Bait Aerator

Promar Ac 710 Bait Aerator

The Promar AC-710 comes with a sleek, curved design and is built with a 2-speed motor for versatile performance. It comes with a sealed main switch for water-tight performance, two air output ports, and includes two long tubes with dual air stones. It also comes with a rear mounting clip for easy installation and is a great choice for anglers on a budget.

  • Dual speed performance.
  • Water-tight, even aeration.
  • Very affordable, comes with extra accessories.
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Bait Pump Buying Guide

For any angler who wants to exploit the effectiveness of live bait, a bait pump is a must-have in your gear. They work with bait tanks to ensure your bait stay alive in captivity and as fresh as possible for when you’ll need to make a catch.

Our buying guide reviews the best bait pumps on the market based on their specified features and tested performance to give you the best options to choose from. We then take it a step further to outline the particular factors you should consider and qualities you should look out for in a bait pump before you make a purchase.

Size of Bait Tank

The first factor you want to consider before you buy a bait pump is the size of the bait tank you want to aerate. Smaller tanks will make a smaller air demand and ultimately require smaller bait pumps. A particular important indicator of the bait pump’s size is its labeled pumping flow rate. It is usually labeled in liters per minute and places a measure on how much air the pump moves per time.


Another important factor you want to consider is the pump’s power rating and options. In general, the larger the pump or flow rate, the more power it will draw. Depending on the brand, smaller bait pumps, in general, are powered by D batteries. For larger bait pumps with higher air demand, they typically use the DC outlet on your cigarette lighter to run.

Low-noise Performance

Another important quality you want to see on any bait pump is low-noise performance. The bait pump should come in a housing that damps sound and should resonate with the tank so it makes noise. The quieter, the better so that it doesn’t agitate your bait.

Waterproof Performance

Any bait pump you are going for should be highly waterproof as it will spend most of its life around water and splashes are very likely. AA well-sealed housing will keep water out of the water-sensitive electrical components to prevent short-circuit damage or corrosion and will ensure long service life.