5 Best Boat Brushes (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Keeping a boat clean makes for a more enjoyable boating experience. Boat brushes are an essential part of the cleaning process. The brush is used to get rid of stains, dirt, scum, debris and algae – improving the appearance and longevity of the boat materials.

Best Boat Brushes

Here are our boat brush reviews.

1. Better Boat Deck Brush Head

Better Boat Deck Brush Medium Bristle 8 Head Scrub Cleaning With Bumper 3 4 Thread

The Better Boat deck brush head is a premium brush head which is ideal for use on fibreglass, wood, grout or tile. Its ¾ inch ACME thread fits onto most universal pole tips and is a marine grade brush made to strict, tested standards.

  • Medium textured bristles for quick dirt removal
  • Thick rubber bumper provides protection to the boat while cleaning
  • Better Boat offer 100% money back guarantee if unsatisfied with the brush
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2. EVERSPROUT 5-to-12 Foot Scrub Brush

Eversprout 5 To 12 Foot Scrub Brush (20 Foot Reach) Built In Rubber Bumper Lightweight Extension

The EVERSPROUT scrub brush has a maximum 20 foot reach making it ideal for cleaning large boats without the use of ladders or having to climb. It features an adjustable handle which can be set at any custom length so is also usable for smaller spaces.

  • Soft bristles and protective rubber bumper to prevent scratches
  • Lightweight aluminium pole weighs only 1.5 pounds
  • ¾ inch ACME thread pole tip made from durable metal alloy
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3. Star Brite Standard Extending Handle Deluxe Brush Combo

Star Brite 3' 6' Standard Extending Handle With 8 Deluxe Brush Combo

The Star Brite Standard Deluxe Brush Combo is an extremely durable brush which can withstand the water damage of being on a boat. It extends from 3ft to 6ft making it versatile for all boat sizes.

  • Made with lightweight polymer fibre that does not stain, lose color or become brittle
  • Pole is triple anodized aluminium giving years of maintenance-free use
  • Brush resists most chemicals used for cleaning and can withstand up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit
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4. Shurhold 955 Deck Brush

Shurhold 955 6 Deck Brush With Medium Yellow Polystyrene Bristles

The Shurhold 955 Deck Brush is based out of a solid wood block and comes in either extra stiff, medium, soft or extra soft texture. It locks into any Shu hold handle.

  • Rubber wrap outlines solid wood block to stop surface marks
  • Works on both non-skid and textured surfaces
  • Bristles are made from yellow polystyrene
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5. Star Brite Deluxe Long Handle Utility Brush

Star Brite Deluxe Long Handle Utility Brush

The Star Brite Deluxe Utility brush is perfect for getting into awkward gaps and tight spaces on a boat. Its compact design allows for precise deep scrubbing of areas that would usually be difficult to get into.

  • Robust bristles for sweeping out dirt and grime
  • Tough build for long term durability
  • Handle is ergonomic and padded for easy use
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Boat Brush Buyer’s Guide

Selecting a boat brush is an important decision when it comes to keeping your boat in pristine condition. There are many cheap options out there but it is worth investing a little extra to ensure the brush is right for your boat’s materials. Having multiple brushes is something to consider, as some are great for short-distance intense scrubbing whereas other are better suited to reaching further and sweeping away dust and debris.

Our buying guide reviews the best boat brushes on the market to help you in your search for a brush to suit your boating needs. The following features are worth considering when selecting your boat brush.


When cleaning delicate areas of your boat, a soft brush is best suited to avoid damaging the materials. Each brush comes with a softness rating and generally the softer brushes will be composed of nylon or polystyrene bristles. It is important to research the materials of your boat and to choose a brush with the correct softness, as some surfaces such as teak require brushing across the grain to avoid damage.


Brushes with extra stiff bristles are used for deep cleaning the hull below the waterline. Stiffness in a brush is more necessary for professional mariners such as fisherman. They mainly use polypropylene bristles which deeply scrub the boat’s surface and prize away any dirt, stains or grime. Again checking the recommended materials to be used with the boat is important so that damage doesn’t occur.


Boat brushes are made from a variety of materials. Ideally you want to look for a brush that isn’t going to corrode with constant use. Polymer fibres are a popular choice because they generally don’t lose colour. The poles on longer brushes are often made from anodized aluminium or other metal alloys which survive for a long time. Be sure to check the components of the brush to avoid cheap materials that will corrode over time.


It is very important to most boat owners that they do not scuff, mark or harm their boat surface. Therefore many boat brushes are outlined by a protective bumper layer which softens unintentional impact between the brush and your boat. When choosing a brush, look for soft rubber bumpers where no edges protrude to keep your boat looking brand new.