5 Best Boat Control Cables (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Control cables are an integral component of the motor boating system. The cables are employed in automation and instrumentation processes, and are able to measure transmissions of automated processes. Boat control cables send signals to control the various functions of the engine and boat mechanisms, allowing the boat to respond to controls and sail efficiently.

Best Boat Control Cables

Here are our boat control cables reviews.

1. Teleflex CCX63307 TFXtreme Marine Control Cable

Teleflex Ccx63307 Tfxtreme Marine Control Cable

The Teleflex CCX63307 TFXtreme Marine Control Cable is an OEM direct-replacement control cable. This control cable is versatile – it is compatible with controls which accept universal type 10-32 threaded cable ends. The cable is ideal for foot throttle applications and designed for both complex and long cable runs.

  • 4 inch minimum bend radius
  • 34 Inch Super Tough HDPE Jacket which is UV and abrasion resistant
  • 6ft total length
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2. Control Cable Assembly, 479 Series

Control Cable Assembly, 479 Series

The Control Cable Assembly 479 Series is an environmentally friendly, durable boat control cable. This cable is highly compatible. It is suited to be a direct replacement control cable for controls made from 1979 onwards.

  • Stainless Steel Terminals and Conduit Fittings for improved longevity
  • 12ft total length
  • Durable HDPE outer jacket prevents UV damage
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3. Domestic SeaStar Xtreme Control Cable CCX179XX

Domestic Seastar Xtreme Control Cable Ccx179xx

The Domestic SeaStar Xtreme Control Cable CCX179XX is an ideal cable for performance and bass boats. It is usable with long cable runs, complex runs or simply for the purpose of creating a superior feel. This boat control cable is compatible with most engines.

  • 34 inch super tough HDPE jacket
  • 4-inch minimum bend radius
  • Oil Tempered lay wires for improved performance
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4. Domestic SeaStar Control Cable CC3320XX

Domestic Seastar Control Cable Cc3320xx

The Domestic SeaStar Control Cable, CC3320XX is an OEM and aftermarket control cable compatible with all universal 10-32 threaded cable ends. This control cable is tested for environmental friendliness. It also is available in sizes ranging from 10-24ft.

  • Heavy red HDPE outer jacket for resistance from the elements
  • Stainless steel lubri-core wires with moisture protective seals
  • 8 inch minimum bend radius
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5. Bestauto Boat Steering Control Cable

Bestauto Boat Steering Control Cable

The Bestauto Boat Steering Control Cable is a strong corrosion resistant piece of equipment. This control cable is very easy to install using a trapped nut which stays in place during routing. It is usable on most single station boats.

  • 14 ft Total Length
  • Stainless steel anti-corrosion ends
  • Snap in quick connect cable connectors make for simple installation
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Boat Control Cables Buyer’s Guide

Choosing good quality control cables is worthy investment for a boat owner.  Prices are generally in the $100 region depending on length and quality.  While this price is low in comparison to other pieces of equipment needed for running a boat, the importance of good control cables should not be understated. These cables will allow a boat owner to have complete confidence in their motor boat, and ensure that it functions properly in a safe manner.

Our buying guide reviews the best boat control cables on the market so you can choose the right boat control cable to suit your needs. The following features are included on most control cables and will help you to choose which cable is a perfect fit for your boat.


Boat control cables vary in length and thickness. Choosing a cable with adequate length for your needs is important, as you don’t want to end up with cables in potentially hazardous positions. Likewise, if a cable is too long it will be a nuisance. Sizes of cables range from 6ft all the way to 25ft, so there really is a cable perfect for every boat. Each boat control cable will also have a minimum bend radius which tells you how much flexibility is in the cable.


Materials used to compose boat control cables will determine the effectiveness and durability of the cable. Ideally a control cable will have a tough outer jacket, commonly made from abrasion and UV resistant HDPE or a similar material. The ends of the cables should be made from anti-corrosion metals as they will wear away quickly if made from weaker materials. Stainless steel or nylon covered core wires will ensure added protection.


Boat control cables should be fairly straightforward to install. The ease of installation comes down to the connections featured on the cable. Quick connect, snap in connections are efficient and easy ways to install. Some cables feature a trapped nut which holds the end in place to make routing even easier.


Most boat control cables are compatible with a wide range of controls. However some are made as replacements for specific types or brands, so looking out for the list of compatible controls is a good idea for a boat owner.