10 Best Boat Fenders (Reviews Updated 2022)

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If you’re a boat owner, you’ll know how much even the smallest damage can end up in costly repairs. Mooring your vessel can be challenging to control in harsh conditions, and odds of you boat hitting something is relatively high.

The best boat fenders are a quick and easy solution to this. We’ve created a comprehensive buying guide to help you pick the right one for your boat, and our top reviews will give you an idea of what kind of models you should look for.

Best Boat Fenders

Here are the 10 best boat fenders:

1. Extreme Max Fenders

Extreme Max Fenders

This fender lands on top of our list for being an excellent product that offers ample durability and performance. With each package, you’ll be getting two fenders that measure at 6 x 22in. This size is best suited for vessels with lengths between 20 to 25 feet. You can also choose between 8 great color options.

This fender uses a reinforced double-eyelet design that makes it more resistant to tearing and ripping. Finally, you’ll enjoy the two-year manufacturer’s warranty for this product in case of an accident or a rare defect.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Included lines and two fenders per package
  • Reinforced eyelets
  • Full-color options
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2. Polyform Boat Fender A Series

Polyform Boat Fender A Series

The A Series of fenders offer versatility that’s highly appreciated. This Polyform fender has the capability to be used for different purposes, such as an anchor marker or mooring buoy. This heavy-duty fender was built to last a long time. You can choose between six different sizes, with each succeeding size being more expensive than the last. Polyform also gives its buyers the option of choosing between seven fantastic colors.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Full color and size options
  • Versatile design
  • Durable with a long lifespan
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3. Polyform Boat Fender G Series

Polyform Boat Fender G Series


Polyform components and accessories have always been known to offer consistently great performance, and the G Series Fender is no rare exception. With its molded ribs and double-eye design, this fender is built with mooring safety in mind. The walls of this unit are durable with a thick and even surface all throughout. You will also have more options in terms of size, so you’ll have no problem finding one that will fit your boat model.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Six size options
  • Fenders are pre-inflated
  • Good aesthetic appeal
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4. MSC Boat Fenders Vinyl Ribbed

Msc Boat Fenders Vinyl Ribbed


This MSC package includes two impressive fenders made with marine-grade durable vinyl and two lines. This material ensures that it can withstand harsh conditions without deteriorating in quality. The material is thick and even all throughout, and the fender sports a seamless design that has no weak points. It also features molded ribs to minimize rolling and double molded line holes for extra sturdiness.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Durable material
  • Molded ribs and tough line holes
  • 2 fenders, 2 lines, and pump included
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5. Shoreline Marine Fender

Shoreline Marine Fender


This great Shoreline fender has 4 size options and 3 color options to choose from, leaving you a lot of room for customization. It’s also pre-inflated and can be used immediately without any hassle, but this package includes a valve in case it needs re-inflating. Finally, it has excellent UV-resistance, so you don’t have to cover it up under the sun.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • UV-resistant
  • Durable design
  • Wide range of colors and sizes
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6. Best Choice Products Ribbed Boat Fender (SKY1388)

Best Choice Products Ribbed Boat Fender


This rare package has 4 fenders that are useful for boat owners who own more than one vessel. These units are made with marine-grade vinyl that performs well in damp conditions. It is also UV-resistant, so you needn’t worry about sun damage. This fender’s surface isn’t abrasive, so it’s safe for any boat surface. And it sports a valving system that allows for quick and easy adjustments.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Allows for vertical and horizontal use
  • Four fenders per package
  • Convenient valve system
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7. Taylor Made Products Boat Fender Low Freeboard

Taylor Made Products Boat Fender Low Freeboard


This fender is uniquely designed to offer protection for lower vessels. Being an L-shaped unit, this fender can protect rub rails, gun rails, and all other boat parts. You can choose between two sizes and four colors. This product is made with marine-grade durable vinyl that offers excellent overall performance. It also features an air valve that allows for a hassle-free pressure adjustment.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Built with low-riding vessels in mind
  • Many color and size options
  • Protects every part of the boat
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8. Goplus Boat Fenders Ribbed

Goplus Boat Fenders Ribbed


This Goplus unit makes for an excellent package that includes 4 fenders and valves, which is surprising considering the affordable price. You can choose between two sizes and 3 color options. Being made with PVC that’s non-abrasive and a ribbed texture, this fender is designed in a way that will fully protect your vessel.

The vinyl covering is thick and even all throughout and resistant to piercing. Finally, this fender’s curved design allows for better shock absorption. We recommend this unit for those who need many boat bumpers.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Thick and even vinyl
  • Durable design
  • Puncture-resistant
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9. Hull Hugr PWC Fender (HH-P1B)

Hull Hugr Pwc Fender


This Hull Huge unit is made with PWCs in mind. PWCs need hull protection while being docked, and a fender like this offers a possible solution. Jet skis often require two fenders, but this package only includes one, so you’d have to buy two pieces separately.

This fender’s hinges are built at the center for added protection for bigger vessels in mind. The fender’s back portion features an acetyl hook that sticks into your rub rail. And the fender top is connected to a ski eye or cleat right into the hook with the strap included in this package.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Made for PCWs
  • Easy mounting and dismounting
  • Durable design
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10. Norestar Boat Fender Center Hole

Norestar Boat Fender Center Hole


This fender package is made to withstand very harsh conditions. This center-hole type fender makes for a better positioning horizontally, although you can use it vertically too. This package comes with 4 pieces, and you can choose between two sizes. This fender’s tube ends are fully-reinforced to remove any weak points. We recommend this fender for activates that require additional cushioning, such as rafting.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Center-hole type
  • Recommended for rafting
  • 4 pieces per package
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What’s the best method of finding the right boat fender? – Arming yourself with the right knowledge. Read our guide and learn the key fender components you need to look out for.

Buyer’s Guide – Choosing The Right Fenders For Your Boat

Best Boat Fender ReviewsIf you’re looking for a new fender, the crucial thing you should concern yourself is that it should be strong enough to withstand your boat’s berthing energy. If not, this might render your fender useless and your boat will end up damaged from impacts all the same. Here are some other crucial aspects you need to take into account and list down:


  • Double-eye cylindrical

This one is by far the most common, as you’ve seen in our featured reviews. You can position this fender vertically and horizontally, with the former being the preferred position. This vertical fender is best for mooring into flat structures such as docks.

  • Center-hole

A fender’s line hole is place-able right into its center, hence the name. This design is made for horizontal placements, which works excellent for piling protection. Vertical fenders can’t really do this because vertical fenders can be easily moved. The center hole’s alignment is also changeable.

  • Hybrid

Other products will feature a hybrid of the previous two, making it useful for certain types of boats. Generally, these hybrids are suited for more extensive and heftier vessels.

  • Specialized

As you’ve seen in our review section, some fenders come with a unique design. These designs were made for a specific vessel or function in mind.


Choosing the right fender size depends on these factors – your boat’s weight and length, as well as the mooring conditions. Having your boat moored within calm or rough waters are two very different experiences. It’s for this very reason that more prominent fenders are recommended for harsh conditions.

A basic rule that most boat owners follow is to have a 1-inch fender (if cylindrical, and 2 inches if rounded) diameter for every additional 5 feet boat length. Treat this as a general guideline, and going a little over is better than risking potential damage to your boat.

If you’ve purchased a small boat fender, it can get flattened due to your vessel’s weight, so it won’t be as effective. However, getting a fender that’s too big can be a hassle to mount and store while you’re in the water.

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance

Because your fenders are subjected to the outdoor elements and exposed to different surfaces, they can get filthy really quick. If you feel that you’re fender needs cleaning, regular soap and water do the job. You can opt to buy a darker colored fender that “hides” the dirt if you don’t like regular cleaning.

We discourage you from using harsher cleaning substances even if you want to clean with them to get rid of stains. These cleaners could potentially damage your fender and cause it to rupture or deflate.


Boat bumpers travel with you whenever you go into the water. So you need a place to keep them secure while being unobtrusive. There are many places you can put them in, but it will depend on the model of your boat. Storage bins are available in the market or you can just tuck them into a seat. Another good option is to tie your fenders by your boat’s inner railing. You can also buy fender racks that can be foldable or permanently fixed to your boat.


  • Covers

 These are useful for making protecting your fenders when not in use. This is an easy way of keeping your units clean with little to no maintenance necessary.

  • Storage Racks

Storage racks are a great way to keep your fenders in one place neatly. By keeping them in a designated spot, looking for them is easier, and it’s a chance to save some space and reduce the clutter.

  • Pumps

All the fender products we’ve listed need to be inflated, so a pump is required for each one. Hand pumps can do the job because fenders typically sport simple valves. Manufacturers might include pumps in their fender packages for added convenience.

  • Height Adjusters

Fender height is critical and must be adjusted depending on the situation. By getting some height adjusters, you can modify any fender vertically and save some time and effort on your part.

Aesthetic Appeal

This factor should always be the last on your list, but having an attractive looking fender is definitely a plus in our book. Most manufacturers offer multiple color options per model, so you can generally find a color that suits your preferences.

Some of your questions still left unanswered? Here are some the most frequently asked questions regarding boat fenders:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions frequently asked about the best boat fenders.

Why do I need boat fenders?

Buying a fender will save you a lot of money in the long run. Boat repairs can be inordinately expensive, so if you compare the initial cost of a fender and the potential savings, there really is no question on what you should opt to do.

How many boat fenders do I need?

As previously mentioned, this entirely depends on the size and weight of your boat along with the water conditions you tend to frequent. A fender is generally good for every 10 feet in boat length. Because fenders are usually sold in pairs, people often use two by placing them on opposite sides. This isn’t a good idea if your vessel’s bow is prominent.

How should I position the fenders of my boat?

You can follow the general rule of putting 3 fenders on a boat’s side. The first fender should be placed in the highest beam width, while the rest need to be equidistant toward the stern and the bow. If you have a very long boat, just add more fenders. For example, a 50ft vessel would need 5 fenders.

Next, you need to lower these fenders until they touch the surface of the water. Afterward, pull them up by a few inches, then you can tie them in place. We recommend that you link the lines as close to the boat as possible to reduce the chances of swinging. Tie fenders to a stable and firm object, so it could be a stanchion base, a deck cleat, or any other equivalent. Avoid lifelines because they don’t have enough strength to do the job correctly.

Boat Fender Review Conclusion

As you can see, fenders come in different shapes and forms, and it’s up to you to choose the best one for your boat. We hope our guide will help you find a fender that will serve you well. Remember always to keep your boat protected with the right accessories, so you have fewer things to worry about and more room to enjoy your boating experience.