10 Best Boat Grills (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Being in the middle of a body of water can really limit your food options, and we often resort to eating cold, pre-prepared food that can dampen the experience. However, there is a clear solution to this – the best boat grills.

We’ve done all the heavy lifting by testing the latest grills in the market and whittling them down to the top ten. If you want to make a more informed purchase, we’ve also created a buyer’s guide that lists a boat grill’s essential aspects that you need to consider.

Best Boat Grills

Here are the 10 best boat grills:

1. Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Tabletop Portable Propane-type Boat Grill (CGG-180T)

Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Tabletop Portable Propane Type Boat Grill

You might be looking for a grill that packs a punch within a compact frame. This Cuisinart unit comes with a 145 sq.in. cooking area with a porcelain enamel plate made for even heating. It also features foldaway legs that improve its portability and ease of storage. Despite having a smaller frame, it can still cook a number of servings at once. In terms of aesthetics, you can choose from the colors red, black, or metallic.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Compact size
  • Different colors to choose from
  • Porcelain plating
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2. Camco Olympian Stainless Steel Portable Boat Grill (57305)

Camco Olympian Stainless Steel Portable Boat Grill

A Camco grill that offers different size and power options, the Olympian will suit the needs of most boat users. You can choose between propane or electric heating (or a hybrid of the two if you so desire.) It features a mounting bracket that’s easy to install and a simple valve and hose that’s very straightforward. Finally, this unit is designed with many safety features like an integral “off” valve that prevents accidental fuel discharge.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Wide range of power and size options
  • Safety features
  • Convenient mounting bracket
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3. Smoke Hollow TableTop Stainless Steel Propane-type Boat Grill

Smoke Hollow Tabletop Stainless Steel Propane Type Boat Grill

Smoke Hollow’s sleek-looking grill unit does not disappoint. Being made with stainless steel, it offers a lot in terms of durability and easier maintenance. It’s also very compact and portable, featuring a carry handle and foldable joints to make it easier to bring along on your boating excursions. Finally, it has a 205 sq.in. cooking space and a 105 sq.in. warming rack.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Temperature reader
  • Sizeable cooking area + warming rack
  • Compact and portable
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4. Magma Marine Kettle Propane-type Boat Grill

Magma Marine Kettle Propane Type Boat Grill


Magma’s products are pretty popular among grilling connoisseurs, and rightly so. This grill is made with stainless steel, so it’s very durable. It also features a grease-catching pan that makes cleaning more manageable. Finally, it uses a unique heat-distribution design that ensures even cooking all-throughout the grilling area.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Stainless steel material
  • Even heating
  • “Soft close” lid
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5. Char-Broil TRU-Infrared Portable Propane-type Boat Grill

Char Broil Tru Infrared Portable Propane Type Boat Grill


Char-Broil’s durable grilling unit is designed with travel in mind. You can bring it along with you practically anywhere. Its firebox is made with lightweight aluminum, and the latches are stainless steel. The grill’s 200 sq.in. cooking space is designed with Char-Broil’s patented TRU-Infrared technology that ensures even heating. It also comes with a temperature gauge, so you leave nothing to chance when it comes to cooking your food to perfection.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Portable
  • Durable
  • TRU-Infrared
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6. Coleman Camp Propane-type Boat Grill

Coleman Camp Propane Type Boat Grill


This Coleman grill is perfect for any boating enthusiast, featuring side panels that can perform as windbreaks (great for open waters which typically have windy conditions) or side tables that offer extra convenience during cooking. It comes with a 180 sq.in. cooking area that’ coated with porcelain. The grill also uses 16.4oz propane tanks that will last you up to two hours of cooking time.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Side panels
  • 2-hr cooking time
  • Easy maintenance
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7. Kuuma Stow and Go 160 Propane-type Boat Grill

Kuuma Stow And Go 160 Propane Type Boat Grill


Another great product that offers a wide range of sizes, Kuuma Stow allows you the option of choosing between 316, 216, 160, and 123 sq.in. cooking spaces depending on your needs and preferences. The grilling surface is made with stainless steel, with a grease tray to make cleaning easier. You can purchase Kuuma Stow’s mounting system if you want to make it a fixture for your boat.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Different types and sizes to choose from
  • Stainless steel material
  • Convenient grease tray
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8. Springfield Deluxe Propane-type Boat Grill

Springfield Deluxe Propane Type Boat Grill


A fantastic option for boating enthusiasts, Springfield’s boat grill features its very own mounting post that gives you a stable cooking platform. The grill has a 189 sq.in. cooking surface, and it runs off 1 lb propane tanks. Because of its compact design, this grill is made for smaller vessels that don’t have a lot of free space.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Comes with mounting post
  • 189 sq.in. cooking space
  • Grill is fully detachable
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9. Camco Kuuma Kettle Propane-type Boat Grill

Camco Kuuma Kettle Propane Type Boat Grill


A kettle grill made of stainless steel, Kamko’s durable unit is both portable and reliable. It features a 175 sq.in. cooking space that’s more than enough for most users. The grill can be mounted to your boat through a variety of ways, and it’s cooking surface heats your food evenly all throughout.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Decent cooking space
  • Stainless steel material
  • Mountable
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10. Dickinson Large Sea-B-Que Boat Grill

Dickinson Large Sea B Que Boat Grill


A fantastic model from Dickinson, this stainless steel unit has a unique octagonal shape. It comes with a roll-away type hood and deck legs that offer more height and stability. The grill also has a drip tray to make cleaning much easier. It’s designed in a way that it’s wind-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the flames going out or getting too strong because of the wind. Finally, it has a built-in thermometer that’s made for cooking perfectionists.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Efficient design
  • Drip tray
  • Built-in thermometer
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Buyer’s Guide – Choosing The Right Grill For Your Boat

Best Boat Grill ReviewsHere’s all you need to know about buying a boat grill:


Bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to getting a grill for your boat because of the space restrictions. A majority of boat grills have smaller sizes to make them more portable and easier to store. However, there are a few bigger options if you want a bigger grilling space to work with.

Before you do anything else, you need to check the free space on your boat and see if the grill you’re eyeing has the dimensions that will fit. The biggest mistake one can make is to get a unit that’s too large for their vessel, and you have to deal with the hassle of returning it to get a smaller one.


Spending your time in serene waters is a fantastic feeling, and a grill can easily supplement this fun experience. Having warm food in hand feels extra special while you’re on a boat, and the cooking experience itself is actually enjoyable because you appreciate where you are even more.

All of our reviewed grills were chosen for their ease-of-use and shorter set-up times because an inefficient unit can really take you away from the fun experience. Mounting brackets are a good idea if you’re in more active waters to offer more stability. Be sure to install your grill on a level surface and away from anything flammable.


Portable grills will equate to smaller and lighter models, which means that they have a tendency to move about. Getting some mounting brackets are necessary if you’re buying a particularly light model to reduce the chances of an accident happening. After you’ve set it up and used it for cooking, most mounting brackets can be taken down as quickly as they’re installed. You could also opt to keep your grill on the boat as a permanent fixture.

Some grills offer more in terms of portability, having carry handles or foldable joints to make them as easy to carry as possible. Others don’t offer the same convenience but are light and compact enough to be brought along the ride. Regardless, this is an important feature to take into account when you’re buying a grill for your boat.


Much like any product, having a decent warranty is useful, and often a clear indication of a product’s quality. This is especially important for expensive units in order to shoulder the costs of getting a replacement. With a warranty, you have an assurance that you won’t have to spend extra money in case of defects.

Established manufacturers will often have pricier units available, but they’re often backed by excellent warranties that have a bigger time frame than most. So they’re a better overall investment if you’re thinking about the long term.


Whichever material you’re going to end up with, make sure that it fits your preferences and purpose. Bringing a grill out into the sea means exposing it to the elements, and some materials might be prone to corrosion.

Because of the residue that you’re grilling is exposed to, you need to diligently clean your grill after each use to maintain its excellent condition. Otherwise, you might end up with a unit that will give subpar performance after a few uses. We recommend that you get a grill made with stainless steel or coated with enamel to make it resistant against the harsh weather conditions it will most likely be exposed to.

Be sure to check the different materials and compare what they offer. For example, enamel coatings do well in terms of rust resistance but are often prone to chipping if you’re not careful. Stainless steel units, on the other hand, offer more durability, but they’re also often more expensive. Depending on your focus, a grill’s materials hold a significant influence over its performance.

Grill Housings And Frames

Grills have to be good quality if they’re going to be used in boating excursions. They, of course, need to be heat resistant but also weather resistant if they’re going to be subjected to the elements. Grills with frames and housings will offer additional protection that will keep the grill’s interior warm and less exposed to the environment.

A sign of a quality grill is that they’re outfitted with durable hoods and welded seams. Even a robust grill can potentially be damaged because of bad weather, so you might have to take more measures to ensure that your grill remains in good condition. For example, grilling in a lake requires a lot less maintenance compared to doing it in the vast sea.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions frequently asked about the best boat grills.

What exactly is a boat grill?

A majority of the grills that we’ve reviewed here are not really specifically designed for marine use. However, we focused on a unit’s durability and portability to suit the designated purpose. “What qualities make for a decent boat grill?” You might be wondering. For one, grills with stable legs or mountable frames are preferred to offer more stability.

Being on a marine vessel, you need to consider what kind of elements you grill will be exposed to. So you need to pick one with the right materials that are resistant to said elements. With this in mind, you also need to consider its portability because lugging around a bigger unit can be an added hassle that will potentially hamper a fun experience.

What Kind Of Fuel Should I Use?

A propane unit is the best choice for portable grills because of its many benefits. For one, propane is extremely efficient at creating heat efficiently, meaning less material is consumed for a higher temperature. Most propane grills need only be outfitted with 1 lbs tanks, so you don’t have to worry about storage space.

Propane gas is also readily available, and can typically be bought in most supermarkets at a low price. If you decide to go for coal, take heed of all the requirements that go with it. Coal power normally requires a more extensive start-up, heat maintenance, and post-cleaning, so we recommend against using it.

Boat Grill Review Conclusion

Grills will give you the option of cooking and heating your food on the spot, and they don’t require much technical know-how when buying one. While durability and portability play a big part in a boat grill, the most significant factor you need to consider by far is safety and security, after which everything else comes second.

We hope that our guide has enlightened you on the different aspects that make a great boat grill. This way, you’re armed with the right knowledge necessary to choose a grill that fits your needs and preferences.