5 Best Boat Hooks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Boat hooks are a must-have for most boaters.  If your boat has more than a foot or two of freeboard it is not safe to reach over the gunwale for objects or people in the water without a hook.  Boat hooks are not required for docking, but when conditions are difficult and you can’t quite seem to get within arms reach of the dock cleat, a boat hook can be used to grab the cleat or loop your dock line over the cleat.  This and a dozen other unplanned uses make a boat hook a ubiquitous tool on most boats.

Best Boat Hooks

Here are our boat hook reviews.

1. Star Brite Boat Hook

Star Brite Boat Hook Telescoping

The Star Brite Boat Hook has everything you need in a boat hook. It collapses to 4 feet for handy storage, it extends to 8 feet for reach, and it floats.

  • 4 feet collapsed length
  • 8 feet extended length with fast locking cam action
  • Special air chambers make the boat hook float
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2. The Boat Loop

The Boat Loop

The Boat Loop gives you maximum reach and utility. Extending out to almost 10 feet, the Boat Loop will maximize your ability to reach a cleat to pull your boat into the dock.  The loop in addition to the hook gives you additional ability to grab cleats, overboard boaters, or anything in the water.

  • Available in three sizes with a maximum extended loop reach from 5’4” to 9’ 4”
  • Removable flexible loop
  • Strong rubber pole for pushing
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3. Camco Telescoping Handle with Boat Hook

Camco Telescoping Handle With Boat Hook

The Camco Telescoping Handle with Boat Hook is a great value because it can be used with multiple accessory attachments including a traditional boat hook, a squeegee attachment, and a fish gaff.

  • Adjustable from 5 feet to 9 feet
  • Anodized aluminum construction
  • Easily wash higher areas on your RV, boat, home, etc.
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4. DocaPole

Docazoo Docapole 5 12 Foot Pole Hook Extension Pole Boat Hook Pole

The DocaPole is a serious pole with serious reach. Available in lengths from 12 feet to 30 feet, this pole might be too long and too heavy for boating uses, unless you need extreme reach for retrieving floats in difficult conditions.This hook would be useful for boaters if not fully extended, and it could be a very helpful tool around the house for cleaning gutters, hanging Christmas lights, etc.

  • Constructed from fire-proof, non-rusting zing alloy
  • Patented push+pull design with locking screw & wrench nuts
  • Steel hook attachment is the strongest on the market
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5. Aftco Gaff Hook

Aftco Gfa465gld Gaff Hook

A gaff hook is used for landing large fish. This hook has a very sharp steel hook for piercing through a fish in the water below the spine and bringing a heavy fish into the boat.

  • Non-slip grip
  • 5’ 4” length
  • Sharp, stainless steel hook
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Boat Hook Buying Guide

Boat hooks come in a variety of sizes from various manufacturers.  Most boat hooks have a telescoping extension feature that ranges from about 5’ to 8’ long.  Longer hooks are available, but beware that longer hooks may be too heavy and difficult to control without significant strength and very calm waters.

Flotation is a common feature on most boat hooks for good reason.  However, keep in mind that if you drop your boat hook in the water, you would need a second boat hook to retrieve it.  Some boat hooks include additional attachments such as squeegees or brushes for cleaning or a gaff hook.  The Camco Telescoping Handle with Boat Hook is a great value for the price because it functions as a boat hook, a squeegee, and a gaff.

When buying a boat hook, make sure that you choose the best style and size so that you will always have your boat hook at the ready.  Boaters need their boat hooks in an instant, sometimes without warning.  Boat hooks should be kept securely stored near the helm under the gunwale.