10 Best Boat Launching Wheels (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Buying the best boat wheels for your vessel is a good investment. If you’re sporting an inflatable model, they can be very hard to drag around, especially if they’re load with gears or a heavy motor. So you will often need help with carrying into the water instead of being able to do it by yourself. By installing the appropriate launching wheels for your boat, you can easily bypass the hassle of pushing your boat without much effort.

These wheels are specially designed to support your boat’s weight, making it easier to push towards the water. There are a lot of launching wheel designs available, and picking out the best one depends on the boat you have and your preferences. Here is the list we’ve compiled of the best launching wheels in the market. If you’re unsure of what kind of wheel you need, read our buyer’s guide to learn the most essential features you need to consider.

Best Boat Launching Wheels

Here are the top 10 boat launching wheels.

1. Seamax Deluxe 4 by 4 Boat Launching Wheels

Seamax Deluxe 4 By 4 Boat Launching Wheels

The Seamax Deluxe stands apart from the rest in more ways than one. Being made from the toughest aluminum alloy T6 and anodized coating for all of its parts, this unit is made to withstand the harshest elements. It also has a very high 600lbs weight capacity, being built for mid-sized to large vessels. You’re also given stainless steel installation hardware, so you don’t have to buy them separately. The brackets require you to drill small holes into your boat’s transom.

The arms have 4 different lengths to choose from and easily adjustable. The wheels can be swiveled vertically also in 4 different positions. Finally, you get a warranty of 2 years and the option to purchase a wheels kit to upgrade your unit. While it does have a higher price than most, this package will give you a lot in terms of extra features, durability, and performance.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Manufacturer’s warranty
  • Customizable arm length
  • High-quality materials
  • Multiple swivel positions
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2. BRIS Boat Launching Wheel Stainless Steel

Bris Boat Launching Wheel Stainless Steel

BRIS has always been known for delivering quality boating accessories, and its launching wheel is no exception. These wheels can be mounted on the transom with 35mm brackets. This design allows you to position your wheels in two ways, with one more suited for towing your vessel while the other is made to lift it while you’re in the water. This unit has a 300lbs weight capacity, which is more than enough for most circumstances.

The tires are solid and non-inflatable, having a width of 3” and a diameter of 10”. The wheel arm’s 15.5’’ length is just right to make maneuvering easier. It also comes with a set of installation hardware, and all of its components are made with quality steel.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Terrain tires built for most terrains
  • Comes with steel hardware
  • Strong brackets
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3. Benflyworld Boat Launching Wheels Inflatable

Benflyworld Boat Launching Wheels Inflatable

This Benflyworld unit has good quality at an affordable price to boot. It might not be designed with extra features, but its performance is consistent and reliable. These wheels have a 300lbs weight capacity, much like the unit above. And they are inflatable and made with rubber, having a 4” width and a 15” diameter. These tires are also certified to handle a maximum of 14psi.

The frame of the wheels is made with anodized aluminum that’s marine grade, so it can withstand a lot of corrosive substances. The unit has pins that let you swivel the wheels vertically. However, the brackets need occasional adjustment, which isn’t too hard to do. The simplicity of this product is perfect for those who don’t want any unnecessary fluff from their launching wheels.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Great build
  • Pins are easy to release for detaching and swiveling
  • Corrosion-resistant material
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4. Garelick Boat Launching Wheels Outboard Motor Brackets

Garelick Boat Launching Wheels Outboard Motor Brackets

This dolly for your boat features a less invasive installation where you don’t have to drill holes into your transom. These wheels can be attached to your boat using clamps; then, you pull the boat into the wheel that’s upside-down. This unit is made with steel plated with zinc for extra durability and an inflatable body.

The Garelick wheels have a 250lbs carry weight. A little less than the models above, but more than enough to hold most standard size boats. You don’t have to worry about the clamps falling off because it features a very secure design, and it makes attachment much easier and more straightforward.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Non-invasive installation
  • The design affords added stability
  • Durable material
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5. Saturn Boat Launching Wheels Inflatable

Saturn Boat Launching Wheels Inflatable

This Saturn wheel can be installed to your boat from its transom. The operation itself is also very simple, and you have two positions to choose from – lowering it when need and swiveling it up when you want it stowed away. You can easily detach this unit by taking out the pins.

The wheels are very heavy-duty, being able to support a 300lbs carry weight. They have a 12’’ diameter and a 3’’ width, and this standard size can perform well in most situations. This is a solid choice if you want wheels that provide strong and reliable support for your boat.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Easy installation and removal
  • Good price
  • Compatible with most standard vessels
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6. Aquos Aluminum Transom Boat Launching Wheels

Aquos Aluminum Transom Boat Launching Wheels

This durable unit features a frame made with anodized aluminum that’s marine-grade to give extra corrosion resistance. These wheels have very standard specs, with a 4” width, 15” diameter, and inflatable at a maximum of 14 psi. This size makes it suitable for traversing through most surfaces.

The wheels have a 300lbs carry weight. One qualm we have about that while this unit comes with mounting hardware, you might require some additional parts during installation depending on your boat model. With a robust set of brackets and durable tires, you’re sure to have a unit that will last you a long time.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Anodized-aluminum material
  • Affordable
  • High carry weight
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7. Davis Instruments Boat Launching Wheels Wheel-A-Weigh Standard

Davis Instruments Boat Launching Wheels Wheel A Weigh Standard


The unit is built with durable stainless steel that can weather the harshest environments. The package also comes with mounting hardware of the same type of material. The tires are inflatable and can be used to traverse through most terrains. Overall, it’s a good product at an affordable price.

The brackets are mountable to your boat’s transom to allow pivoting. Lowering the wheels and fixing them to the position you want is also possible. The wheels are designed in a way that will not interfere with your vessel’s motor. Finally, you’re given the benefit of proper weight distribution because of its wide setup.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • All-terrain type tires
  • Good weight distribution
  • Steel hardware
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8. Seamax Boat Launching Wheels Portable

Seamax Boat Launching Wheels Portable


This Semax unit features a hand dolly that’s adjustable. It’s also made from steel that’s powder-coated to afford extra durability. The wheels themselves are can carry boats up to a length of 13 feet. You can also use them if you have an aluminum-type boat, fiber-glass boat, or any other boat model that’s on the smaller size. It has a 250lbs weight capacity, and its rear bunks are very flexible, hugging your vessel’s bottom to prevent it from moving properly.

With a very light 55lbs weight, this unit can be easily handled and assembling it a very simple process. The tires are the inflatable type, with a maximum pressure of 25psi, but optimal operating pressure lies between the 10 to 15psi range. And you can easily achieve this with an electric pump.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Length is adjustable
  • Sturdy tires
  • Durable frame
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9. Davis Instruments Extra Duty Wheel-A-Weigh Boat Launching Wheels

Davis Instruments Extra Duty Wheel A Weigh Boat Launching Wheels


This unit offers a pretty high 330lbs weight capacity. The combination of its design and the durability of the materials used to make it makes this carry weight possible. You also don’t have to worry about buying mounting hardware because everything you might need is included in the package. And every piece is made with tough 316 steel.

The brackets let you pivot and mount the unit onto your boat’s transom. The inflatable tires have a 14” diameter. They are pretty easy to install, even for a single person. With a great carry weight and stability, this package will fit the bill for most boat users.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Comes with mounting hardware
  • Wide mounting
  • 316 steel material
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10. BRIS Stainless Steel Boat Launching Wheels

Bris Stainless Steel Boat Launching Wheels


This unit has a distinct advantage over most of the products on our list for not needing to attach it to your vessel. You place your boat on this dolly and pull the whole thing around with its handle. The BRIS launching wheels can hold 14-foot boats and carry a 350lbs weight. Both the frame and the included hardware are stainless steel.

The wheels have a diameter of 16”, being a bit larger than most models. You can easily take place and take it apart. While this unit works great for moving your boat about, loading a heavier boat can prove to be a challenge.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Large frame
  • Can be easily stored when not in use
  • High weight capacity
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Given the highly congested launching wheel market, finding the right one can prove to be a challenge without the right know-how. Learn the key aspects of a launching wheel down below.

Buyer’s Guide – Choosing The Right Launching Wheels For Your Boat

Best Boat Launching Wheels ReviewsLaunching wheels can make the start of your boating journeys significantly easier. This is why you need to consider every factor when choosing the best model for your needs.

Wheel Size

Wheels will typically have a diameter between 10-15in and have a width of 2-4in. Generally, a larger wheel gives added movability for different surfaces like dirt or sand. Tires with gripping patterns are even better for added stability. If most of your boating expeditions involve going through rough terrain, then you might opt for larger wheels.

If not, then smaller and more affordable wheels are enough to do the job. Tires are normally made with rubber, and they can come in either inflatable or solid forms.

Boat Size

Every boat wheel has a weight capacity, so you need to know your boat’s overall weight before buying a unit. Boat trailers are often better for larger boats, while the products listed above are suited for smaller boats and inflatable vessels that are made with lightweight materials.


The wheel arms and the brackets that compose of the frame need to be built with durable materials. After all, these components will be exposed to water that can corrode a lot of materials. The most common materials used are anodized aluminum and stainless steel, both of which are very tough.


Attaching boat wheels to your vessel isn’t too tricky. A few boats will even have transom markings that tell you where to drill the holes. If your vessel doesn’t have this, you need to make careful measurements and take care not to make mistakes. After all, you’re drilling a permanent hole on your boat.

You also need to pay close attention to the width, because having wheels that are too big might block your boat’s outboard motor. You’ll often get a manual that will tell you how to install the unit properly. It’s also a good idea to try installing it on land and try it out in the water after you’ve gotten accustomed to it.

Two questions about boat launching wheels keep resurfacing on the web, so we’ve tried out best answer each one:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions frequently asked about the best boat launching wheels.

What exactly is a launching system for your boat?

It’s a system of wheels that help you launch a vessel to make it easier to move into a designated position. You install these wheels on your boat and have a different design compared to boat trailers or kayak carts.

Are these wheels necessary?

Wheels like these will let you move your vessel into the water easily, and this can be essential if your boat is weighty.

Boat Launching Wheel Review Conclusion

If you consider how relatively inexpensive this gear is and it will last you a very long time, buying wheels make for a good investment. They make the start of your boating trips much more straightforward, saving you time and energy that lets you skip to the fun part of your day.