10 Best Boat Propellers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Picking the best boat propellers for your vessel isn’t as easy as most assume. There’s a lot more to a propeller’s design than its looks. The decision-making process of choosing the best propeller for your boat requires consideration in plenty of factors such as weight, size, and material.

We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you and created an extensive buying guide to make your purchasing decisions a little bit easier. Our reviews have been hand-picked among numerous other brands on models in the market, and we’ve listed their useful features you might be interested in.

Best Boat Propellers

Here are our recommendations for the 10 best boat propellers.

1. Mercury Blade Prop Blackmax 3 Boat Propeller

Mercury Blade Prop Blackmax 3 Boat Propeller

Mercury Marine’s propellers are widely regarded as products of high quality, and Blackmax 3 is no exception. I’s dimensions sport a smaller frame of a 12.75 in diameter and a 21 in pitch. The propeller itself is made from die-casted aluminum of the highest quality.

You don’t have to worry about purchasing additional attachments for this unit because everything it needs is included with the purchase. It’s also very durable sports a sleek black finish (hence, the name.)

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • 75 x 21 in size
  • Durable design
  • Die-casted aluminum
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2. Turning Point Aluminum Hustler Boat Propeller

Turning Point Aluminum Hustler Boat Propeller

Another trusted brand that offers high-quality accessories and components, Turning Point’s boat propeller, is made to withstand the elements. With this unit, you can choose from two different dimensions: 14 x 19 and 14 x 17. It uses an efficient four-blade system built with the most durable materials available. We recommend this propeller for boat users looking for an excellent long-term investment because this unit will last you a long time while maintaining its performance.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Wide size range
  • Sleek design
  • Great material quality
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3. Motorguide Three-Blade Machette III Boat Propeller

Motorguide Three Blade Machette Iii Boat Propeller


Machette 3 is an impressive boat propeller from Motorguide, and it’s so named because of its three-blade design that features a prop nut and prop pint. This propeller is built with efficiency and speed in mind. It also performs considerably well across a wide range of voltages (36, 24, and 12 volts.) This robust plastic model is perfect if you’re looking for a suitable propeller for your trolling motor.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Fast and efficient performance
  • Built to work with trolling motors
  • Works well in different voltages
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4. Quicksilver Black Diamond Propeller

Quicksilver Black Diamond Propeller


Quicksilver is widely known for its efficient aluminum boat propeller designs that focus on durability and performance. Many consider Quicksilver as a safe bet when it comes to buying quality components and accessories. This propeller will fit a majority of boat outboards because of its standard 15in diameter and 17in pitch. It’s also coated with a black material that makes the propeller resistant to corrosive elements like salt and water.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Great performance
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Durable design and material
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5. Young Marine Aluminum Outboard OEM Grade Boat Propeller

Young Marine Aluminum Outboard Oem Grade Boat Propeller


This Young Marine propeller offers its buyers multiple size choices (eight selections to choose from), all of which are made with the highest-quality aluminum that creates a balanced mix of strength and lightness. This propeller is well-suited for Mercury-type outboard engines with HPs ranging between 25 and 70. It also features a painted black finish that makes it corrosion resistant.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Full size range that will meet the requirements of many boat owners
  • Aluminum material
  • Built for mercury-type outboard engines
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6. Mercury Max Black Boat Propeller

Mercury Max Black Boat Propeller


Another mercury model that offers top performance, this propeller comes with a design that features a bigger diameter combined with a small pitch. Much like it’s other Mercury cousins, this unit features the standard model of three blades and created with premium aluminum. Finally, it also sports a hub system trademarked by Mercury and is highly-rated in online shops.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Premium aluminum material
  • 15×17 in size
  • Efficient design
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7. Michigan Wheel Propeller

Michigan Wheel Propeller


Michigan’s boat propeller is your best bet if you own a smaller vessel. This unit features a dimension of 14.5 in diameter and 19 in pitch. It also uses the standard three-blade mechanism that will deliver a consistently good performance. The blades are made with aluminum and coated in a black finish to give corrosion-resistant properties. We highly recommend this unit to anyone looking for an excellent model made for small boats.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Three-blade standard design
  • 5×19 in size
  • Corrosion-resistant
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8. Turning Point Propeller

Turning Point Propeller


Turning Point’s propeller is a highly rated product that features a 14 in diameter and a 19 in pitch, widespread dimensions that will fit most boat models. This propeller boats a high-performance level that will improve your boat’s life and handling. It’s designed with progressive pitch angles made to minimize slip while increasing your boat’s fuel economy. Unlike the majority of propellers on our list, this one sports a four-blade type design that cuts through water more efficiently.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Stainless steel material
  • 14×19 in size
  • Impressive fuel economy combined with a high level of performance
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9. Mercury Blade Prop Black Max 3 Boat Propeller

Mercury Blade Prop Black Max 3 Boat Propeller


Another excellent model by Mercury, this propeller, features a dimension of 14.25 in diameter blade with a 21 in pitch. The blades are made with aluminum and coated in a black finish that offers extra corrosion resistance. With its three-blade design, you’ll enjoy consistently good levels of performance.

The propeller includes a kit that has a splined hub, a normal hub, a keeper, and a prop nut for added convenience. We recommend this propeller set for boat users who want a durable model that will perform well in a variety of different conditions.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Corrosion-resistant finish
  • Comes with convenient hub kit
  • 25×21 in size
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10. SOLAS Boat Propeller (B3)

Solas Boat Propeller


SOLAS’ impressive model is made with stainless steel, and it features a four-blade design that cuts through the water better and propels even in the harshest water conditions. It’s also a pretty sizeable propeller, with dimensions of 15.5 in diameter combined with a 24 in pitch. This unit is made to run for bigger boats that need that extra bit of power to move a more massive load. If you want an efficient and reliable propeller for your boat, the B3 is a solid choice.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Stainless steel material
  • 5×24 in dimension
  • Four-blade design
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Given the sheer amount of boat propeller models in the market, choosing the right one can feel like a daunting task. Read our buyer’s guide to help you focus on what tire components you need to get:

Buyer’s Guide – Choosing The Right Propellers For Your Boat

Best Boat Propeller ReviewsPropellers are an integral part of any boat. Without them, we have to row these vessels manually. But how exactly can propellers be so different from each other? Here’s a complete breakdown of all the propeller’s characteristics you need to concern yourself with:


A propeller will typically be made from three primary materials, namely aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel. A blade made from plastic is most suited for small vessels, and they don’t offer the same durability or power as its metal counterparts. For the metals, stainless steel is often labeled the better choice because it provides more strength and performance when compared side by side with aluminum blades under the same conditions. However, aluminum is still a great contender, and it enjoys a lighter design along with a cheaper price tag.


A majority of boating expeditions are done within sea level. However, this isn’t always the case. You might be a frequenter of a lake within a mountainous region, for example. What’s the problem with being in a higher elevation? Well, higher altitudes mean less oxygen, so your boat’s engines can’t produce the same amount of power as it would in an oxygen-rich environment. An excellent way to accommodate for this change is to choose a propeller with a low pitch.


A propeller’s weight holds some influence over its performance because heavier loads will require less pitch. Otherwise, your boat’s engine won’t be able to function at its full capacity. One solution to this problem is to get two propellers with varying pitches in order to compensate. Another option is to buy two completely different propeller models that will be swapped together, depending on the circumstance.


One problem that propeller models face is proper ventilation. If a unit isn’t well-ventilated, surface air or exhaust gas gets pushed into the blades of the propeller, which results in a sub-par propeller performance. This will often lead to your propeller overcompensating to combat the air resistance. Make sure that your propeller is adequately installed within the lower part of the transom, and buy a unit that works well even in harsher conditions.


What is cavitation? This event occurs when water will vaporize due to the propeller blade’s surrounding low pressure. This vaporization is terrible for the propeller and will result in the gradual erosion of the material. You can easily avoid cavitation by installing a quality propeller because this often happens due to the flaws in the blade, poor design choices, and sub-par polishing. Even if you’ve bought a suitable propeller, it’s always best to check it for damage every few days of use.


A propeller’s size will have two numbers that will show the unit’s dimensions. A unit’s diameter will always be double the distance from the hub’s center to the blade tip. It’s typically measured this way because of a propeller blade’s irregular shape. Usually, a bigger diameter will mean that it can be installed in an equally bigger engine.

A propeller’s pitch, on the other hand, is that distance a propeller travels in one full rotation. You can imagine pitch as a boat’s “gears,” where sometimes, lower pitches are required to get the vessel moving.


Most propellers sport a four- or three-blade design, and both work pretty well. Three-blades will offer better speed and consistent performance, while four-blades will work in a broader range of conditions that might hinder a regular three-blade. Four-blades will increase your boat’s fuel economy but decrease the overall RPM.

We’ve seen these propeller-related questions constantly pop-up on the internet, so we’ve tried our best to answer the most significant ones:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the best boat propellers.

Are boat propellers necessary?

Not unless you want to row your boat manually. Propellers are the most common method of quickly traversing through waters, requiring minimal effort for the user while being faster than manual rowing. You need to pick one that offers durability and performance to avoid a potential disaster. Faulty boat propellers will run you the risk of damaging the exterior of your boat to the point that it could create a leak.

Do I need to store my propeller separately, or can I keep it attached to my boat?

No, you don’t have to do that. All you need to make sure is to dock your boat on a dry surface. It’s a bad idea to keep the propeller submerged in the water because it faces a higher risk of corroding, even if it’s material or coating is resistant. Investing in a good boat cover will keep all of the components of your vessel dry and safe from the outside environment.

Do propellers need maintenance?

It’s best to check your propeller for any damage regularly. Keep it in a dry place and well away from the water even if it’s corrosion-resistant. That’s all you really need to do. You can also wipe away any accumulated grime if you’ve been in particularly murky waters. If you notice some damage, immediately have it replaced or repaired because it could end up damaging your boat at a worst-case scenario

What separates a good boat propeller from a bad one?

Is there really any difference between boat propeller models? To give you an idea, getting a suitable propeller offers the benefits of high-performance levels with little fuel waste. Much like an anchor or bilge pump, propellers are boat components that require your attention.

There’s also a matter of safety. Being stranded in the middle of the deep waters with a broken propeller is a nightmare come to life. By investing in a decent model, you’ll prevent this kind of disaster from ever occurring. Otherwise, you’ll always have to face the associated risks.

As we’ve discussed in our buying guide, choosing the best propeller for you will require consideration in many of a unit’s aspects like the pitch, diameter, material, and design. Regardless of whether you want a performance propeller or a motorboat one, taking these different components into account is the key to picking the right one.

Boat Propeller Review Conclusion

After you’ve taken all of the mentioned aspects into consideration, you now have a clearer picture of what constitutes a “good” boat propeller. After making your decision and locking in on a purchase, you can fully enjoy the open waters without having to worry about a low-quality unit putting a damper in your boating experience.