8 Best Boat Speedometers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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While many don’t consider the best boat speedometers to be absolute necessities, getting one for your boat will still be useful in several ways. Land vehicles need speedometers a lot more, especially with stricter road rules in place. Waterways can sometimes have speed limits too, however, which is where a speedometer will come in handy. Speedometers will also allow you to properly gauge the time it takes to travel from one place to another based on your speed. So if you’re investing in a speedometer, make sure to get one that does the job well.

A speedometer should be able to precisely measure your speed to avoid miscalculations as much as possible. It can also offer additional features that any boat user will find useful such as a fuel indicator, RPM indicator, etc. You will also have the option to choose between a GPS or manual speedometer. Choosing the right speedometer will make your boating experience much more convenient.

We’ve prepared this detailed guide to help you decide which speedometer is the right one for your needs. We’ll show you our top speedometer picks and give you a thorough discussion of what to consider when choosing a speedometer. So to start you off, here are our top boat speedometers.

Best Boat Speedometers

Here’s our picks for the best boat speedometers.

1. Sierra International Eclipse Boat Speedometers

Sierra International Eclipse Boat Speedometers

Sierra International proves its reputation with another speedometer on our list. This one also displays speed, fuel, voltage, and RPM altogether for a complete measurement of your boat’s conditions. If you have a dark-colored console, then you might want to get this Eclipse model since you’re getting a darker speedometer design as well.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Displays both kilometers and miles per hour
  • Gauge set is complete
  • Cool, sleek black design
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2. Samdo 85mm GPS Boat Speedometer

Samdo 85mm Gps Boat Speedometer

This GPS speedometer uses a traditional display to show you its readings. It’s a very neat display layout that uses high contrast between white indicators on a black background for the user to easily read it. Aside from your speed, it also has an odometer to display how many miles you’ve already traveled. Finally, this model has waterproofing and other kinds of elemental resistance so you can be assured of its durability.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Resistant and durable
  • Included odometer
  • High contrast traditional display
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3. Faria Chesapeake SS Instruments Boat Speedometer

Faria Chesapeake Ss Instruments Boat Speedometer


Faria’s speedometer is great for those who want a cool-looking design. It’s very striking with its blue, black, and white color scheme. It’s a manual speedometer that uses a clean stainless steel construction for the casing. If you’re looking to make your boat stylish, then this speedometer is a perfect choice.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Manual speedometer
  • Looks very cool
  • Casing is a stainless steel build
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4. LATNEX Waterproof Digital GPS Boat Speedometer

Latnex Waterproof Digital Gps Boat Speedometer


LATNEX’s speedometer has been completely waterproofed for better durability. Its readings are displayed in terms of kilometers, miles, and nautical miles, all of which are calibrated to be completely accurate, which makes it handy for users who want utmost precision with their measurements. The display is very bright so you can see the readings in any lighting condition.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Completely waterproofed
  • Measures kilometers, miles, and nautical miles altogether
  • Display is very bright and user-friendly
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5. Sierra International Arctic Boat Speedometers

Sierra International Arctic Boat Speedometers

Sierra’s model has the complete package with its manual speedometer and numerous console dials. This set has handy indicators that show you your RPM, voltage use, and remaining fuel, so you’ll always be updated with your boat’s conditions. All of its information can be found on its very clean white display that’s easy to read.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Gauge set is complete
  • Handy console dials
  • Very user-friendly white display
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6. AndyTach Digital GPS Boat Speedometer

Andytach Digital Gps Boat Speedometer


AndyTach’s GPS speedometer uses a very flashy and beautiful design. The speedometer comes in three different colors, provides ample backlighting with its markings, and uses flat glass to avoid glare, all for an easier reading experience. Aside from it showing your speed reading, you’ll also get a trip meter, odometer, and compass as well.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Design is beautiful and flashy
  • Offers various readings
  • Very user-friendly display
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7. Faria 32810 Euro 55 MPH Boat Speedometer

Faria 32810 Euro 55 Mph Boat Speedometer


Faria’s manual speedometer uses a very simple but effective design. It uses white markings on the black background together with flat glass to prevent glare, so you’ll have no difficulties readings its measurements. It shows both miles and kilometers per hour and can reach up to 55mph.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • High contrast display is easy to read
  • Shows both kph and mph
  • Simple design
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8. ELING Universal MPH GPS Boat Speedometer

Eling Universal Mph Gps Boat Speedometer


ELING’s GPS speedometer uses traditional dials and shows your speed in miles per hour. A red backlight helps you read the measurements. There’s waterproofing and an anti-fogging system in place for its gauge. This is also a universal speedometer so you can use it on other moving devices.

Notable Features You Need To Know About:

  • Anti-fog and waterproof
  • Red backlight
  • Uses traditional dial
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You now have tons of great options for what boat speedometer to choose. So that you can make a more informed purchase, we’re prepared a buyer’s guide that will discuss what features you should look out for when choosing a speedometer.

Boat Speedometer Buyer’s Guide

Best Boat Speedometer ReviewsHere’s all you need to know about buying the best boat speedometer.

Manual Speedometer

A manual boat speedometer measures the speed of your boat by using the water pressure that it encounters which changes accordingly as your boat moves faster or slower. Manual speedometers are the more traditional option so they’re falling out of popularity to be replaced by GPS speedometers. However, manual models still provide accurate readings nonetheless.

One common pitfall that could make this system not work properly is when there are loose or blocked components like with its pipes. With those problems, reading accuracy will be affected. But as long as you check it for maintenance now and then, you can be assured of getting accurate speed readings.

GPS Speedometer

Global positioning system or GPS speedometers, on the other hand, work using satellites up above our atmosphere. With the satellite readings, it constantly tracks your position and calculates how fast you’re moving based on the distance between your previous and current position and how fast you got there.

While this system may sound clunky and inefficient, it’s very fast and accurate. The satellite reading constantly gets updated at a very quick pace to provide you with your speed readings. GPS speedometers use digital displays as compared to manual speedometers more traditional displays. As a result, they can display other useful information such as a travel calculator or an odometer. Overall, when it comes to functionality, GPS speedometers have more to offer.

Since you’re now familiar with the differences between a manual and GPS speedometer, you might feel ready to make a decision. Before that, it would help to read the most common questions asked by consumers before their final purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions frequently asked about the best boat speedometers.

What Does A Boat Speedometer Do?

Speedometers generally measure the instantaneous speed of a moving vehicle. They can do this quite accurately, and in different modes or displays as well. Most land vehicles, commonly cars, have speedometers on their dashboard. Boat speedometers essentially do the same for your marine vessel. Boat speedometers are, however, more complex in that they have to distinguish between the water speed and airspeed of your travel. It must also be able to tell its data in either nautical miles or simply miles.

Is A GPS Speedometer Better Than A Manual Speedometer?

One of the things you have to consider when choosing between a manual and a GPS speedometer is whether or not it fits in your boat. Most boats already have a cut out in which the speedometer is meant to reside. More often than not, this is meant to be for manual speedometers. Manual speedometers, however, can only read how fast you are going across the water.

The problem with this reading is that your speed on water may not actually be the true speed you’re traveling at. You may be traveling against a tide, which makes your resultant speed less than your speed on the water. You may also be traveling with a tide, making you go faster in reality.

Although the effect is not extreme, the tide will still definitely have a resultant effect on your speed. A GPS speedometer gives you a reading of your true speed and can show several other pieces of data. You can simply try using both or you may choose between them.

What Makes A Boat Speedometer Necessary?

One of the simple reasons that a speedometer for your boat is necessary is curiosity. Believe it or not, you will find yourself wondering during your boating adventure how fast you are going.

Another important reason is that there will be areas that impose a boat speed limit. You will need a speedometer to gauge that limit and continuously stay under that limit. Being aware of your boat speed will also help you learn to gauge distance and arrival time, and can even help you estimate how much energy or power you’re using at the moment.

Finally, we have some last pointers for you before you finally get set on purchasing a new speedometer.

Boat Speedometer Review Conclusion

Speedometers are very standard and essential for equipping and preparing a boat. There are two types to choose from: a digital type or a manual type. The digital speedometer has an easy display and can give a reading with a very high degree of accuracy. The manual type, on the other hand, has a simple method and can fit the usual pre-cut speedometer hole. It can read your water speed accurately, but may not account for the effect of the tides.

Boat speedometers can very well complement your other boat devices. These may be your GPS, your stereo, and chargers and such. All of these devices are available for your safety, security, convenience, and peace of mind at having your information at hand.

And when you no longer need that information because you’ve dropped anchor and decided to relax out at sea, that’s no problem. What’s important is that when you need it, that information will always be available to you. Even more importantly, the information should be accurate.

Both GPS and manual speedometers are useful and offer good enough degrees of accuracy. Although there is a lot to consider when choosing between them, it ultimately comes down to preference. When you go boating, you may not even need to always know your speed. If you are a very lax boater, then don’t worry too much about accuracy. Otherwise, splurging on a GPS and digital kit may end up being a good investment.

Through this guide, we hope that you have recognized which aspects to think about when choosing your speedometer. Although choosing between the manual and GPS speedometer may not matter much in the end, it is still important that you have at least one of them. Either one of them is quite convenient for installation and will still provide you that much-essential information.

So you may be going out for a relaxing fishing trip, or spending a day under the sun out with your boat. You may be taking some time to travel out from the coast and you are looking to reach somewhere. In any case, hardy and accurate speedometers are very handy.