10 Best Boat Waxes (Reviews Updated 2022)

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New boats have sporty paint jobs with a showroom shine.  Regular care is required to maintain that look and protect your boat’s fiberglass and paint.  Wax is important because it protects fiberglass from oxidation and paints from fading.  Wax also fills in slight imperfections and swirling in the boat’s finish to give it an ice-like look.

Think of wax as sunscreen for your boat, which is very important because most boats spend 365 days per year in direct sunlight.  By following a simple wash and wax program three or four times per year your boat will maintain a like-new look for decades.

Best Boat Waxes

Here are the 10 best waxes for your boat.

1. Aero Cosmetics WashWax All

Aero Cosmetics Washwax All

Aero Cosmetics WashWax All is unique because it is a waterless product, which makes it a great choice for boats that are kept in storage facilities that usually do not have access to running water.  This product comes in large quantities for generous application to your entire boat, and it also includes 4 microfiber towels to rub your boat to shine after applying the wax.

  • Completely waterless product can be used anywhere, just spray on and rub off
  • Kit includes 1 full gallon, 1 full 16 oz spray bottle, 4 microfiber towels, product guide and how to use guide
  • Water-based biodegradable formula
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2. Migliore Acqua Coating

Migliore Acqua Coating

Migliore Acqua Coating is a serious wax for a serious shine.  Migliore’s product is priced at over $100 for six ounces because it uses nano-ceramic sealant technology to fill slight imperfections with a smooth coat of armor.  This wax can be used below the waterline to increase your boat’s performance and fuel economy.

  • Extreme marine protection with 12-month durability
  • Nano-ceramic sealant technology
  • Hydrophobic qualities repel salt and grime
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3. 3M Marine Restorer and Wax

3m Marine Restorer And Wax

3M Marine Restorer and Wax gives you two great products in a one-step application.  This product is best for boats that are near 10 years old because it will restore gloss and gelcoat.  This high viscosity formula spreads well and buffs easy, so one 32 ounce bottle should cover most boats.

  • Scientifically formulated to restore gelcoat and fiberglass surfaces on both boats and RVs
  • Strips away contaminants and restores gloss
  • One-step application
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4. Collinite No. 920 Fiberglass Boat Cleaner & Collinite 925 Fiberglass Boat Wax Combo Pack

Collinite No. 920 Fiberglass Boat Cleaner & Collinite 925 Fiberglass Boat Wax Combo Pack

Collinite’s No. 920 and No. 925 combo pack is a good choice for older boas that need a bit more work.  First, use the cleaner to strip sediment, oxidation, and grime from your boat.  Then, apply the wax to shine and protect your boat’s finish.

  • Combo pack features separate cleaner and wax
  • The cleaner is more than a soap, it is formulated to remove oxidation from weathered fiberglass
  • Wax enhances and protects fiberglass finishes
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5. Meguiar’s M5001 Marine/RV One Step Cleaner Wax, 1 Gallon

Meguiar’s M5001 Marine Rv One Step Cleaner Wax, 1 Gallon

Meguiar’s Marine/RV One Step Cleaner Wax is protection in a bottle for your boat.  This formula is designed for owners of newer boats who wash their boats frequently to maintain their showrooms shine.  The one-gallon size and one step application are ideal for owners who wash their boat every month or two, and since the product contains wax it leaves lasting protection.

  • Non-abrasive marine cleaner quickly cleans, polishes, and protects.
  • Safely and effectively removes light oxidation, haze, and minor scratches and swirls.
  • One gallon container is more convenient and cost-effective for larger boats or frequent use.
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6. 3M Marine Ultra Performance Paste Wax

3m Marine Ultra Performance Paste Wax

3M Marine Ultra Performance Paste Wax is a serious product for serious shine, protection, and performance.  While the formula is “easy-on, easy-off” applying this product is like going over your boat with a fine-tooth comb.  The results will be worth the effort because this product uses carnauba wax and silicone, which, if applied to the entire boat, not only will protect the look but it will also improve hydrodynamics, saving fuel and increasing performance.

  • Contains carnauba, a Brazilian wax known for its deep shine and high gloss.
  • Silicone promotes water beading and resists water stains, helping to maintain a “wet look” shine.
  • Wipe on, wipe off paste wax applies right from the can.
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7. ORPine Wash & Wax

Orpine Wash & Wax

OrPine Wash & Wax is a simple and economical solution to clean and protect your boat.  This is a one-step application product that cleans your boat while leaving a lasting shine.  Use this simple formula to clean and wax your boat, then use the same product on your car, truck, house, RV, windows, and any metal surface.

  • One concentrated bottle makes 96 gallons of cleaner.
  • Formulated with a non-alkaline, non-yellowing, non-wax stripping boat soap.
  • Made with a fresh pine smell.
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8. Babe’s Boat Bright Spray Wax Cleaner

Babe’s Boat Bright Spray Wax Cleaner

Babe’s Boat Bright Spray Wax Cleaner is similar to the formulas used for wash and wax cycles in automatic car washes.  This formula is good for those who are conscious enough to frequently wash and wax their boats.  This formula does not require heavy buffing, so it is a good choice to maintain the shine in newer boats.

  • No pre-washing is necessary.
  • Simply spray a light mist on the surface and wipe off with a clean towel.
  • Use on gelcoat, metal, or vinyl surfaces.
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9. Collinite No. 885 Fleetwax Heavy Duty Paste

Collinite No. 885 Fleetwax Heavy Duty Paste

Collinite calls their No. 885 Fleetwax “the best wax on the water,” and customer reviews agree.  A small can goes a long way, although plan to use lots of elbow grease with this carnauba based “wax on, wax off” formula.

  • Stands up to saltwater spray to protect a boat’s hull from white, chalky oxidation.
  • Just like it protects boats from saltwater, it can protect your vehicle from road salt.
  • Carnauba based formula is safe on clear coats as well as gel-coated fiberglass on RVs and boats.
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10. Meguiar’s Marine/RV Quik Wax Clean & Protect

Meguiar’s Marine Rv Quik Wax Clean & Protect

Meguiar’s Quik wax is just what the name says, a great choice for quick and easy results.  This product comes in a handy spray bottle, so you can simply grab the bottle, spray on the wax, let it try, and rub your boat to a shine.  Make sure that you wash your boat with soap and water first.

  • Quickly adds protection and gloss.
  • Can be applied wet or dry to create a brilliant gloss while adding wax protection.
  • Suitable for use on fiberglass, painted surfaces, stainless steel, and clear plastics.
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Buyer’s Guide – Finding the Right Boat Wax for your Boat

Best Boat Wax Reviews

Best Boat Wax Reviews

Boat wax is different from boat polish because boat wax protects your boat’s finish while boat polish restores your boat’s finish.  For a new or well-maintained boat wax is an essential part of regular maintenance.

Boat Wax Application

Different waxes have very different application methods.  It is important to consider what application method is most appropriate for you when choosing a wax.  A well-maintained boat should be waxed 3-4 times per year.

Which boat waxes are easiest to apply?

One-step wash and wax products are the simplest because they wash the boat like soap then leave a waxy shine.  Some wax products are completely waterless, which is important if your boat is kept at a storage facility without access to running water.  The simplest waxes can be buffed to a shine using a clean towel.

Which boat waxes yield the best shine?

Paste waxes such as 3M Paste Wax or Migliore Acqua Coating are dedicated waxes for serious protection.  The application of paste wax is serious work.  Not only does applying paste wax take time, but application takes some skill and can be unforgiving.  Trial and error may be required to learn how long to let the wax dry before buffing so hardness is “just right” without being too hard or leaving a waxy residue.  More advanced products could still be applied and buffed by hand, but the use of an electric buffer is recommended.

How many people does it take to wax a boat?

Timing is especially important when waxing large boats because if the wax is applied to the entire boat it may dry too long before one person can buff the entire boat.  It may be necessary to work as a team when waxing and buffing larger boats with advanced products.

Cost of Boat Wax

The best value boat wax products spray on and wash off as a soap, which saves time and money because the product works as both a soap and a wax.  Some less well-known brands such as Collinite are moderately priced but still have a following of loyal customers due to the product’s effectiveness.  Premium products such as 3M Marine Ultra Performance Paste Wax or Migliore Acqua Coating use top of the line compounds such as silicone or nanotechnology.  These waxes are for use above or below the waterline, and they can be used to yield increased performance by reducing friction as your boat glides through the water.

Boat Wax Review Conclusion

Our product guide will help you chose the best wax product for your boat.  Each helpful review explains the application technique, value, and expected results for the product.  Choose wisely and enjoy using boat wax that meets your expectations to give your boat lasting protection and shine.