5 Best Bodyboard Fins (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Body boarding is a popular activity among beachgoers and is great fun for beginners who have not yet mastered surfing. Body boarding fins are pieces of equipment which make a person more streamline and therefore make moving through the water on a board easier.

Best Bodyboard Fins

Here are our bodyboard fins reviews.

1. Churchill Makapuu Swimfins

Churchill Makapuu Swimfins

The Churchill Makapuu Swimfins are a pair of high quality bodyboard fins available in a number of sizes to fit all ages. These fins feature a unique dolphin tail design which delivers stronger thrusts. They promote faster speeds and better performance for body boarders.

  • Maximum kicking power
  • Improved stiffer blades and side rails
  • Classic drainage hole on the bottom for water and sand to escape
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2. DaFin Black Swimfins

Dafin Black Swimfins

The DaFin Black Swimfins are a highly durable pair of bodyboard fins which are available in nine different color designs. These bodyboard fins are ideal for all levels of swimmers. A great feature is that they float in saltwater.

  • Can be worn on either foot
  • Variety of sizes available
  • Made from robust plastic and rubber
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3. Hydro Tech 2 Bodyboard Fins

Hydro Tech 2 Bodyboard Fins

The Hydro Tech 2 Bodyboard Fins are a smartly designed, effective pair of fins for bodyboarding. This product is specifically designed to avoid the fin catching when body boarders ride in the drop knee position.

  • Features 3 drainage holes for water flushing
  • Contour ankle strap designed to ensure maximum comfort
  • Asymmetrical design enhances bodies natural movement
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4. DMC Repellor Short Silicone Kicking Fins

Dmc Repellor Short Silicone Grip Kicking Fins For Swim And Body Surfing

The DMC Repellor Short Solicone Kicking Fins are a stylish pair of bodyboard fins available in three color designs. This product has been used by competitive swimmers and ocean sport-people. The short fin design requires less effort while increasing leg strength.

  • Permanent non fading color
  • Silicone composition for soft, flexible comfort
  • Reverse VEE technology enables the fin to act as part of the body
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5. AquaLogix Green High Speed Aquatic Fins

Aqualogix Green High Speed Aquatic Fins Omni Directional Water Resistance Exercise For Lower And U

The AquaLogix Green High Speed Aquatic Fins are a uniquely designed pair of omni-directional bodyboard fins. This product features 4 blades which attach to each ankle or wrist. The directional drag creates resistance and improves strength.

  • Most effective when used in conjunction with the upper body aquatic bells
  • Green highly visible design
  • Provides high intensity, low impact training
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Bodyboard Fins Buyer’s Guide

When learning to bodyboard, a person may not have a lot of confidence in the water. This confidence can be nurtured by learning the correct techniques and gradually improving over time. A great way to build this confidence is by using bodyboard fins. These fins are usually priced at around $40, making them a fairly cheap acquisition for a body boarder.

Our buying guide reviews the best bodyboard fins on the market so you can make an informed decision. Below are some of the standout features you should be aware of when considering which bodyboard is right for you.


The design of bodyboard fins can greatly impact their effectiveness. They need to be not only lightweight, but streamline so they can cut through the water when required but also push against the water and propel you forward on your board. Blade designs are sometimes utilized to provide this. Dolphin tail designs also help to create force between the fin and the water.


Durable plastics and rubbers are commonly used in the compostion of bodyboard fins. This is because these materials are water resistant, smooth and not sharp in the case that the fin catches another person accidently. Foam is also sometimes used to cushion the part of the fin which will be touching your skin, in order to avoid rubbing and chafing.

Special features

Reverse technology is a great feature which allows the fin to move as if it is part of the human body, through the use of malleable shapes and materials. Sometime the fins will fill with water, sand or rocks – so drainage holes are a great way to stop them from being weighed down without having to remove the fins or get out of the water.