5 Best Bodyboards (Reviews Updated 2022)

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It is less likely for you to fall off when you are laying on a bodyboard. This is why most people prefer the fun of bodyboarding over surfing and using the best bodyboards is a certain way to bring out the most exciting part of this summertime water activity. Unfortunately, finding the best bodyboard has become daunting as the market grows. Our review of the best bodyboards, also accompanied by a buying guide, is focused on solving the problem of navigating the market and making the appropriate decisions.

Best Bodyboards

Below is our review of the best bodyboards

1. Goplus 41 inch Super Bodyboard

Goplus 41 Inch Super Bodyboard

Delivered with a leash, the Goplus 41 inch Super Bodyboard is a perfect choice for both kids and adults looking to bodyboard in any kind of wave condition. Its strong EPS foam core makes it lightweight, buoyant, and durable with an IXPE deck that makes it stronger, slick, and stiff for speed and maneuverability. Excellent wave riding is no better than it could get with this bodyboard among a few others.

  • Engineered EPS core
  • HDPE Slick Bottom
  • Dynamic Design
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2. Bo-Toys Lightweight Bodyboard

Bo Toys Lightweight Bodyboard

A 60/40 rail built into the Bo-Toys Lightweight Bodyboard makes it a masterpiece for maneuverability and speed. Constructed with a strong EPS core and HDPE superslick bottom, this bodyboard is durable, lightweight, and suitable for all levels of riders wishing to cruise through various types of waves. An attached leash makes for a safer ride with elegant colors and stylish designs to stir up your confidence.

  • Heat lamination Technology
  • HDPE super slick bottom
  • Lightweight and Rigid
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3. Gymax Body Board, 41 Inch Lightweight Bodyboard

Gymax Body Board, 41 Inch Lightweight Bodyboard

The Gymax Body Board, 41 Inch Lightweight Bodyboard comes with a design that creates enough room for various body sizes from children to adults. Wave riding is fascinating and never boring with this bodyboard; all due to the nice 60/40 industry-standard rails providing strength, speed, and efficient control. A strong waterproof EPS core makes for buoyancy and lightweight as well as its light IXPE deck for comfort and stability.

  • A soft and light IXPE deck
  • High-density polyethylene slick bottom
  • 60/40 rails
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4. G Super Bodyboard Body Board

G Super Bodyboard Body Board

Considering the back and abdominal exercises associated with bodyboarding, the G Super Bodyboard BodyBoard is built exceptionally to bring the thrills of summertime to you with exquisite exterior patterns and cutting edge design. An EPS core with remarkable weather-resistant and shock-absorbing quality makes this bodyboard stand out as one of the best. The high-density polyethylene slick bottom makes it strong, speedy, and flexible enough to carry your whole weight through the waves.

  • XPE deck
  • Weather-resistant, waterproof and shock absorbing
  • EPS core
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5. DaSupaFins Hammerhead Bodyboard

Dasupafins Hammerhead Bodyboard

With a patented shark design, the DaSupaFins Hammerhead Bodyboard can hold up to 300 lbs of body weight while cruising through the waves in style. The Extruded Polyethylene foam deck makes it stand out from the numerous products the market has to offer. Graphite stringer rod inside core supports the full structure from within giving it the remarkable resilience with which it is known.

  • High-density Polyethylene bottom
  • New patented design
  • Extruded Polyethylene (EPE) foam deck
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Bodyboards Buying Guide

Buying generally is a very uncertain process as some purchases may turn into sour experiences. The same applies to the process of buying the best bodyboards. SOme bodyboards may be considered the best and still not suitable for you. Therefore, when buying the best bodyboard for your summertime thrills, you should look at the following features;

Board Size

Some boards are smaller than some. These boards are built to accommodate a certain range of body sizes with the size range specified in the product descriptions. Some are designed for children and adult riders with average body size. Adults with larger body sizes may need to consider a bigger board.

The suitable board size is also influenced by your body weight. Since wider boards have more surface areas and are more buoyant, they have more weight tolerance and remain afloat while you ride on them although they are harder to maneuver.

The Board Construction

The best bodyboards vary slightly in their compositions and construction. Most of them are made with EPS foam cores to keep it afloat always, durable, and lightweight. Others may be made with other core materials like wood or fiberglass. We strongly recommend EPS foams as it provides a level of comfort that is unmatched as you lie on it.

Surrounding the core of these bodyboards are stringers, coatings, decks, and bottoms which are usually made with materials that are different from the core. Some of the best bodyboards are made with IXPE or XPE decks and HDPE bottoms to promote comfort and speed respectively. When buying your next bodyboard, we recommend that you look out for those with good bottoms made of high-quality materials like polyethylene and decks that are soft and convenient for your chest and abdomen.

The Rocker

Bodyboards are designed to have varying rocker to meet with the demands of customers. Some riders prefer speed over maneuverability while some prefer the complete opposite. Whichever your preferences are, it will affect your choice of board rocker. Boards with smaller rockers are always faster and difficult to maneuver but those with bigger rockers are perfect for tricks and stunts but are always slower.