5 Best Bow and Stern Thrusters (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Maneuvering a boat can be one of the more changing aspects of safe boating. If a lapse in concentration occurs, accidents can happen. A bow and stern thruster is mounted into the bow or stern to make maneuvering a boat much easier, therefore preventing collisions.

Best Bow and Stern Thrusters

Here are our bow and stern thruster reviews.

1. Lewmar 140TT2.0 2 Bow Thruster 12V Composite Hub

Lewmar 140tt2.0 2 Bow Thruster 12v Composite Hub

The Lewmar 140TT2.02 Bow Thruster 12V Composite Hub is a high-performance thruster from a reputable company.

  • Best value and performance in its class
  • Voltage – 12v
  • Total weight 25lbs
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2. Osculati LEWMAR Marine Boat Bow Thruster Tunnel

Osculati Lewmar Marine Boat Bow Thruster Tunnel

The Lewmar Osculati Marine Boat Bow Thruster Tunnel is a reliable, lightweight thruster. It is easy to operate and not too expensive.

  • Complimentary white glove service installation
  • 18 x 10 x 6 inches diameter
  • Total weight 8lbs
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3. MAXPOWER Thruster Tunnel CT60-IP

Maxpower Thruster Tunnel Ct60 Ip

The MAXPOWER Thruster Tunnel CT60-IP is a bow and stern thruster of the highest quality. It has ignition protected thrusters which are ideal for motor boats. Every electric part is sealed on this easy to connect thruster.

  • Available in 12v or 24v
  • Ignition protected and water resistant
  • Made from composite materials
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4. MAXPOWER Thruster CT60 ELEC Mono Compo 0185

Maxpower Thruster Ct60 Elec Mono Compo 0185

The MAXPOWER Thruster CT60 ELEC Mono Compo 0185 is a highly reliable thruster.

  • 12v or 24v versions available
  • Total weight 37.5lbs
  • Fitted as standard on a large variety of boats
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5. Lewmar 110TT Thruster Kit 1.5kW

Lewmar 110tt Thruster Kit 1.5kw

The Lewmar 110TT Thruster Kit is a robust bow and stern thruster. Its lightweight design makes if well suited for use with boats up to 28ft in length.

  • Voltage – 12v
  • Tunnel diameter 4.33 inches
  • Single prop with 5 blades
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Bow and Stern Thruster Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right bow and stern thruster is imperative for a boat owner.  Sticker shock is common for a new or replacement boat owner, as prices are typically near or over $1,000 but can reach over $3’000 for top of the range thrusters.  While the price may seem high, a good thruster is well worth the cost.  Bow and stern thrusters allow you to maneuver your boat side to side safely and avoid accidents, so are a worthy investment.

Our buying guide reviews the best bow and stern thrusters on the market so you can choose the right one for your boat.   The following features are included on most thrusters and will help you to choose which features you require for your specific boat.


It is important t ensure that you have adequate and sustained energy supply for the Bow and Stern Thruster to work properly. Most thrusters run from 12v of power, but some are compatible with 24 volts. If you face windy conditions, your thruster needs enough power to avoid significant loss of thrust.

Thruster Type

There are types of bow and stern thrusters to fit all variations of boats. Some of the most common thrusters are; tunnel-based bow and stern thrusters, ignition protected bow and stern thrusters, retractable bow and stern thrusters, and exterior mounted bow and stern thrusters. Tunnel based are the most common and a reliable choice for small – medium sized boats.


Bow and stern thrusters need to be installed by a professional, and some companies offer this service with purchase. The location of the thruster on the boats hull will determine the difficulty of installation. This positioning depends on the type of bow and stern thruster.


A great thing about bow and stern thrusters is that they generally require very little maintenance. The operating cost after installation is low, as long as the thruster is regularly cleaned and used correctly.