5 Best Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pools (Reviews Updated 2022)

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To maintain their spring-like sparkle and ideal pH levels to kill bacteria and algae for the safety of swimmers, pools have to be chlorinated regularly. Chlorine tablets offer the most convenient, cost-effective, and versatile means to disinfect swimming pools and don’t need any prior knowledge of chemistry as they are pre-measured. The ideal chlorine tablets for swimming pools should dissolve easily in water, be safe in solution for the human body, and should kill microorganisms effectively.

Best Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pools

Whether as a pool manager or pool owner at home, the host of chlorine tablets for swimming pools brands on the market can make finding the ideal product challenging. To save you the hassle we have compiled a list of our top five chlorine tablets for swimming pools for the best pool safety.

1. In The Swim 3″ Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets

In The Swim 3 Inch Pool Chlorine Tablets

The In The Swim chlorine tablets pack a ton of customer reviews, and is 50 pounds of 90% chlorine tablets for swimming pools. Its 3’’ tablets dissolve slowly for uniform distribution, are stabilized for outdoor pools, and are packed into smaller 8 oz. wraps for long-term use. They are the ideal choice to disinfect pools and work well with floaters and other chlorine feeders.

  • 90% chlorine tablets in 50 lb. pack.
  • Slow dissolution and uniform distribution.
  • Ideal for outdoor pools and adaptable to chlorine dispensers.
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2. Clorox Pool & Spa XtraBlu 3″ Chlorinating Tablets

Clorox Pool&spa Active99 3 Chlorinating Tablets

The Chlorox XtraBlu comes in a 12-pound pack of 3’’ chlorine tablets and ensure your pool stays sparkly blue. The tablets are extremely effective in killing bacteria and algae, are stabilized for outdoor use, and include a conditioning formula for a smooth feel. They work well with feeders or floaters and ensure long-lasting week-long protection.

  • Anti-bacteria and anti-algae protection.
  • Stabilized and create superior conditioning.
  • Keeps pools sparkly with week-long protection.
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3. Clorox Pool & Spa Active99 3″ Chlorinating Tablets

Clorox Pool&spa Active99 3 Chlorinating Tablets

Also from Chlorox Active99 comes in a larger 35 lb. pack of 3’’ chlorine tablets and offer superb algae and bacteria protection. Each tablet is packaged in an individual wrap, is feeder or floater adaptable, and is great for bigger pools. They are stabilized for outdoor use, include a conditioning formula for a smooth feel, and offer week-long protection.

  • 35 lb. pack of anti-algae and anti-bacteria chlorine tablets.
  • Great for bigger pools and feeder adaptable.
  • Stabilized and create conditioning effect.
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4. HTH 42034 Super 3-inch Chlorinating Tablets

Hth 42034 Super 3 Inch Chlorinating Tablets

The HTH 42034 Super chlorine tablets come in a 25 lbs. pack and boast of superior sanitization and microorganism protection. Each 3’’ tab offers week-long sanitization of up to 10,000 gallons of water and is great for vinyl-lined pools and saltwater bodies. The tablets are stabilized for extended use in outdoor pools and work well with floaters, skimmers, and feeders.

  • 25 lb. pack of superior sanitization chlorine tablets.
  • Week-long protection and adaptable to vinyl pools and saltwater.
  • Stabilized for outdoor pools.
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5. BioGuard SilkGuard Complete 3″ Chlorinating Tabs

Bioguard Silkguard Complete 3 Chlorinating Tabs

The BioGuard SilkGuard chlorine tablets come in a 7.5 lbs. pack and offer the best microorganism protection while keeping your pool silky smooth. When in solution, each tablet forms a coating over metal surfaces in the pool to prevent corrosion. Its formula is very skin-friendly and comes in an easy to carry container.

  • Softens pool water for a silky-smooth feel.
  • Protects metal surface and pool equipment from corrosion.
  • Sin-friendly stabilized formula.
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Chlorine Tablets for Swimming Pools Buying Guide

Chlorine tablets are the most widely used pool disinfectants in the world. The fact that they come in the solid-state greatly reduces the danger of spills and makes them very convenient to use.

Our buying guide reviews the best chlorine tablets for swimming pools based on their specifications and customer feedback to give you the best options to choose from. We then take it a step further to outline the important considerations you should make when considering a product before you make a purchase.

Chlorine Concentration

The chief active ingredient in chlorine tablets is the chlorine compound. And so, the chlorine concentration in the tablets you are considering should be your first consideration to make. The higher the concentration of chlorine, the more effective and longer the disinfection of your pool will last.

Pool Size

The size of your pool is also another important consideration to make. The larger your pool, the larger the pack of chlorine tablets you want to buy so they last you throughout the summer. Most chlorine tablets come in 1’’ or 3’’ sizes, with all the products listed above of the latter. These ensure week-long disinfection. For smaller pools, you can go with smaller packs. Note that the larger packs are however, more cost-effective.

Stabilized vs. non-stabilized

Chlorine tablets are generally classed into stabilized and non-stabilized products. Stabilized chlorine tablets are the most common and contain a stabilizing agent to resist the breaking of hypochlorite solution when exposed to sunlight. It turns out that the UV rays in sunlight are the natural nemesis of chlorine and can greatly reduce the concentration by as high as 90% in a few hours. The stabilizing agent prevents this and thus makes them ideal for outdoor pools.

non-stabilized chlorine tablets do not contain a stabilizing agent and are rendered ineffective if exposed to sunlight. This makes them ideal for indoor pools where the sun doesn’t reach.


Like any product on the market, chlorine tablets for swimming pools come in widely varying prices depending on quality and size. It is always a great idea to check for customer reviews and feedback on particular products you are considering to be assured of their quality.