4 Best Color Correction Scuba Masks (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Color correction scuba masks take excellent visibility while underwater to the next level and allow the diver to see all the beauty the oceans have to offer, without spooking marine life. They perform all the functions of a regular scuba mask, but also compensate for the depreciating red and green light from the sun with depth. The ideal color correction scuba masks should be very comfortable to wear, highly durable, come with a wide field of view, and yield high color accuracy.

Best Color Correction Scuba Masks

To help you save some shopping time, we have compiled a list of our top four color correction scuba masks on the market that all boast of superb functionality and great value for money.

1. SeaDive Oceanways Superview – HD Mask

Seadive Oceanways Superview Hd Mask

Excellent functionality and durability are some of the perks of the SeaDive Oceanways Superview mask. It comes with a single HD lens that the best image contrast and vibrance, a soft silicone skirt for the most comfort, and a rigid, lightweight frame. It boasts of a wide field of view, is fog-resistant, and offers excellent UV protection and glare reduction.

  • Superb image contrast and vibrance.
  • Comfortable and highly durable.
  • Wide field of view, fog-resistant, and UV/glare resistant.
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2. SeaDive SeaLite RayBlocker – HD Mask

Seadive Sealite Rayblocker Hd Mask

The SeaLite RayBlocker is another outstanding color correction scuba mask from SeaDive, and stands out with its excellent underwater vision enhancement capability. It is designed for excellent color performance with varying depth while granting you top-notch UV protection. It sports a sleek, anatomic profile that will look cool both in and out of the water, and is very comfortable to wear.

  • Excellent color performance.
  • Sleek design with excellent hydrodynamics.
  • UV protection and anti-fog performance.
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3. IST Tinted Lenses Scuba Mask

Ist Tinted Lenses Scuba Mask

The IST Tinted Scuba Mask comes with tempered-glass, scratch-resistant lenses for the best durability, and a hypoallergenic silicone skirt for superior comfort while ensuring a good seal. It boasts of a wide field of view, offers superb color correction, and UV protection. It is also easily foldable, making it ideal for the traveling scuba diver.

  • Superior durability.
  • Travel-friendly and very comfortable.
  • Wide field of view, superb color correction, and UV protection.
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4. Oceanways Superview – AccuColor

Oceanways Superview Accucolor

Last on our list is the Oceanways Superview AccuColor scuba mask that sports a single-lens design, characteristic of SeaDive for a wide field of view. Its super soft silicone skirt places it high on the comfort scale, while its adjustable straps ensure a tight seal against water infiltration. Its single lens offers excellent UV protection, top-notch color correction, and comes in a light blue to brighten the diver’s vision.

  • Wide field of view.
  • Comfortable, tight seal.
  • Superior color performance and protection. 
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Color Correction Scuba Masks

To truly appreciate the beauty of the vast underworld that is the ocean, a color correction scuba mask is a must-have in your gear. Color correction masks also stand over regular scuba masks in terms of optical protection and help to hide the diver’s eyes which may spook marine life.

We have reviewed the best color correction scuba diving masks on the market based on their specified features and customer feedback to help you streamline your choices. Now we will take it a step further and outline the factors you should consider when on the market for a color correction scuba mask before making a purchase.

Comfort and Fit

Perhaps the most important quality of any color correction scuba mask you’ll be getting, it must be very comfortable to wear. Your color correction scuba mask must fit snugly on your face – not too tight that it causes discomfort and not too loose that water leaks in. To ensure the best comfort, most color correction scuba masks feature medical-grade silicone skirts that deform slightly under strap pressure for a good seal. Your color correction scuba mask should also come with adjustable straps for the best fit on your face. Basically, you don’t want to be fondling with your mask underwater or struggling with leaks as these will ruin your diving fun. There should be no sharp edges and every part of the mask should be gentle on the skin.

Lens Design

The fun of scuba diving lies mainly in all the beauty you’ll be seeing, so your scuba mask lens is another very important factor to consider. Color correction scuba masks are valued for their corrective effects and thus the lenses must do just that. It should compensate for depreciating colors as you descend and enable a wide field of view.

Your scuba mask lenses must also be highly durable to withstand the high pressures of the seas with descent and serve you for many dives in both fresh and saltwater. The lenses of your scuba mask must also offer excellent UV protection and reduce glare to a minimum.

Mask Volume

The volume of any color correction scuba mask you are getting is another important consideration to make. The increasing pressure as you descend squeezes down on your color correction scuba mask, and to prevent this, your mask has to be equalized. The lower the volume in your mask, the lesser the air you need to balance or equalize the pressure. Larger, heavier color correction scuba masks might be uncomfortable for you and will require more air to equalize the pressure. You also don’t want a color correction scuba mask that is too small as this can squeeze on your nostrils and be uncomfortable.