5 Best Crochet Hair for Swimming (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Everyone knows that your hair is a very important part of your overall look, and crochets are a popular style today. And with crochet hair for swimming you can head to the pool or beachside, looking your best, and take a dive without messing up your beautiful locks. The ideal crochet hair for swimming should be lightweight, highly water-resistant, quick to dry, and tangle-resistant.

Best Crochet Hair for Swimming

To help you save some shopping time, we have compiled a list of our top five water-resistant crochet hair brands and their features. From this list, you would definitely find at least one that is suitable for you.

1. Ali Leader Crochet Braids

Alileader 6pcs Lot Box Braids Crochet Hair Crochet Box Braids Synthetic Hair Crochet Braids 22 Stran

Ali Leader crochets boast of having a natural look and feel, while also being soft to touch. A pack comes with six individual hairpieces, and the hair is easy to install. The waterproof fiber material can withstand high temperatures and it has no noticeable smell of its own.

  • Multiple color options are available.
  • Five different size options range from 12 inches to 30 inches.
  • It is lightweight.
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2. Re4U Twist Crochets

Spring Twist Hair Ombre, 18 Inch Senegalese Pre Twisted Spring Twists Crochet Hair Curl End Bomb Twi

This 18-inch long brand has been designed to be separated and installed with ease, and it weighs very little. It possesses a natural texture, does not tangle easily, and it is harmless to the skin. The waterproof material is silky and shiny, and it has a tight fit when it is installed.

  • It is smooth to touch.
  • It does not smell.
  • It comes in multiple colors.
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3. Ali Bling Wavy Crochet Braids

6 Packs Goddess Locs Crochet Hair Wavy Curly Faux Locs Crochet Braids Synthetic Hair Extensions Drea

These crochets from Ali Bling are smooth and neat and are made extra attractive by their curly ends. The waterproof crochet hair is individually pre-looped, and it comes with a latch hook which allows for easy installation. Also, there are a number of color options available for purchase.

  • It is lightweight.
  • It has unique curly ends.
  • The length is 18 inches.
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4. Tiana Passion Twist Crochet

Tiana Passion Twist Hair 10 Inch Pre Twisted Passion Twist Hair 7 Packs Ombre Braids Crochet Hair Pr

This very light brand consists of 7 packs of crochet hair, with each pack at a length of 10-inches, and 12 hair strands in each pack. It has a natural look and feel, as its overall texture is similar to human hair. The water-resistant hair is already twisted, so it is rather easy to install.

  • It has no smell.
  • It is mostly tangle-free.
  • There are multiple color options available.
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5. Dorsanee Passion Twist Crochet

7 Packs Passion Twist Hair 18 Inch Water Wave Synthetic Braids For Passion Twist Crochet Braiding Ha

Hand-made and soft, the Dorsanee crochets are one of the best synthetic hair products available in the hair market. The entire 18-inch length is neat, tight, and has a silky feel. The natural-like Bohemian curls are similar to human hair and are soft to the touch.

  • It is waterproof and safe for the skin.
  • It is durable and easy to maintain.
  • Comes with crochet needle and rings.
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Crochet Hair for Swimming Buying Guide

If you are a fan of artificial hair, then you are most likely familiar with crochets. They are compatible with basically every fashion style that you might want to adopt. With crochet hair for swimming you don’t have to worry about getting your hair wet as it’s highly water-resistant and will allow you to have all the fun while making a splash.

Our buying guide reviews the best crochet hair for swimming brands on the market based on their specified features and customer feedback to give you the best options to choose from. We then take it a step further and outline the factors you should consider before you make a purchase.


The longer your crochet hair for swimming will last without degradation, the better. The period of time that a pack of crochet hair remains functional mostly depends on the material that it is made from. The ideal crochet will not frizz or begin to lose color and shape for a very long time.

Generally, higher quality materials might result in crochets that are more expensive than others. At the end of the day however, your money will be well spent on a product that will last a long while.


Depending on the particular crochet style you want to flaunt, the length of the braids you purchase is quite important. If you are unsure of what length is required, you might need to consult a hairdresser for advice. The length of any product is always mentioned, so you can always make the right choice.


The ideal crochet brand should be easily fixed without any complex hassle. Some brands even have free crochet needles (latch hooks) and rings to help with the whole fixing process.


Buying the right colored crochets for you is quite important so that you can achieve a perfect look. Different hair colors match with different skin tones ranging from fair, to medium, to dark. The right color of hair for you can be gotten by consulting a professional or using online guides.