5 Best Decking Pads (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Moving around a boat should be safe and easy. Decking pads minimize the risk of slipping, and provide grip which allows a person to move confidently. The grip of the pads underfoot makes for safer entering and exiting the boat, even in wet conditions.

Best Decking Pads

Here are our decking pad reviews.

1. Abahub Non-Slip Traction Pad Deck Grip Mat

Abahub Non Slip Traction Pad Deck Grip Mat 30in X 20in Trimmable Eva Sheet 3m Adhesive For Boat Kaya

The Abahub Non-Slip Traction Pad is a premium quality pad which can be trimmed to fit any space required on a boat. It is made to be comfortable underfoot and the pads are good absorbers of weight to make long distance boating less strenuous.

  • Marine grade self adhesive backing
  • 3mm depth diamond grooves for anti-slip tracking
  • Available in 8 different colors
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2. OCEANBROAD Non-Slip Decking Pad Grip Mat

Oceanbroad 4 8 Pieces X (15in X 10in) Non Slip Deck Pad Grip Mat, 3m Adhesive Trimmable Eva Traction

The OCEANBROAD Decking Pad is built to withstand the wear and tear of boating. The pad is made from durable premium quality EVA pad and OCEANBROAD offer a money back guarantee if the decking pad does not satisfy.

  • Malleable and easy to trim for purpose fitting
  • Elasticized EVA foam for enhanced comfort
  • Strong marine grade adhesive backing
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3. CHURERSHINING EVA Teak Decking Sheet for Boat

Churershining Eva Teak Decking Sheet For Boat Yacht Marine Floor Carpet Non Slip And Self Adhesive

The CHERURSHINING Teak Decking Sheet combines comfort and practicality. The sheets are made from non-skid EVA for exceptional traction and maximum safety when moving around on the boat.

  • Simple peel-and-stick adhesive backing
  • Easy to cut down edges for precise manipulation
  • Available in 3 different colors
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4. Foammaker Non-Slip Boat Flooring Decking Pad

Foammaker Non Slip Boat Flooring Decking Pad, 6mm Thickness Eva Foam Faux Teak Marine Mat

The Foammaker Non-Slip Decking Pad gives a realistic look of teak without the cost and maintenance of installing real wood. The pads are built to last with a life expectancy of 3-5 years.

  • UV-Resistant and salt-water proof EVA foam Sheets
  • Self adhesive backing for easy and firm sticking
  • Available in 4 colors
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5. Foammaker 6mm Thick EVA Faux Teak Marine Embossed Floor Mats

Details Of 6 Mm Thick Grey 28 Inches X 98 Inches Eva Faux Teak Foam Marine Embossed Padding Synthet

The Foammaker Marine Embossed Floor Mats have a camouflage design and provide both comfort and traction. They are multi-purpose and can be used not only on boats, but in RV’s, swimming pools or gardens.

  • Marine grade EVA material
  • Easy to stick with self-adhesive backing
  • Available in two Marine embossed colors
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Decking Pad Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the right decking pad for your needs is an important investment. Thankfully, most decking pads are priced at $50 – $100. Design, durability and comfort are the three most important factors for you to consider. The decking pad will be under-foot on every journey you take on your boat, so you want it to be exactly suited to your needs.

Our buying guide reviews the best decking pads on the market so you can make the right decision when purchasing decking pads. Here are some features to look out for which are commonly included on most decking pads.


Decking pads need to be made from resilient materials that can handle the conditions of boating, travel or weather. EVA foam sheets are a common material used in decking pads. When you search for a decking pad, look out for UV-resistant materials to avoid sun damage and sea-salt water proofing if the pads are for boating. Some pads are elasticized to create a suspension underfoot which makes long journeys more comfortable for you.


Decking pads should be easy for you to apply. Most come with a self adhesive backing, so you just have to peel off the sticker and stick the pads down. The adhesive will provide a strong hold after a few minutes, so your backing will be ready to use in no time.


Decking pads need to provide adequate grip in order for you to walk safely. A pad with grooves will minimize the risk of slipping and is extra important if the pads are used on a boat because of water inevitably getting onto them. Certain pads are embedded with diamond shaped grooves. This will give you extra stability underfoot.


Decking pads are required to fit all kinds of shapes. This depends on your particular needs and the area which you require to apply the pads to. It is important therefore for you to get easy-to-trim decking pads if you need to manipulate them to fill an unorthodox space. Finding a decking pad that is both strong and malleable is a must.