5 Best Dock Bumpers (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Dock bumpers are vital for protecting a boat from impact of hitting a dock. A bumper is shock-absorbent and prevents damage caused by cruising into the dock too quickly or making a mistake when anchoring. Tires are sometimes used as makeshift dock bumpers but are not suitable for all boats.

Best Dock Bumpers

Here are our dock bumper reviews.

1. Taylor Made Products 26013 Comm Dock Side Guard

Taylor Made Products 26013 Comm Dock Side Guard

The Taylor Made Products Dock Side Guard is suitable for protecting all sizes of boats and docks. The bumper is 10ft long and built to withstand significant impact if required.

  • Made from quality marine grade resins
  • Commercial grade double molded for extra support
  • Made from 85 % recycled materials
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2. Dimex EasyFlex Plastic P-Profile Dock Edging

Dimex Easyflex Plastic P Profile Dock Edging

The Dimex Easy Flex Dock Edging is quick and easy to install to your dock. 16 ft of roll is included so the bumper is perfect for covering a large area of dock. It is easy to manipulate to fit different shapes if needed.

  • Commercial grade P-shape design with double cavity for added strength
  • Flat back and ledge top fits on all horizontal surfaces
  • Made with pigmented plastic for no color transfer onto boat
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3. Dock Edge + Inc. Premium PVC Dock Bumper Corner Edge Profile

Dock Edge + Inc. Premium Pvc Dock Bumper Corner Edge Profile

The Dock Edge + Inco Premium Dock Bumper is a versatile dock bumper which can fit onto either flat or curved surfaces. Its curved profile makes piling mounts easy, and it comes in a variety of colors and sizes to suit the dock.

  • UV inhibitors molded in
  • Premium marine grade PVC
  • Fungicides for enhanced preservation
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4. Attwood White One Size 93531-1 Corner Dock Fender

Attwood White One Size 93531 1 Corner Dock Fender

The Attwood Corner Dock Fender is ideal for covering corner areas of a dock and protecting the boat from collisions when pulling in. It is available in three styles depending on the shape of the dock.

  • Universal fit
  • Angled corner, round corner or slide on post available
  • 11.5 x 11.5 x 4.5 inches in dimension
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5. Dock Edge PVC ProTech Dock HD Protection

Dock Edge Pvc Protech Dock Hd Protection

The Dock Edge PVC Protech is a durable dock bumper. The guard is made to withstand heavy impact and so is suitable for a variety of boat sizes. It is available as a 16 inch corner piece or 12 inch straight piece.

  • Internal molded in ribs for added strength
  • Recessed mounting holes – no bolts exposed
  • Rounded edges for easy object deflection
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Dock Bumper Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a dock bumper that can withstand the impact of your boat is a necessity. With prices ranging from $20 – £100 there is a lot of varying quality on the market. It is worth investing in a good quality bumper to provide maximum protection to your dock and your boat. It also protects your dock from potential mistakes made by other boaters. Accidents happen, so it is wise to limit the damage.

Our buying guide reviews the best dock bumpers on the market allowing you to choose the right dock bumper for your boating needs. The following features are included on most bumpers and will help you to choose which features are appropriate for your boat.


Dock bumpers are made from a variety of materials. The cheaper options may be suitable if you have a smaller boat. These are usually made of plastic and will protect your boat from scratches and dock rash. Thick padded dock guards provide a good level of protection and are made from UV and tear resistant polyester which will last for years. More expensive options use high density, closed cell foam which is great for protecting larger boats from wear and tear.


The shape of the bumper you require will depend on the logistics of your dock. If you are likely to hit the corner of your dock, a corner fitted bumper would be a good idea. Hitting corners is one of the easiest ways to damage your boat especially in high winds. Post dock bumpers may be necessary if you are navigating slips against a strong current. Lay flat bumpers are less visible and less likely to interfere with lines or cleats.


Dock bumpers come in varying sizes to suit the measurements of your dock. It is important to leave a little give and take when measuring the dock finger, to ensure that you have enough edging to cover the length of your boat and minimize risk of damage.