5 Best Dock Cleats (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Mooring is a very important aspect of boating. It allows for temporary stops on a journey to appreciate surroundings or to hop off the boat and stretch your legs. A dock cleat provides stability to quickly secure lines, allowing for an efficient mooring process.

Best Dock Cleats

Here are our dock cleat reviews.

1. Simplified Living 6” Dock Cleats: Rough Cast Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron

Simplified Living 6” Dock Cleats Rough Cast Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 Pack

The Simplified Living Dock Cleats are strong dock cleats made from galvanized iron. They are built to withstand the weather with a rust proof design.

  • Bolt stays in place to allow securing the cleat with hexagonal hole
  • Wide footprint for extra strength
  • 6” and available in packs of 4, 8 or 16
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2. Thorn Dock Cleat Marine Stainless Steel Open Base

Thorn Dock Cleat Marine Stainless Steel Open Base

The Thorn Dock Cleat makes docking any boat simple. The dock cleat has an open base for an easy line tie-off and is great for mooring a variety of boats or kayaks.

  • Marine grade 326 stainless steel
  • Highly polished finish for corrosion resistance
  • Pack of 4 comes in 4”, 5”, 6” or 8” size
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3. Mxeol Boat Dock Nylon Cleats Black 

Mxeol Boat Dock Nylon Cleats Black 4 , 6 (4 Pack

The Mxeol Nylon Cleats are great for boats, kayaks and dock. They are made with high quality components and their black finish provides an alternative to the silver metal look of other dock cleats.

  • Open base cleats made from high quality nylon
  • Molded in recess in the base provides watertight seal
  • Pack of 4 available 4” or 6 ½ “ size
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4. Zujara 6 inch Dock cleats

Zujara 6 Inch Dock Cleats, 5 Pack Galvanized Iron Boat Cleat For Marine Or Decorative Applications

The Zujara 6 inch Dock Cleats are versatile cleats with a classic horn style. They can be used for boats, canoes, kayaks or dock.

  • Made of galvanized iron for rust, corrosion and weather resistance
  • Hexagonal hole recess for easy fitting
  • Base measures 2 x ¾ inches
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5. Dock Edge Dock Cleat, Galvanized

Dock Edge Dock Cleat,galvanized

The Dock Edge Dock Cleat is a strong dock cleat with a large bottom footprint for added reinforcement. It is suitable for all sizes of boats, and mounts to a flat surface.

  • Cast Hot Hipped and Galvanized Iron for anti-corrosion
  • Recessed mounting holes
  • Hexagonal hole shape for added security
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Dock Cleats Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right dock cleat for your boat is a very important decision. Thankfully, a good quality dock cleat can be purchased for a relatively cheap price of up to $20-$100. Don’t let the low price fool you; dock cleats are still a very important and underrated part of boating safely. A dock cleat will be used by you many times over so choosing one of good quality is imperative.

Our buying guide reviews the best dock cleats available on the market to make choosing the right one to suit your needs an easy, painless process. Below are some features which are worth looking out for when choosing the dock cleat for your boat.


Dock cleats will constantly be splashed by water and have to withstand all kinds of weather conditions. Consequently they are made from anti-rust and anti-corrosion materials. Stainless steel is the most expensive option, but you can be sure they will not rust or break. Nylon is a good option if you are on a tighter budget, although not as polished it is still robust and strong. Galvanized metal provides a cheaper alternative which will still do the job well.


Dock cleats come in a few different styles, all with slightly different qualities. Standard style dock cleats are the most common, straightforward and reliable. Pull up dock cleats are increasing in popularity because of their resistance to snags, but are more difficult to install. Zig Zag Dock cleats don’t require you to tie a knot, so may be worth looking at if speed and convenience are a priority for you.

Mounting Holes

A dock cleat should be quick and easy to install to your dock. Recessed mounting holes allow for secure fastening with little difficulty. Some cleats have hexagonal hole shapes for added security. Checking the screws and hardware needed for installation will save you time and effort.


This is fairly obvious, but the size of your boat will determine the size of the dock cleat required. You need a stable dock cleat that will comfortably handle the repeated weight. Most dock cleats come in varying sizes to suit your needs.