4 Best Electronic Charts for Fishing (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Electronic charts for fishing make navigating water bodies and finding your favorite fishing spots very easy. They work with GPS navigators and chart plotters to give you detailed vast marine topography data and are an integral part of every serious angler’s gear. The ideal electronic chart for fishing should be easy to install, greatly detailed, compatible with a host of GPS navigators and devices, and cover vast areas.

Best Electronic Charts for Fishing

To save you the shopping hassle, we have compiled a list of your top five electronic charts for fishing that all come with great features and will fit right into any angler’s needs.

1. Garmin Bluechart G2

Garmin Bluechart G2

First, on our list, the Garmin Bluechart G2 comes with data that covers the whole of the U.S, a vast number of lakes, islands, and the Alaskan gulf. It retains outstanding clarity across various zoom levels, smooth transition across borders, and includes fishing charts for popular hotspots. It also comes with a safety depth settings and comes in a universal SD card/micro SD card.

  • Vast U.S coast data.
  • Very detailed, comes with user-friendly features.
  • Easy to install.
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2. Navionics Plus Charts

Navionics Plus Charts

The Navionics plus is the ideal navigation chart for the angler and comes with a vast database spanning over 1,400 lakes. It comes with the user-updated SonarChartTM bathymetry map, is fishing-oriented with up to1 foot HD contours, and seamlessly integrates with it mobile app for daily updates. It comes with a ton of extra features, pre-loaded nautical and sonar data, and comes in a SD/MSD card for easy installation.

  • Very convenient to use.
  • Frequently updated for high accuracy.
  • Fishing-oriented data.
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3. Humminbird LakeMaster Plus

Humminbird Lakemaster Plus

The Humminbird LakeMaster Plus is an upgraded version and comes with crisp aerial photographs covering a vast number of lakes. Each map is detailed with highlighted depth ranges and contours, easy to read shadings, and is easily integrated with the SmartStrike to predict where fish will move next. It comes on a SD/MSD card and is compatible with a wide range of GPS-enable devices.

  • Crisp image quality.
  • Very convenient to use.
  • Highly compatible with different GPS systems.
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4. Raymarine Lighthouse NC2 Chart

Raymarine Lighthouse Nc2 Chart

The RayMarine Lighthouse NC2 comes with official charts covering a vast number of lakes and boasts of superior ease of navigation. It is especially suited to anglers as it highlights fishing hotspots and tips amongst over 150,000 data points of interest. It also highlights NOAA tide stations, tidal highs and lows, and comes on an SD card.

  • Vast database.
  • Excellent navigation aid.
  • Outlines fishing hotspots.
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Electronic Charts for Fishing Buying Guide

Electronic charts bring modern technology into fishing and allow anglers to conveniently locate their favorite fishing spots easily. They are also great educational items for newbie anglers who want to learn about the characteristics of various waterways and fishing hotspots.

Our buying guide reviews the best electronic charts for fishing on the market based on their specified features and tested performance to give you the best options to choose from. We then take it a step further to outline the particular factors you should consider and qualities you should look out for in an electronic chart for fishing before you make a purchase.


The first factor to consider before you purchase an electronic chart for fishing is its compatibility with whatever display you are using. Electronic charts run on either dedicated systems or GPS enabled devices with card slots. You should ensure that the encoded information can be deciphered by your device.

Data Size

The essence of electronic charts for fishing is the convenient data they contain of vast marine bodies. The more your electronic chart for fishing contains, the better. Some electronic charts contain information over particular families of marine bodies in a city, a state, or whole countries.

Image Quality

Your electronic chart should also give very detailed information on your display device. This is especially important for charts with maps in the form of aerial photographs and other media content. It should yield high-resolution content and should remain clear on different zoom levels. This will, however, directly the size of data and will require faster processing systems for the best results.


Electronic charts for fishing come at widely varying prices and your choice should depend on your budget. Charts containing more information and better display quality will generally be more expensive. If you, however, want to explore a small area, you can get charts with information specific to that region and will get more detail for a particular price.