10 Best Fish to Catch in Alabama

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This fishing season may have you all hyped up because the water bodies are nothing short of a treasure chest! You will find so many varieties of fish and such gems for which you have to wait all year long. So, if you are in Alabama currently or are traveling here, you are definitely taking home a big, heavy bag of fish.

Like every fisher, you must have your priority and favorite fish. So, to help you decide which fish you can expect to catch in Alabama, here is a review!

1. Sharks

This name alone must scare you to your core. It comes with a disclaimer that only pros should go for it. Though many people avoid catching a shark as it is a delicacy in many cultures, it is caught. If you are looking for a true challenge, then this is the fish you should go after.

2. Tuna

All sandwiches are incomplete without the perfectly cooked Tuna. So, if you too want to have delicious sandwiches, then catch the best Tuna here. The Gulf Coast is filled with yellow and Bluefin Tuna. You will see that yellowfins are slightly smaller and lean. But bluefins are fattier, larger, and are found in the deeper region. Both of these are considered to be a catch and a prize.

3. Swordfish

If you are an angler who wants a difficult challenge and want to assess his fishing skills, then this is the fish you should try to catch. Unlike all the other fish, this would not be handed to you on a platter. You would have to work for it and earn it. You would have to waste a lot of live bait. But once you do catch it, you can wave it like a trophy.

4. Black Bass

This fish is easily found in all of Alabama and is known as the redeye. You don’t need any fancy lures and baits to catch this fish as it is abundant. Just make sure that your fishing technique and skill are on-point.

5. Wahoo

As an angler, you would love to catch a fish that makes for a great filet. Because after a hectic day of fishing, you would love to award yourself with a great meal. If this is the case, then the fish that you should look for is Wahoo. This sleek and long fish has a very cool blue coat.

6. Cobia

This fish is packed with so many flavors that you wouldn’t resist catching one. This is kind of a must-have fish in your caught bucket. These fish are popularly caught because they make for a great trophy in fishing competitions, and they taste incredibly well. So, if you are an angler who can catch a fish of this girth, then go for it!

7. King Mackerel

This fish truly is the king of the water. With its razor-sharp teeth and intimidating look, it is quite difficult to catch this fish. It is not easy to fight and catch this fish because of its quick wit and high strength. You can easily spot this fish as it is practically roaming around the shore.

8. Red Snapper

You must have heard of this fish from Alabama because it is the staple fish here. This fish is perfect for beginner anglers who have amateur skills and want an easy catch. This fish varies greatly in size.

9. Amberjack

Like its name, this fish is highly unique. You cannot easily find it anywhere, but it is quite abundant in Alabama. These fish have a kind of metallic appearance, and they are as tough as a nail. They will bite on your bait, but they can easily resist your fight too. So, you may find these a lot in the bucket of anglers who are into game fishing.

10. Triggerfish

These fish may seem a little peculiar because of their thin bottom and tall body, but they are a good catch. These fish come in many colors, but grey is the most common one.


It doesn’t matter if you are near the coast and shore or are far into the deep blue waters; you will find plenty of fish to catch. Alabama, on the whole, is an ocean of fish. You can find so many varieties here that what we just mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg. You have so many more options to explore.

So, keep your fishing backpack ready, because this time you will be catching your favorite fish!


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