10 Best Fish to Catch in Alaska

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Alaska is home to a wide range of fish species. So, if you plan to polish your fishing skills or assess your reflexes, this is the place you must visit. But if you are after just one fish, then read the following guidelines and then see if that target is present in Alaska.

If yes, then you must pack a fishing bag because you will definitely come back home with a bag full of fish, ready to be grilled or smoked.

1. Arctic Grayling

Anglers can easily target this fish in Alaska as they are native to the river. These fish can be caught anywhere in Alaska, so you wouldn’t need to go places to find them. They will eat anything you put in front of them, so don’t waste time and money investing a hard-core, fancy bait. Live bait would do the magic.

2. Dog Salmon

Also known as the Chum Salmon, this fish has a unique appearance as it results from two colors blended. You can easily catch this fish via fly-fishing.

3. Northern Pike

Alaska is full of places where you could easily find pike. This fish varies in size, but it is around 25 to 35 inches in size on average. Try to fish for this species in the summer season as it is the breeding season. This fish is almost at all times quite hungry, so any kind of bait or lure you offer, there is a high chance that this fish will attack it. So, the odds might be in your favor.

4. Cutthroat Trout

This is the most popular fish found in the streams and lakes in Alaska. You can also find it in the southeast coastal region of the State. These are Alaska’s known gamefish as they are quite difficult to catch, and you need a sharp fishing technique and strategy to get a hold of them. They are easier to catch if you have a good grip over fly-fishing.

5. Rainbow Trout

Fishers from all across the country drive down to Alaska, mainly searching for this species of fish. This fish is popular among the native game fish and is more widely known as the steelhead trout. It is a challenge for anglers to reel in this fish as it resists with great strength, and man anglers lay down their arms against this fish.

6. King Salmon

King salmon is the crown jewel of Alaska as this State boasts an abundance of this premium fish. Alaska is filled with different kinds of Salmon, so you wouldn’t have any trouble locating this fish. The most sought kind of King Salmon is Chinook; fishers are after this mostly. This monstrous fish can weigh up to 120 pounds. Ensure that the fish you are reeling in has blue-green spots along its back; this means that you have caught the king of the water.

7. Dolly Varden

This fish is a kind of trout that is majorly found in lakes. If this is the fish species that you are looking for, then narrow down your fishing destinations to all the cold-water pools in Alaska. You can easily identify this fish as an olive-green, gray-colored fish. There are light yellow spots scattered all over its body, and it has a white belly.

8. Halibut

These fish are located at the bottom of the water bodies. This means that you have to put in a little extra effort to get a hold of them. You would also need to upgrade your fishing line and gear to ensure you can access this fish. You must anticipate a good fight if you desire to catch this fish as their resistance is quite tough to tackle. You must spare hours aside for this fish.

9. Coho Salmon

You may not recognize this fish by this name as it is more widely known as the silver salmon. It caught this name because of the silver shimmer on the skin of this fish. This makes it quite easy to detect amongst a crowd. It can weigh around 15 pounds on average, so it is a good catch. These are usually won by the commercial fishermen who have a sharp wit.

10. Sockeye Salmon

This is a relatively smaller fish in comparison to other salmon species. But people from all around the US are after this salmon species as it tastes good and is a popular choice in restaurants. It is also known as the red salmon as its flesh is bright red. Though this fish is relatively slimmer than others, it weighs around 7 pounds on average.


So, what are you waiting for now? With so many fish in Alaska, it is time to drive down there and have the fishing experience of a lifetime.


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