10 Best Fish to Catch in Arizona

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Fishing in Arizona is always more fun than you can expect. This place is home to so many incredible fishing destinations that it usually gets difficult to choose just one. So, if you are traveling to Arizona, make sure that you have packed your fishing gear and your other stuff because you will enjoy this fishing season there.

Though you must need to know what you are looking for. It can be super difficult to catch your target fish in Arizona because it is like a giant aquarium filled with a wide range of different fish.

1. Channel Catfish

You can easily detect this fish in a crowd because of its black spots and white belly. This fish has a smooth and scaleless skin, so it may just be perfect for anglers who catch and cook; a lot less effort for them. The quality of their meat is great as it is firm yet tender and delicious. But make sure you are packing effective bait like shrimp because it is a tricky thing to catch these smart fish.

2. Bigmouth Buffalo

These heavy-bodied fish are kind of non-native to Arizona. Their back is kind of olive-grey and has a copper reflection. Their belly is a pale yellow to white, which allows you to discern between this fish and the rest. This is a heavy fish and is kind of a trophy catch for a professional angler.

3. Bluegill

This name was awarded to this fish after observing that this fish has a blue coloring on its chin. It has a considerable smallmouth and a dark, prominent spot on its fin. This fish’s body is super compressed and flat, so don’t expect a lot of meat. You can easily catch this fish by presenting whatever lure or bait you have as they will eat anything.

4. Common Carp

This yellow-golden fish has dark spots on its body, so it can easily be detected. It is more commonly found in water bodies with more vegetation. Try opting for archery fishing if you are after this fish.

5. Green Sunfish

These fish are olive-green and have short fins. You can very easily recognize them because their black flap has kind of a red-orange border. These fish are found in warm waters, which is why they breed mainly in Arizona. These fish feed on almost everything you serve them, so you don’t have to shop for fancy lures and baits.

6. Flathead Catfish

This dark brown fish has been in Arizona for many decades now. Its broad head and small eyes help in identifying this fish from among a group. Its weight is more than much different small fish combined, so this one caught will suffice. You can easily catch the small flatter heads with a chicken liver or some worms.

7. Grass Carp

This greenish-silver fish has a thick body and is fattier than most fish. Its meat has a smooth, tender texture. You would require an effective bait to catch this fish.

8. Black Bullhead

This may be categorized as a small fish, so if you are looking to polish your fishing skills, you must aim for this fish. It is black, and it has yellowish sides. You can easily locate it and catch it as its resisting strength can easily be tackled. You can easily lure this fish using crickets and worms, so don’t invest in a premium bait.

9. Tiger Trout

This special fish is a unique hybrid cross between female Brook Trout and a male Brown trout. It is essentially gray, but it has a yellow-orange belly and square fins. You may have difficulty detecting it as it is not much different from the usually present fish. These are fish eaters, so try to get live bait when you are luring them.

10. Black Crappie

This fish is very easy to spot because of its irregular spots and black blotches. There are around eight spines on the dorsal fin of this fish. Its body is long but is kind of compressed and flattened. This fish is abundant in the waters of Arizona. But it can be a challenge to catch them; you may perceive it as fun because they do resist but are caught finally.


Arizona is truly blessed with so many different fish species that you get why so many anglers visit this place every fishing season. This time around, you will also come home happy while carrying a large bucket full of premium fish species.


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