10 Best Fish to Catch in Florida

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After a detailed geographical study, it was deduced that there are around 7700 lakes, rivers stretching over 10550 miles, and a shoreline of 2276 miles in Florida. This proves that Florida can be considered one of the top states for many reasons, but a prominent one is the fish treasury found here.

This state is home to so many different varieties of fish that you wouldn’t be able to remember or even recognize many of them. This place is abundant in the fish species that anglers are normally looking for. So, get the fresh, juicy meat for your upcoming dinner party by catching the perfect fish from Florida!

1. Snook

The snooks are those kinds of fish that grow at an increasing rate during the months of summer as the hot weather and other conditions are suited to their growth. These are strong predators, so don’t go easy on your fishing techniques while choosing to attack them. They are vicious, and they can easily rip your fishing line apart. This why many anglers fear coming to fish in Florida. But they are definitely worth all the effort and hype.

2. Grouper

This is kind of a generalized name for all of the deep-water fish species. For fishers, regardless of being interested in recreational or commercial fishing, find bottom fishing to be the toughest one. This is where this fish dwells. Anglers look specifically for this species because of their excellent taste.

3. Spotted Sea Trout

You may recognize these fish by the name of speckled trout. You can easily find this remarkable species in the shallow regions of rivers and estuaries. These fish will also give you a tough time while fishing because nothing can stand their ferocious attack of these fish, especially when they come onto you with their sharp canines in the upper jaw. This popular sportfish feeds mainly of tiny batfish and shrimp.

4. Sailfish

This fish is Florida’s known saltwater fish. This fish is often found in small groups of its population or alone, and this is why it is quite a challenge to land this fish.  The most interesting part about this fish is its elongated, high first dorsal fin. With the help of this, it can practice acrobatic jumps.

5. Tarpon

This fish is sometimes referred to as the “silver king of sports fish”. This label was awarded to this fish species after a lot of scrutiny as this fish is highly valued because of its great strength and ability to defeat even the best of anglers. This fish has a sharp wit, and it can easily respond to anglers’ strategies and tackle them.

6. Panfish

This is a generic name that is used to describe a different number of fish species. The most commonly included fish species are spotted Sunfish, bluegill, redbreast sunfish, redear Sunfish, and warmouth. If you are a beginner angler, then look for these fish in the waters of Florida.

7. Mackerel

In this category, both the king mackerel and the smaller version, Spanish mackerel, are included. These fish are popular in the nearby regions and countries like Mexico and Brazil, so this fish’s demand is over the roof.

8. Red Drum

These fish are also known as the redfish. You might easily confuse this fish with the black drum, so look out for the distinguishing feature: redfish lacks a chin, and its body is longer and flattened. Some red drum fish also have several spots on their body, before the tail. This fish has been over-fished in the waters of Florida, so now they are being conserved. You can easily find these fish in shallow regions of salt or brackish water.

9. Snapper

This offshore species has a pinkish to red color. Its pointed anal fin differentiates it from other fish species of the snapper family. Red snapper is considered one of the finest and most premium quality food fish found in Florida waters.

10. Largemouth Bass

You can call this fish the Official Freshwater Fish of Florida. Anglers from all across the country especially catch this fish as it is high in demand because of its delicious filets. Fishers from all over the world are crazy about the 10-pound bass found here. These fish will eat almost anything that you put in front of it.


So, it’s time for you to pack your fishing bag because you are flying up to Florida to fish for some exotic and delicious fish because of the fishing season. This will be an experience of a lifetime because Florida never fails to amaze!


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