10 Best Fish to Catch in Idaho

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Idaho is a well-known place for its glittering rivers, amazing lakes, beautiful streams, and vast reservoirs that attract ardent anglers with the possibility of diverse fishing experiences. The beautiful water bodies in Idaho are famous for the abundant population of fish species such as brown trout, trout, Chinook salmon, steelhead, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and pike or walleye. Come spring, summer, and fall, the much-covered king salmon (steelhead) thrives on several Idaho Rivers. The people are advised to check the Snake River or any waterways to catch the best fish for their advantage.

1. Pan-Fish

Pan-Fish is an edible freshwater fish mainly found in the famous Teton River and Henry’s Lake of Idaho. The anglers frequently visit these water bodies to catch Idaho’s best fish for recreational and commercial use to gain an advantage from fishing this widely liked fish in North America.

2. Muskie

The Muskie fish is a species of freshwater fish native to North America. It is the best fish which is caught in Idaho. The fishermen spend hours and days catching this testiest fish to contribute their part to the state’s economy. Moreover, this fish is widely distributed across North America.

3. Steelhead

Steelhead is a name given to the anadromous form of the coastal rainbow trout or redband trout. The steelhead is native to freshwater and ocean environments across North America. Steelhead migrates to spawn during the summer months and the winter months. Moreover, the fishermen across the state catch this fish for both recreational and commercial purposes.

4. Chinook salmon

Chinook Salmon is the most popular fish of Idaho. Besides, it is the tastiest fish, often caught by anglers in Teton River Basin and other water bodies like the Snake River. The anglers catch this fish because it is rich in protective antioxidants, minerals, and nutrients. Along with this, it is also an outstanding source of vitamins and high-quality protein (including potassium and vitamin B12).

5. Mountain whitefish

Mountain Whitefish is a freshwater fish. The anglers catch these nutrients rich fish for recreational and commercial activities. This fish is widely distributed across America because it is a good vitamin B12 and rich in omega-3 and protein.

6. White Sturgeon

White Sturgeon fish is an anadromous fish species caught in a large number in the Teton River, Henrys Lake, and Snake River in Idaho. Besides this, it is also found in Eastern Pacific, California. This fish is extremely tasty and abound in nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids, which have amazing health benefits.

7. Catfish

Catfish is the most famous catfish species across North America. Most people like this fish; therefore, fishers catch this fish in Idaho. Its popularity is being judged by its wide range of distribution across America for food purposes. Above all, catfish is packed with healthy fats, nutrients, vitamins, protein, and minerals. So plan a trip here to catch the best fish in the state.

8. Trout

Trout is the most liked fish by people found in Teton River and Henrys Lake in Idaho. People like to eat these nutrients rich fish to get benefits from them. Furthermore, trout is a remarkable protein source, omega-3 fatty acids, niacin, and vitamin B12. Therefore, it is being caught in Idaho because it is considered an amazing seafood source for a healthy diet.

9. Walleye

Walleye is the most popular fish in Idaho. It is found in the Teton River, Snake River, and Henrys Lake. It is believed to be the most liked fish by anglers for recreational and commercial activities. Besides this, it is full of protein, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, minerals, healthy fats, and omega-6 fatty acids.

10. Crappie

Crappie is one of the best fishes caught by fishermen in all famous water bodies in Idaho. This fish is widely distributed in Idaho and North America for recreational, commercial, and household purposes. Besides this, most people eat Crappie simply because this has a good fish taste and full of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and minerals.


The anglers are advised to visit the beautiful and pristine water bodies in Idaho to catch those mentioned above the top 10 fish for recreational and commercial purposes.


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