10 Best Fish to Catch in Kansas

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People usually go to Kansas for fishing and relaxing. Apart from the densely populated waterways, Kansas’ view and landscape are so breath-taking that one cannot resist fishing and soaking in the view. But that is not the only reason why anglers come back from Kansas so happy and fully satisfied. Another reason is the quality and quantity of fish there.

Kansas is home to so many fish species, and they are so diverse that you get plenty of opportunities to choose from as an angler. It doesn’t mean that fish are also served on a plate; you have to work hard to catch your target. Let us review the most commonly available fish!

1. Blue Catfish

You may know this fish as the Fulton or white cats, or blue channels. It has earned so many names because this fish, without a doubt, is like the king of the water. Now, this may be a big fish to catch, as it weighs more than 150 pounds, but your best chances are to catch it in Kansas. The water will work in your favor here.

2. Common Carp

Some anglers are reluctant to go after this fish as catching it can be a real chore. They have the remarkable fighting ability, so be prepared for a fight if you intend to catch these. But the reward will be worth it as their meat is super juicy and firm. These fish will bite on earthworms, too, so don’t invest much in getting a fancy bait. Just brush up on your skills.

3. Flathead Catfish

As an angler, this fish must be on the top of your target list because, on average, it can weigh more than 50 pounds. Though it may be the crown catch for you, it doesn’t come that easily. You must have sharp fishing skills and quick wit. These are usually found in the deep waters of Kansas. These fish prefer live bait, so make sure you get the best one.

4. Freshwater Drum

Also known as the white perch, this fish is found in the big rivers of Kansas. Try to use natural baits instead of artificial ones if you are planning on catching this fish. After you have caught it, a helpful tip is that take care of it properly because it loses its taste and flavor quickly.

5. Crappie

This fish is more widely known as the calico bass in Kansas. You may think of it as the local name because of its abundance. You can easily fish for this species in deep water bodies as they dwell mainly there. The best way to catch this fish is via employing a light action rod and a perfectly hooked minnow. This trap will do just fine.

6. White Bass

This striped bass and abundant in large water bodies. Try to go after these fish in the summer season when the water is clear and calm and steady. This fish classifies as a typical sportfish, so try to lure it with an effective bait like an artificial lure or a small minnow.

7. Bullhead Catfish

You will be surprised to see the wide and diverse range of catfish species here. One of the salient species in this family is this fish. Also known as the yellow cat, bullhead catfish is mainly found in sluggish backwaters. You can easily lure it with insects and worms as they are good bitters. It isn’t that challenging to bag these fish.

8. Largemouth Bass

It will not be incorrect to say that this is the favorite fish of anglers. Not much effort, but rewards are great. Try to aim for banks and wing dikes if you are after this fish species. If you plan to visit Kansas in winters, try to go for Deepwater fishing as the largemouth bass settles there in cold temperatures.

9. Walleye and Sauger

These two fish are the most popular sportfish in all of Kansas. The rivers are filled with these species in winters, so go after them then. Make sure you hook up a good bait and opt for an effective fishing technique.

10. Channel Catfish

This is the most easily and frequently caught fish in all of Kansas. It doesn’t require any fancy lures or top-notch fishing techniques. The beginners should try catching this fish.


It was quite difficult to boil down the list to just ten fish because Kansas is home to so many different fish species. So, now you have to prove your fishing skills and your sharp wit by catching the fish here because they will give you a tough time for sure!


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