10 Best Fish to Catch in Nebraska

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Like most US states, Nebraska is also full of amazing waters and numerous fishing opportunities for the anglers. From small ponds to lakes and rivers, this state always offers to the anglers around. Moreover, along with having great fishing spots, this state also has a list of amazing fish species, including largemouth bass, spotted bass, smallmouth bass, pumpkinseed sunfish, and much more.

In this article, we have picked the 10 best fishes to catch in Nebraska. So, let’s know about each of these fish species.

1. Walleye

Nebraska is considered a treasure for walleye fishing. You will find these fish species in the waters of this state throughout the year. However, the usage of bait might differ based on the time of year you are fishing in. Like fishing in spring, it is better to use small jigs, plastic worms, and small crankbaits. Moreover, to enhance your catch, you must use trolling technique to catch walleye.

2. Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass

You will find different types of bass fish species in the state, mainly largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. To maximize your catch, you must head to the waters equipped with these species. Some famous spots for bass fishing in Nebraska are Calamus Reservoir, Box Butte Reservoir, Lake Wanahoo, Davis Creek Reservoir, Pawnee Lake, Johnson Lake, Elwood Reservoir, and more.

3. Crappie

The Nebraskan waters are also famous for the population of crappie. The types of crappie found in this state are specifically white and black crappie. Moreover, some famous waters where you can catch crappie are Johnson Lake, Bluestem Lake, Hugh Butler Lake, Oliver Reservoir, Elwood Reservoir, Jaffery Lake, Red Willow Reservoir, Whitney Lake, Pawnee Lake, Harlan County Reservoir, Medicine Creek Reservoir, and Branched Oak Lake, etc.

4. Trout

Another amazing fish species found in Nebraska is trout. Major types of trout that can be caught in this state are brook trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, and cutthroat. These species are found in almost all of the local streams and lakes throughout the state. However, some famous waters to target trout are Fremont Lake, Grove Lake, Pawnee Park Lake, Ord City Lake, Crystal Cove, etc.

5. Catfish

While talking about fish species in Nebraska, how can one ignore the great catfishes here? The popular catfishes include channel, blue, and flathead. Due to the abundance of catfishes here, you can easily fulfill the dream of catching your favorite catfish in the waters here like Elwood Reservoir, Lake Minatare, Conestoga Lake, Box Butte Reservoir, Lake Ogallala, Glenn Cunningham Lake, and the list does not exhaust here.

6. Stripers

Stripers are another remarkable type of bass fish found in this state. You will find two types of stripers here the normal and the hybrid. However, there are only a few spots throughout the state where you can target stripers. Namely, Elwood Reservoir, Hugh Butler Lake, Sutherland Reservoir, and Enders Reservoir. Head to these places and try your luck of catching stripers.

7. Sunfish

Sunfish is another famous attraction for fishing enthusiasts here. The types include bluegill, hybrid sunfish, spotted sunfish, green sunfish, pumpkinseed sunfish, yellow perch, and redear sunfish. The water bodies in Nebraska are full of these species. However, some popular locations include Harlan County Reservoir, Calamus Reservoir, Lewis and Clark Lake, Lake Maloney, Sherman Reservoir, Red Willow Reservoir, Enders Reservoir, Harry Strunk Lake, and Swanson Reservoir, etc.

8. Salmon

The delicious salmon is also one of the most caught fishes in this state. You will find a good amount of chinook salmon in the waters here. Two waters that are mainly famous for their salmon population are Lewis and Clark Lake and Lake McConaughy. You can also find some other types of salmon here, like kokanee and coho salmon.

9. Muskie

Muskie is one of the hard to catch fishes here. However, it is still considered one of the precious fish species in this state. There aren’t plenty of waters where you can find muskie. However, if you are a true enthusiast, you must go to the Merritt Reservoir, where the state recorded muskie was caught by an angler years ago.

10. Northern Pike

Northern pike might not be found in almost all waters like walleye and bass etc. But you can still find a good catch. If you want to target the northern pike this fishing season, you must plan a fishing trip to Terry’s Pit with a state record.


This state might not have some great attractions for the tourists, but it surely has some anglers. So, planning a fishing trip here is a must thing.


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