10 Best Fish to Catch in Nevada

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Nevada is equipped with some major fishing opportunities for the anglers. It is home to around 600 rivers and streams and 200 reservoirs and lakes. It provides great fishing lands to anglers here. You can catch some of your favorite fish species here, including some major game fishes like bluegill, brook trout, channel catfish, and more.

In this article, we have provided some details of the 10 best fishes to catch in Nevada. So, let’s study some brief details of these fish species.

1. Bluegill

Bluegill is famous fish species in the southern and northwestern region of Nevada. The waters in these regions have a great population of this fish. These are found in bright purple, light, and dark blue colors. These species often have smallmouth with a big and deep body. It is one of the freshwater species found in freshwater ponds and lakes throughout the state.

2. Trout

Nevada is also known for its different trout types, with the major ones like bull trout, brown trout, and brook trout. All of these species are found in abundance here. The brook trout are found in a range of colors, including blue-gray, black, and orange colors, while the color of brown trout is evident from its name. However, both the brown and bull trout have dots on their backs. Moreover, you can also find cutthroat trout here, but the population is lesser than the other trout types.

3. Bullhead

Bullheads are one of the most liked game fishes in this state. The anglers here consider it as one of their favorite catches. This fish has a slightly forked tail and rounded lobes. They are often found in black, dark brown, and dark olive colors with the bottom colored white, greenish-white, or yellow. Bullheads can be found in almost all of the reservoirs and farm ponds throughout the state.

4. Channel Catfish

The Channel Catfishes are popular for their deeply forked tails. They have pointed lobes and barbells in their upper jaws and chins. These species can be found in reservoirs and streams which has warm water. Additionally, the southern and northwestern part of Nevada is famous for their high population of channel catfish.

5. Crappie

Along with being a great game fish, crappie is also beautiful looking. It is often found in silver-olive color with plenty of dark green and black splotches on two sides. The snout in these fishes is turned up, and the forehead is dished. Crappie can be found in Nevada’s warm waters, especially the lakes and reservoirs with comparatively warm water.

6. Green Sunfish

Each scale on the body of Green Sunfish is flecked with emerald green and yellow. It has olive-green sides and back, while the belly has a brassy or yellowish copper color. Additionally, the green sunfish also has a short and compressed body, especially from the sides. The only thing that differentiates this from the other types of sunfishes is its stiff bone of gill cover.

7. White Catfish

The White Catfish has a grayish body while its bottom is white. Nevada has various spots where you can target white catfish, such as Willow Creek Reservoir, Lahontan, Humboldt River, and more. Head to these locations to fill up your catch list with some white catfishes.

8. Kokanee

Kokanee has a silver color, and they often spawn during fall. During spawning, this fish species change their color and turn red. Their unique color is a great advantage to the anglers as they make it easy to identify and catch. To catch Kokanee, it is better to head towards Lake Tahoe. You will find a good catch there.

9. Bass

Bass is one of the most common fishes and is found in almost all states and waters. Nevada’s types of bass include largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, spotted bass, striped bass, and white bass. You can find this bass in various reservoirs and lakes in the state, with some popular ones like Rye Patch, Dry Creek Reservoir, Humboldt River, Wall Canyon Reservoir, Wild horse Reservoir, and more.

10. Walleye

Walleye is also one of the favorite catches of anglers in Nevada. You can find this fish in large quantities in the waters here. Some popular waters for fishing walleye include Chimney Reservoir, Lahontan Reservoir, Rye Patch Reservoir, and Humboldt River.


Head to any water in Nevada, and you will always end up having a catch. So, this fishing season, look no further to catch some of your favorite fishes because you will have them all in Nevada.


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