10 Best Fish to Catch in New Hampshire

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Fishing can be truly fun if you know your exact target. However, most of the beginning anglers are not well aware of what they are targeting and specific states famous for in terms of fish species. For those belonging to New Hampshire, we have made your search easier.

We have picked 10 best fishes to catch in New Hampshire. So, next time when you plan to fish, you know your target. Let’s study the details of all of these fish species one by one.

1. Trout

The waters in New Hampshire are full of trout. You can find a wide range of trout here, with the major ones being brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, and lake trout. These are cold-water species; that’s why they are mostly found in the cold waters especially those with the temperature below 68 degrees throughout the state. These can be easily caught using any fishing technique.

2. Landlocked Salmon

The Landlocked Salmon is an ocean fish. However, these are also found in the lakes in New Hampshire. The large lakes with lower temperatures are home to these amazing fish species. The best season to catch landlocked salmon starts from spring and ends in September. So, you have a good time catching some of them. However, it is better to use wobblers, sewn-on baits, and trolled spoons for catching them.

3. Whitefish

The New Hampshire waters are equipped with two specific whitefish types, i.e., round whitefish and lake whitefish. These are inhabitants of cold, clear, and deep lakes with shallow waters. You do not have to wait for specific months to catch them because these fish species can be caught all-year-round. You can also catch them while ice fishing.

4. Bass

No matter which state you fish in, you will find some types of bass. New Hampshire is famous for its smallmouth and largemouth bass. There are various waters around the state where you can catch a good amount of bass. Especially if you are fishing in open places. The bass’s common baits are live baits, and plastic worms are considered the best baits for maximizing bass catches.

5. Pickerel

Pickerel is one of the warm-water fish species. You can mostly find it in the waters with 80-90 degrees of temperature. Pickerels are often hard to catch because they hide in weeds and do not choose to move around for their meal. Choose open water areas to catch these species. You will surely have a great catch there.

6. Horned Pout (Brown Bullhead)

The common name for horned pout is brown bullhead. They are often found in the small lakes, ponds, and slow regions of rivers and streams around New Hampshire. Especially, the waters with muddy bottoms with more than 90-degrees temperatures contain a good amount of these fish species. These are famous for surviving hard situations. Choose early morning, evenings, and nights for a fishing horned pout. These are rare to catch when the sun is properly out.

7. White Perch

White perch are known to be a tough target. They have great resistance and fishing ability when hooked. However, you can easily catch them if you have the proper expertise. These are often found in the shallow waters throughout New Hampshire. You can use any baits to attract them, including pork rind, live minnows, spoons, and more.

8. Northern Pike

The northern pike is one of the dream catches of almost every angler. In some states, you will hardly find this. However, New Hampshire has a good quantity of these species. These are voracious predators. To catch them, it is better to use original species like frogs, muskrats, ducklings, etc. You can find these in the weedy, quiet, and shallow water areas.

9. Walleye

Some waters in New Hampshire is full of walleyes. They are found in almost all of the clean waters and are considered one of the anglers’ trophy-winning catches. You can use trolling and casting techniques to maximize your catches and fill-up your basket with the most desired fish in the state.

10. Black Crappie

Black Crappie is a new addition to the fish species in New Hampshire. These are found only in some major water bodies, specifically in the state’s southern region, especially in the weedy and quiet areas of ponds, streams, and lakes.


The fish mentioned above species are 10 of the best ones found in the state. Knowing about different fish species will be of great help for your next fishing trip.


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