10 Best Fish to Catch in Ohio

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Ohio is home to around 50000 ponds and lakes, 7000-miles of streams, and exceptionally large inland waters. These waters are filled with a wide range of fish species. From prize-winning northern pike to crappie and catfish, you will find almost all types of species in this state.

In this article, we have listed the ten best fish to catch in Ohio. These fishes are considered some of the favorites of the anglers here. The next time you plan a fishing trip, you know the famous waters for specific types of fish species.

1. Crappie

The waters in Ohio are filled with both the white and black crappie. There are numerous bodies of water that have a large population of crappie. Some of the most populated ones are Slat Fork Lake, Eat Fork Lake, Lake Erie, Piedmont Reservoir, Portage Lakes, Charles Mill Lake, Burr Oak Lake, Grant Lake, Spenser Lake, Veto Lake, Delaware Lake, Indian Lake, La Due Lake, and much more.

2. Salmon

Another famous fish species in Ohio are Salmon. This state hosts only one type of salmon, i.e., Coho salmon. Additionally, unlike crappie, there is no wide list of waters offering salmon; there only a few locations where anglers visit to catch salmon. These are Lake Erie and Tributaries. However, you can find a good amount of salmon there.

3. Walleye

Walleye are often found in the rivers flowing into the lakes throughout the state. These are also some of the most populated fish species in Ohio. The list of spots with walleye fishing opportunities is very large. However, some major locations are Pleasant Hill Lake, LaDue Reservoir, Indian Lake, Buckeye Lake, Caesar Creek Lake, Lake Lecomte, Lake Erie, Rocky Fork Lake, Seneca Lake, West Branch Lake, Alum Creek, and Buck Creek Lake, etc.

4. Saugeye

Saugeye are also found in abundance in this state. The famous bodies of waters that entertain plenty of saugeye are Willard Reservoir, Rocky Fork Lake, Lost Creek Reservoir, Indian Lake, Grand Lake St. Marys, Hoover Reservoir, Caesar Creek Lake, Buck Creek Lake, Paulding Reservoir, Berlin Lake, CJ Brown Reservoir, Seneca Lake, Lake Milton, and more.

5. Striper

Stripers are found in the saltwater fisheries throughout the state; however, these fish species move towards the spawning’s freshwater bodies. Ohio is home to only a few water bodies with a good quantity of stripers; these locations are West Branch Lake, East Fork Lake, Senecaville Lake, Buckeye Lake, Lake Erie, and Charles Mill Lake. Head to any of these waters, and you will always get a catch.

6. Catfish

Ohio contains two major types of catfish, i.e., channel catfish and flathead catfish. Due to large bodies of water, this state also has a large quantity of these fish species. These are found in almost all lakes, rivers, reservoirs, streams, etc., including Buck Creek State Park, Indian Lake, Leesville Lake, Charles Mill Lake, Findlay Lake, Caesar Creek State Park Lake, Salt Fork Lake, Tappan Reservoir, and more.

7. Bass

Like most other states, the bass is one of the highly common fish species in Ohio. The types of bass found here include smallmouth bass, spotted bass, and largemouth bass. In contrast, the water bodies with good bass quantity are Alum Creek Lake, Clear Fork Reservoir, Rocky Fork State Park, Tappan Reservoir, Hoover Reservoir, Portage Lakes, Cowan Lake, and Lake Hodgson, etc.

8. Panfish

Some major types of panfish in Ohio are hybrid sunfish, longear sunfish, bluegills, redear sunfish, green sunfish, whiter perch, white bass, rock bass, and yellow perch. Moreover, the popular water bodies for targeting panfish are Indian Lake, Rocky Form Lake, Charles Mill Lake, Caesar Creek Lake, Mosquito Lake, Salt Fork Lake, Buck Creek Lake, Lake Erie, and more.

9. Trout

Ohio has three major types of trout which are lake trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout. These are also found in abundance in various locations here. The locations with a higher quantity of trout are Sycamore State Park Lake, Rush Run Lake, Lake Erie, Petros Lake, Tawawa Lake, Yoctangee Park Lake, Foundation Park Pond, Eyman Park Ponds, Olander Lake, and Rose Lake, etc.

10. Miscellaneous Species

Some other miscellaneous fish species in Ohio include bowfin, muskie, longnose gar, chain pickerel, tiger muskie, and northern pike. These fish species can be found in lake Milton, Grand Lake St. Marys, East Fork Lake, Rocky Fork Lake, Cowan Lake, Buck Creek Lake, and much more.


Ohio makes the best spot for anglers both in terms of water and fish species. We won’t be wrong to state it as the heaven of anglers.


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