10 Best Fish to Catch in Oklahoma

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Oklahoma contains some of the most amazing fishing destinations for anglers. It offers some great fishing opportunities to both the beginning and expert anglers. This state has some great location for the anglers to explore, with each spot is filled with a wide range of fish species, including bass, crappie, sunfish, carp, catfish, and much more.

Our 10 best-picked fishes to catch in Oklahoma are listed in this article. We have provided brief details of these species, including the water bodies they are mostly found in.

1. Walleye

The state of Oklahoma has a walleye record of around 12 lbs. There are numerous fishing spots where anglers can easily catch walleye. These include Pine Creek Lake, Lake Altus Lugert, Great Salt Plains, Sardis Lake, Webber Falls Reservoir, Lake Eufaula, Tom Steed Reservoir, Foss Lake, Lake Stanley Draper, Sooner Lake, Kaw Lake, Waurika Lake, Lake Carl Blackwell, and more.

2. Sauger

Sauger is also found in various locations throughout the state. The state recorded sauger weighed around 5 lbs. The most sauger populated places are Lake Ellsworth, Grand Lakes of Cherokees, Lake Lawtonka, Lake Hefner, Robert S Kerr Reservoir, Pine Creek Lake, Keystone Lake, Sooner Lake, Kaw Lake, Lake Murray Lake Eufaula, Lake Carl Blackwell, Oologah Lake, Lake Stanley Draper, Lake Altus-Lugert, and Lake Ellsworth, etc.

3. Saugeye

To catch saugeye, look no further because the lakes filled with walleye and sauger also mostly contain a good population of saugeye too. Some popular spots for catching saugeye include Kaw Lake, Great Slat Pains Lake, Waurika Lake, Lake Stanley Draper, Lake Carl Blackwell, Lake Eufaula, Foss Lake, Broken Bow Reservoir, Fort Gibson Reservoir, and Canton Lake, etc.

4. Catfish

Oklahoma is home to three major types of catfish. These are blue catfish, channel catfish, and flathead catfish. There are plenty of water bodies where anglers can search for these fish species, such as Keystone Lake, Lake Hudson, Hugo Lake, Fort Cobb Reservoir, Sooner Lake, Fort Gibson Lake, Oologah Lake, Lake Texoma, McGree Creek Reservoir, Waurika Lake, Sardis Lake, Tom Steed Reservoir, Lake Ellsworth, and much more.

5. Crappie

Crappie is another famous attraction of the anglers in Oklahoma. This state is home to a good population of black and white crappie. Some famous fisheries for catching both types of crappies are Waurika Lake, Lake Wiser, Lake Eucha, Foss Lake, Lake Texoma, Sooner Lake, Broken Bow Lake, Tom Steed Reservoir, Lake Overholser, Fort Gibson Lake, Lake Murray, Tenkiller Lake, and Lake Wister, etc.

6. Stripers

The state of Oklahoma has many spots where you can target stripers, mainly hybrid stripers, and normal stripers. These fish species are found in the major lakes, including Fort Cobb Reservoir, Great Salt Plains Lake, Lake Eufaula, Hugo Lake, Keystone Lake, Skiatook Reservoir, Lake Texoma, Canton Lake, Lake Overholser, Webber Falls Reservoir, Lake Konawa, and Lake Carl Blackwell, etc.

7. Bass

Bass is one of the most common fish species in this state. You can find three major types of bass here, i.e., largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, and spotted bass. All the major lakes in Oklahoma are home to a good quantity of bass. Some famous water bodies for the bass population are Lake Murray, Lake Hudson, Lake Texoma, Sardis Lake, Broken Bow Reservoir, Hulah Lake, Lake Eucha, Lake Lawtonka, Sooner Lake, and more.

8. Panfish

Panfish are also found in abundance throughout the state. The common types of panfish here include bluegill, hybrid sunfish, green sunfish, white bass, paddlefish, longnose gar, and redear sunfish. While the major water bodies for panfish are Keystone Lake, Lake Wister, Sardis Lake, Waurika Lake, Sooner Lake, Tom Steed Reservoir, Lake Ellsworth, Foss Lake, and Great Salt Plains Lake, etc.

9. Trout

The waters in Oklahoma are always stocked with trout. So, you will never be out of catch here. However, only a few water bodies are home to many of these species like Blue River, Sunset Lake, Lake Watonga, Lake Perry Park, Medicine Park, Tenkiller Lake, lower Illinois River, and Lower Mt. Fork River, etc.

10. Northern Pike

Northern pike is not found in plenty here. There are only a handful of water bodies that offer northern pike. These locations are Fort Gibson Reservoir, Lake Carl Blackwell, Broken Bow Reservoir, Lake Texoma, Sardis Lake, Lake Murray, Hugo Lake, Lake Eufaula, Skiatook Reservoir, Keystone Lake, Oologah Lake, Kaw Lake, Grand Lakes, Webber Falls Lake, Tenkiller Lake, and Waurika Lake, etc.


The fishes mentioned above are the top ones in the state; however, you can also find other species that will not disappoint you.


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