10 Best Fishes to Catch in Hawaii

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The watery state of Hawaii is full of amazing fishing opportunities for anglers. From wild to eatable fish species, you can catch some of the dreamiest fishes here. This is because of the plenty of waters in the state where people can fish, swim, and enjoy all water activities.

Moreover, like all other states, Hawaii also has some major fish species. In this article, we have listed down the ten best fishes to catch in Hawaii. So, let’s discuss these fishes and some of their specialties.

1. Ahi

Ahi is also known as the yellowfish tuna. This fish is one of the highly prized ones. It is famous fish in both cooked and sashimi. You can identify Ahi due to its unique design. It has bright yellow finlets and dual dorsal fins. The largest recorded fish in Hawaii weighs 325 lbs. The peak season for this fish starts in May and ends in September.

2. Aku

Aku is another desirable fish species among Tuna. It is also called Skipjack Tuna. Aku is one of the hardest to catch fishes because they have special soft issues around their jaws, which helps them fight well. The fishing season for Aku starts in May and ends in September. So, pack your fishing equipment too if you are planning a trip to Hawaii.

3. Pacific Blue Marlin

Pacific Blue Marlin is one of the fishes you can target all year round in the Hawaiian waters. The average weight of these fishes is 200 lbs. While the largest catch in Hawaii recorded a huge weight of 1805 lbs. The best fishing method you can use for Pacific Blue Marlin is live bats and trolling.

4. Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin is considered one of the prize-winning catches among the sport fishers, and you can find plenty of them in Hawaii. These fishes are famous for their higher resistance when hooked. So, to catch them, you have to have great experience angling. Otherwise, you will miss your catch. The highest recorded Blue Marlin in Hawaii is 40.8 lbs.

5. Black Marlin

The Black Marlin is one of the rarest fish species in Hawaii, but you will surely find your catch if you are an enthusiast. The Black Marlin does not have a specific season; it is hard to find fish species throughout the year. However, you have to search hard for them. The state has a record of 1205 lbs catch.

6. Mahi Mahi

Mahi Mahi, also known as the Dolphin Fish and Dorado. These are easy to identify due to their color. They have a hump on the head. These are some of the most delicious fishes and favorite of many. It is also used in most of the Hawaiian cuisine and is part of the tradition there. The Hawaiian record of Mahi Mahi is 82 lbs.

7. Broadbill Swordfish

Broadbill Swordfish is one of the reasons why people love Hawaii for fishing. It is a night fish. To catch them, you must use a light stick. The best season for them is between May and September. These are found in abundance in the northwestern region of Hawaii. Go to any island there, and you will always find a catch for yourself.

8. Wahoo

Wahoo, also recognized as Ono, can be caught using trolling technique of fishing. These fish species have tube-looking and slender face and mouth with a long body shape. These are also found in large amounts in the waters in Hawaii. The state has a record of 133.2-lbs wahoo. However, you can try your luck and break the record here.

9. Short bill Spearfish

The Short bill Spearfish has a dark blue color and trail and a lighter bottom. The Best season to target Short bill Spearfish starts in the colder season. You can catch them between December and May. The average weight of these fish species in Hawaii is 35 lbs. So, you can plan to have some larges catches.

10. Sailfish

The sailfish is famous for its unique and beautiful design. It is also one of the prized fishes among anglers because they have a great fighting capacity. They have large jumps and leaps, which makes it hard to stay on the hook. The state has a record of 151 lbs.


Hawaii is home to some of the rare fish species. And if you desire to catch those, pack your bags and head to Hawaii this fishing season.


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