5 Best Fishing Baskets (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Fishing baskets are a must-have in your gear if you fish for food. They allow you conveniently transport your catch from the water without staining yourself or struggling with the slimy bodies of most fish, and are also great when you need to keep fish alive in the water without them escaping. The ideal fishing basket should be lightweight, durable, abrasion-resistant, and should be easy to carry.

Best Fishing Baskets

To save you the shopping hassle, we have compiled a list of our top five fishing baskets that are highly ergonomic and don’t cost a fortune.

1. Lee Fisher 5001227 Fish Basket

Lee Fisher 5001227 Fish Basket

The Lee Fisher 5001227 fishing basket is a great buy for serious anglers and is built from high-grade plastic. It comes with much space for large fish, is very breathable, and lightweight. It also includes two ergonomic handles for easy carrying and is perfect as a gift to anglers.

  • Lightweight and very breathable.
  • Sturdy design, highly durable.
  • Large storage space.
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2. Eagle Claw Fish Basket

Eagle Claw Fish Basket

This top-notch fishing basket comes with a sturdy wire mesh and is coated for durable performance. It comes with a single heavy-duty wire handle, a spring-loaded top lid for easy feeding, and a bottom lid so you can easily retrieve your catch. It is also easily flattened for great portability and is great for when you want to keep your catch alive.

  • Very durable and sturdy.
  • Easy to load, keeps fish in.
  • Very portable.
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3. Berkley Floating Bait Bucket

Berkley Floating Bait Bucket

The Berkley fishing basket comes with a tough mesh supported by a main hoop and a 5-gallon storage capacity. It is built for the most breathability, is very flexible, and gentle on fish. It is very corrosion-resistant, includes a braided rope closure, and is easily flattened for the most portability.

  • Very breathable.
  • Durable and flexible.
  • Very portable.
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4. River’s Edge 1505 Fisherman’s Creel

River's Edge 1505 Fisherman's Creel

The River’s Edge 1505 creel sports a unique antique design and can double as a gift box to any angler. It comes with an interwoven frame, a heavy-duty handle, and a decorative leather strap around it for aesthetic appeal. It also includes a shoulder strap for carrying convenience and is easy to access with its top-mounted lid.

  • Great for small fish.
  • Antique design, ideal as a gift box.
  • Easy to carry, highly breathable.
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5. Flambeau 2815GB Creel Bag

Flambeau 2815gb Creel Bag

The Flambeau creel is made from cotton seed flax and is very breathable. The interior is lined with PVC and it features drainage grommets that allow excess water to leak away. On the exterior, there are mesh accessory pockets that can serve as storage for water bottles and other items and D-rings for extra accessories.

  • Durable, extra pocket space.
  • Very breathable and easy to clean.
  • Excellent cooling performance.
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Fishing Baskets Buying Guide

Fishing baskets are a must-have in your fishing gear of you plan to take your catch away from the water unlike in sports fishing where the catch is returned. They are the most convenient to carry fish without worrying about staining your vehicle or your catch slipping from your hands.

Our buying guide reviews the best fishing baskets on the market based on their specified features and tested performance to give you the best options to choose from. We then take it a step further to outline the particular factors you should consider and qualities you should look out for in a fishing basket before you make a purchase.


When choosing a fishing basket, the material from which it is made is a great point to start from. Plastic, nylon, steel wires, amongst others are popular materials you will find in a fishing basket. Plastic and nylon are the ideal choice if you want to catch small to medium-sized fish and are the most lightweight you will find on the market. They are also very durable and corrosion-resistant, but not as tough as some other materials.

Fishing baskets made from steel will usually be coated with a material like vinyl to resist corrosion and are ideal for catching large fish.

Storage Capacity

Another important factor you want to consider is the storage capacity of the basket you are choosing. The storage capacity will depend on the size and amount of fish you want to catch. The more or larger you want to catch, the larger your fishing basket should be. This will, however, affect its bulk and ultimately, portability.


Another important factor you want to consider is its breathability. The ideal fishing basket should come with enough holes to allow air pass through so your catch stays fresh for the longest.

Conventional vs. Trap Baskets

Some fishing baskets also come with an extra trap mechanism that allows you to use them to catch fish independently and then as a basket when you are done. These will, however, generally be more expensive and may not be as effective as your conventional fishing combos and tackle.