5 Best Fishing Lures (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Whether you are a professional angler or an amateur looking for some fishing fun, the importance of lures to your quest cannot be overemphasized. Modern fishing lures are artificial replicas of prey that your potential catch feeds on and will determine whether your target takes a bite or not. The best fishing lures should look and move as naturally as possible in the water, should be highly durable, and should be suitable for different fishing techniques.

Best Fishing Lures

Listed below are some of the best fishing lures that are remarkable for their design and effectiveness.

1. BOOYAH Pad Crasher Lure

Booyah Pad Crasher Lure

This lure is a replica of a frog, which is a major part of the diet of some fish species like bass. The plastic body of this lure is very collapsible and has a high strike-to-hookup ratio. The legs of the lure are designed in the form of a spinnerbait and the body structure prevents it from dragging seaweed.

  • Strong double hook.
  • Over 10 different colors.
  • Suitable for windy conditions.
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2. TRUSCEND Fishing Lures

Truscend Fishing Lures

The design of the TRUSCEND lures is amazing, with the metal body being separated into seven segments. Each pair of segments are connected by a strong technical fabric joint, and the lure has strong, sharp hooks that hold tightly onto fish. The segmented body enhances the movement of the lure underwater, giving a natural S-shaped motion.

  • Very realistic design.
  • Can withstand the strength of large fish.
  • Functional in saltwater and freshwater.
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3. CharmYee Fishing Lure

Charmyee Fishing Lure

This is another hyper-realistic lure, and it is equipped with a bass vibration feature that boosts the urge to feed in fishes. The body is split into six segments and this allows the swimming motion to be realistic and very lifelike. Combined with the 3D eyes and realistic body painting, the lure is a sure bet when it comes to attracting catch.

  • Resembles small fish species.
  • Can attract a wide variety of fishes.
  • Perfect for both saltwater and freshwater.
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4. Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider Lure

Lunkerhunt Phantom Spider Lure

First among the impressive features of this lure is a self-righting ballast within the body that helps the spider to remain balanced. The structure and color of the lure resemble an actual spider, which some fish species find attractive. Also, the lure’s motion in the water is consistent, realistic, and natural.

  • Six different color options.
  • Has sharp hooks.
  • Naturalistic twitching fins.
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5. Smartonly Fishing Lure Set

Smartonly Fishing Lure Set

The Smartonly set is a versatile kit that contains a large number of high-quality lures. All of the lures found in a Smartonly set are designed with many colors, and look realistic, in order to attract potential catch. The lures can be used in both saltwater and freshwater, and they include artificial fishes and frogs.

  • Total of 275 pieces.
  • Includes extra fishing hooks.
  • Comes in a free tackle box.
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Fishing Lures Buying Guide

Your fishing lure is the most active, stealth component of your terminal tackle and directly affects how often you make a catch. When choosing fishing lures, there are a number of factors you want to consider so you make the right choice.

Our buying guide reviews the best fishing lures on the market based on their specified features and tested performance to give you the best options to choose from. We then take it a step further to outline the particular factors you should consider and qualities you should look out for in a fishing lure before you make a purchase.

Where You’re Fishing

One of the most important factors to make when choosing fishing lures is where you are fishing. If you want a fishing lure you will use over and over again, it should be highly durable and should damage from the bites from your target fish. It should also be made from materials that are highly corrosion-resistant and won’t lose their integrity with time.

Your fishing lure can also depend on the weather conditions. Heavier lures are needed to prevent unnatural vibrations from the line if it’s very windy.


The size of your fishing lure is another factor to consider. The dimensions of your fishing lure should closely mimic those of the natural prey of your target fish. If your fishing lure is too big, it may scare most fish away and even discourage your targets from coming close. At the same time, if it is too small, your target fish may see it as prey not worth the struggle, or you may get bites from fish, way smaller than what you want.


The best fishing lures should come with a bit of independent action. This is especially ideal for more specialized techniques like trolling. When pulled, some fishing lures come with specially designed fins that flap in the water and generate realistic motions. The more realistic your fishing lure moves, the more likely you will make a catch. The motion also becomes very important in dirty or muddy water where your target fish relies less on sight and more on vibrations to track prey.


The color of your fishing lure is another important factor to consider. If the fish in the particular habitat come in low-profile, camouflaged colors, then your lure should not stand out with especially bright or patterned colors. It should blend in with the environment, but should still be noticeable.