5 Best Fishing Nets (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Even with your catch reeled in and within range, the fight is not over until it is safely out of the water. For the most convenience, a fishing net is a must-have in your gear as it allows you land your catch without the risk of it slipping from your hands or injuring yourself with the sharp hook as the target wriggles wildly. The ideal fishing net should be lightweight, durable, gentle on the fish’s skin, and easy to store.

Best Fishing Nets

To save you the shopping hassle, we have compiled a list of our top five fishing nets that all come with great features and don’t cost a fortune.

1. PLUSINNO Fishing Net

Plusinno Fishing Net

The PLUSINNO fishing net comes with a 12’’ hoop size, a high-grade nylon mesh, and is easily foldable for the most portability. It sports a two-piece telescopic design, a carbon fiber/fiberglass hybrid pole, and soft EVA handles for the most gripping comfort. Its nylon net is also coated for gentle performance while it includes a belt clip on the pole for added portability.

  • Excellent portability.
  • Lightweight and impact-resistant.
  • Very comfortable to use.
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2. Fiblink Fishing Landing Net

Fiblink Fishing Landing Net

The Fiblink fishing net comes with a large 16.7’’ hoop and a two-piece configuration that is adjustable between 10.8’’ and 30’’ in length. It sports a soft silicone mesh for a gentle hold on fish, is foldable, and very lightweight for the most portability. It also sports a soft no-slip EVA grip for the most comfort and a lanyard to prevent misplacement.

  • Great for large fish.
  • Very durable, gentle on fish.
  • Comfortable, easy to transport.
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3. RESTCLOUD Fishing Landing Net

Restcloud Fishing Landing Net

This fishing net is a great buy for both freshwater and saltwater fishing, and sports a sturdy netting backed with a lightweight aluminum frame. It comes with a three-piece telescopic design that extends between 18’’ and 32’’ in length, while its net is foldable for easy storage, and gentle on fish. It also comes with an easy-to-use open/lock mechanism for the net for easy landing and release.

  • Great for trophy fishing.
  • Very lightweight, durable.
  • Super portable, easy to store.
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4. Wakeman Fishing Landing Net

Wakeman Fishing Landing Net

This single piece fishing net comes with an exceptionally flexible yet durable net, a 20’’ large hoop, and is ideal for trophy fishing. It comes with a retractable lightweight aluminum frame, a non-slip ergonomic handle, and extends to 56’’ at full length. It is very compact, lightweight, and comes with 17’’ deep net to catch fish of all sizes and boasts of tangle-free performance.

  • Exceptionally gentle on fish.
  • Large hoop, comfortable to use.
  • Compact and lightweight.
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5. Frabill Landing Net

Frabill Landing Net

This fishing net comes with a unique large V-hoop, a fine mesh net for gentle performance, and sports a two-piece telescopic design. It extends between 20’’ and 40’’ in length, is foldable for easy storage, and boasts of great tangle-free performance. It features a low-profile design that won’t spook fish, a button-control for the large net to tackle different sized fish, and a lightweight aluminum frame for excellent portability.

  • Two-piece telescopic design.
  • Easy to store, very lightweight.
  • Very gentle on fish.
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Fishing Nets Buying Guide

Whether you are sports fishing or scouting for bait, a fishing net is a handy tool to have on hand. They make holding catch very easy and eliminate the struggle of holding slippery, struggling fish.

Our buying guide reviews the best fishing nets on the market based on their specified features and tested performance to give you the best options to choose from. We then take it a step further to outline the particular factors you should consider and qualities you should look out for in a fishing net before you make a purchase.


Most fishing nets take the form of fishing landing nets that feature the main handle and a mesh-enclosed hoop that holds the fish. When choosing a fishing landing net, the length of the handle is an important factor to consider. A longer handle will allow you to scoop up your catch from further away or from a taller boat. Shorter handles are more ideal for larger fish and give you more leverage when lifting it out of the water.

Fishing landing nets can also come with either fixed or telescopic handles. Telescopic fishing nets stand over fixed nets as they can be easily collapsed for easy storage and stretched when needed.


Another important factor to consider is the size of your fishing net. This will usually be represented as the hoop and will depend on the size of the fish you are targeting. The larger the fish you want to catch, the larger the hoop should be. The depth of the net is another indicator of the fishnet size. Like the hoop size, the larger the target the deeper the net should be to reduce the chances of it escaping.


Another important factor to consider when choosing a fishing net is the materials it is made from. From the net to the handle and grip it should sport materials that are highly durable and corrosion-resistant. The net material should be tough enough to handle the fish’s weight and resist tears if snagged by the hook, but should also be gentle on the fish’s skin.

The handles should be made from lightweight and rigid materials like aluminum or fiberglass. Anti-corrosion performance is especially important in telescopic fishing nets as rust forming between each sliding piece will cause rapid wear. The grips should be very ergonomic for the most comfort and should be non-slip even in wet conditions.