5 Best Fishing Rod Holders (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Fishing is great, but between the minutes or hours of patiently waiting and the weight of your fishing rod, you can get fatigued quickly. Hence, the need for a fishing rod holder – it serves to keep your rod mounted in position while waiting for a target to take the bait. The ideal fishing rod holders should be lightweight, durable, easy to mount to different surfaces, and should accommodate a wide range of rod sizes and weights.

Best Fishing Rod Holders

To save you the stress of scouting for the best fishing rod holders, some products that stand out have been listed below.

1. YakAttack Omega Rod Holder

Yakattack Omega Rod Holder

This rod holder features a collar that can rotate through an angle of 360 degrees while holding the rod securely. It is compatible with all common reel types, including spinning, casting, conventional, and fly reels. The presence of multiple nodes allows for quick access and proper locking when angling.

  • LockNLoad track mounting base.
  • Captures rod in a tight grip.
  • Provides enhanced stability.
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2. PLUSINNO Rod Holder

Plusinno Rod Holder

The PLUSINNO rod holder is an easily accessible holder that features 360-degree rotation. It is easily adjustable, and it is compatible with various rods like spinning, casting, and spin-cast. It features a large clamp at the bottom that can be easily made to hold on to your boat.

  • Corrosion resistance.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Made from eco-friendly material.
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3. HITORHIKE Fishing Rod Holder

Hitorhike Fishing Rod Holder

With a horizontal adjustment of 360 degrees and a vertical adjustment of 90 degrees, the HITORHIKE holder is one of the best fishing rod holders. It has a universal fit, and it is compatible with spinning, fly, boat, and baitcasting reels. Also, the bottom clamp is suitable for both square and round tubes.

  • It is durable.
  • Made from eco-friendly material.
  • It is corrosion-
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4. XJunion Fishing Rod Holder

Xjunion Fishing Rod Holder

Made from high-quality stainless steel, the XJunion rod holder is very strong and resistant to impact. It has a detachable design that makes it easy to carry about, and it is lighter than most other holders. Also, it has a full length of 30.5 cm (12 inches) and an insertion length of 20 cm (7.9 inches).

  • Corrosion resistance.
  • It is portable.
  • It is stable when mounted.
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5. Scotty Rod Holder

Scotty Rod Holder

The Scotty rod holder features a pistol grip that can be easily cleared in order to remove the rod quickly when needed. It can be used for both baitcasting and spinning reels, and it holds the reel in a safe, cushioned cradle. For further security, there is a latching strap that holds the rod in place.

  • It weighs just 3 lbs. (1.4 kg).
  • Can be clamped to a boat.
  • It is easy to install.
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Fishing Rod Holders Buying Guide

Fishing rod holders are great companions to take along with you whether you are fishing on the bank or on a boat. They take the weight and effort from your hands pending when a target is made.

Our buying guide reviews the best fishing rod holders on the market based on their specified features and tested performance to give you the best options to choose from. We then take it a step further to outline the particular factors you should consider and qualities you should look out for in a fishing rod holder before you make a purchase.

Land vs. Boat Holders

The first factor you want to consider is the type of fishing you’ll be doing – whether you will be fishing on the bank or on a boat. Different fishing rod holders come with different mounts depending on where you’ll be fishing. Fishing rod holders specifically designed for use on the bank will typically come with stake-style mounts or use large screws to dig into the ground. Boat-mounted fishing rod holders will typically come with clamps, threaded mounts, or brackets that secure to mounting points on your boat.


You also want to consider the material your fishing rod holder is made from. As it will spend most of its life in humid areas close to the water and will many times be splashed on, your fishing rod holder should be very durable and resist corrosion. In general, fishing rod holders are made from aluminum, steel, high-strength plastics, or composites.

Plastics are very lightweight but not as tough as the other materials. Aluminum is lightweight and strong, and boasts of a clean finish. Steel fishing rod holders are the toughest but more prone to rusting with time, Composites are some of the best materials you’ll find in fishing rod holders but are the most expensive.

Degree of Freedom

Another important factor you want to consider is the degree of freedom of your fishing rod holder. It should grant the most adjustability for easy positioning but should also be easy to ground.