5 Best Fishing Rods for Chinook (Reviews Updated 2021)

Chinook, also known as king salmon, are the largest of the species and are a prized sports fish not just for their impressive over 40 lbs. weights but also their delicious taste. Their impressive fighting power and deep dives when hooked have to be tackled by the right rod for a successful catch. The ideal fishing rod for chinook should be tough, durable, sensitive, and very corrosion-resistant.

Best Fishing Rods for Chinook

We have compiled a list of the best fishing rods for chinook that stand above the others with superior functionality and don’t cost a fortune.

1. Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rod

Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Rods

This fishing rod sports a unique ClearTip design, ensuring that anglers are provided with extra strength and a high level of sensitivity. The extra graphite build boosts the overall power of the rod while enabling it to remain lightweight, and the reel seats have cushioned stainless steel hoods. Also, the rod is fitted with one-piece stainless steel guides that stop inserts from falling out.

  • Strong and durable.
  • Cork grip for stability.
  • Blank-style reel seats.
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2. Okuma Classic Pro GLT Rods

Okuma Classic Pro Glt & Rods

The Okuma rods come in a wide range of rods, with a few variations specifically made for chinook fishing. The amazing features include inserts made from titanium oxide, double-footed guides, and a tip-over butt ferrule section for enhanced strength. The rear grips are rubber shrink tubes, enabling a comfortable, smooth handling experience.

  • It is durable.
  • It is affordable.
  • Can be cleaned easily.
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3. Goture Fishing Rods

Goture Travel Fishing Rods

This rod series features several rods with length variations ranging from 6’6” to 10”, action ranging from medium-fast to fast, and power ranging from medium to medium-heavy. The rod is equipped with 7+1 guides with inserts made from ceramic, and its four-piece structure allows it to be transported easily. The rod also high-grade reel seats that are made from ABS material.

  • EVA grips for comfort.
  • Durable, sensitive, and powerful.
  • Friction-free line flow.
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4. St. Croix Triumph

St. Croix Triumph Steelhead Spinning Rods

The body of the rod is made from mid-modulus graphite, which gives it a higher strain rate than other common rods, and which is popular for providing a perfect blend of low weight, strength, and sensitivity. There is a Fuji DPS reel seat that has a frosted silver hood, black-framed guides made from aluminum oxide. Also, the reel seat is all coated with Flex-Coat slow finish.

  • 8’6” and 10’6” variations.
  • Three color options.
  • High durability factor.
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5. Lamiglas X-11 Rod

Lamiglas X 11 Graphite Salmon & Steelhead Fishing Rod

The variants of this rod series range from 7’9” to 10’6’’ length and range from moderate-fast to fast in terms of action. The X-11 rod is a special two-piece rod that is ideal for fishing chinook and its carbon fiber body provides anglers with sensitivity and strength. There are stainless steel chrome guides, and the Pacific Bay Deep Pressed design boosts the strength of these guides.

  • Gloss Merlot finish.
  • It is durable.
  • Great blank design.
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Rods for Chinook Buying Guide

As the largest species of salmon, your equipment is everything if you want to successfully reel in the pacific monster that is chinook. Of all your equipment in your gear, your fishing rod takes special priority as it takes the reeling strain and channels your effort through the reel and line.

In this buying guide, we have reviewed the five best fishing rods you can buy to tackle chinook based on their specified features, price tags, and tested performance. To further help you in your search, we will now take a look at the key factors you should consider and the qualities you want to see in a fishing rod for chinook before you make a purchase.


Any fishing rod for chinook you are going for should come in a decent length for sensitivity and improve its casting range. The longer your chinook fishing rod, the farther you can cast, and the shorter the rod, the more accurate your casts. However, for fishing rods for chinook, lengths between 7’ and 10’ are ideal. The length of your fishing rod for chinook also affects its portability. For the best performance, you want to go for a multiple-piece or telescopic fishing rod that can be easily compacted for carrying convenience and easily extended for full functionality.


The materials from which your fishing rod for chinook is made from should be exceptionally durable to resist corrosion, as they are predominantly saltwater species. Graphite and fiberglass are the most common materials you’ll find in a fishing rod for chinook. Fiberglass rods are very tough and flexible, and are also very affordable. Graphite rods are lighter and more sensitive than fiberglass rods, but are also more expensive. Some fishing rods for chinook are made from composites like carbon fiber that combine one or two fundamental materials and are the best rods you’ll find on the market in terms of low weight, strength, and flexibility.


When choosing a fishing rod for chinook you want to go for a spinning, baitcasting, or conventional rod. Spinning rods are the easiest to use and work with spinning reels to improve casting distance. Baitcasting rods will work great for larger chinook and work with baitcasting reels for more accurate casts. Conventional fishing rods or trolling rods are somewhat large but are ideal for trolling chinook in saltwater.

Action and Power

The action and power specifications of your fishing rod for chinook are other important factors to consider. The ideal fishing rod for chinook should come with medium-heavy to heavy power, and fast action to compensate for the rod’s stiffness without sacrificing sensitivity.